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  1. Fold My Design Bevel

    Watched all of it, gonna do it manually now tho. Extrude my splines, rig/xpresso and UV map
  2. Fold My Design Bevel

    Hi Deck, Is this the one that you're mentioning about? https://cineversity.com/vidplaytut/packaging_design_the_folding_flap_problem I'll have a look at it, thanks!
  3. Fold My Design Bevel

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  4. Fold My Design Bevel

    Hello everyone, recently just discovered the awesomeness Fold My Design presets in Cinema4D. So decided to give it a try and managed to build my first custom box with ease and the UV is created by default as well which is awesome. However, one issue that I ran into is by adding bevels to the rigid edges and I'm confused on how do I get a nice bevel with the box generated with this preset? Tried set selection and bevel deformer but it doesn't work as expected. Thanks!
  5. Connector help

    Nevermind, problem solved! Thanks!
  6. Hi, currently I'm working on an animation for a scene which involves dynamics and connectors. In the test scene is what I've had so far, my question is: Is there a way to control the spring animation in/out? Xpresso? The hex panel is connected via a connector and I've tried applying a motor to move the rotation axis but I couldn't stop it from spinning. Thanks! Test_Scene.c4d
  7. Colors in Object Manager

    Alright...second question I know renaming tool was implemented in R17 but for renaming multiple objects such as the cloner's here, how to use the naming tool to remove the "." from the objects?
  8. Hello everyone, Sorry if this question is relatively simple but I've been trying to change the colors of the two dots ever since I started using C4D but couldn't find the right parameters in C4D preferences. I'm colorblind therefore it's quite hard to view which is ON/OFF when there are tons of layers in the object manager. Thanks!
  9. C4D Animator Required

  10. C4D Animator Required

    Project brief and sample video: 1) Model & Animate the same scenes and shot based on the video provided 2) No shading required as it will be done by me 3) In the original video, they have 4-storey houses and 2. For our version, we only require single storey and 2 storey houses. 4) During 01:14 where the walls animate in one-by-one, I want it in stacked order, not running pattern. 5) At the end, instead of ending without the roof, have the roof. 6) Milestone will be listed once confirmed 7) You are required to pass me your final .C4D scene files 9) No rendering will be required 10) Total budget 200 - 250 USD Interested candidates do contact me via PM Link to video:
  11. Hi, I'm trying to replicate the following animation below: https://giphy.com/gifs/3o6Ygb3Nk4CW5Qf5Go https://giphy.com/gifs/3o6YfWUG8wjwGbdDoc For the interior steel framing, I just used Cloner and set it to edge with scaling on but the object doesn't seem to connect to the ends? For the walls flying in side by side, I've tried creating each cloner (grid) for all sides and used boolean to cut out the shapes and animate using effectors but getting some weird funky results out of boolean. Is there any other method to achieve something similar?
  12. Composite?

    Hello everyone, currently I'm working on a charity animation which somewhat like this: https://vimeo.com/34194970 The original creator did everything within that scene but for mine, I'm gonna have quite several scenes of animation going on. Can I just render out the other animations wth RLM or ID's and composite it in post without looking so fake? I'm gladly to upload sample passes that I've did on this animation.
  13. Another Archviz

    Hello everyone. after messing around and showing rendersto some companies I've managed to get sweat contract on some archviz projects. However I come from standard game/film modelling background but when the contracters keeps on using their architect language. I've told him I can't read 2D drawings and it's best for them to provide me .Skp file so I can remodel it. My question to you all is, is it necessary to fully understand the archviz language? By no means I'm fully into arcvhiz, reason being I'm doing this is it can provide me a stable monthly income and most of their inhouse archviz renders straightout from Sketchup/CAD for printing.
  14. Dynamics

    Thanks, I'll give it a try