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  1. Hi, I have a pen model. I use instance for it and a cloner to make 20 pencils. (I use this pen other places as well so I need to use instance object) I used simulation to place them in a pencil box realisticly. Simulation was good and I wanted to grap that position of all 20 pencils. But I could not grab it. "Connect+delete", "current state to object" etc doesn't work. 1) create 20 pencils with cloner 2) make editable that cloner object to get a group of 20 instance objects. (using clone object didn't work so I had to use this group. off course it doesn't matter to use cloner object I just needed 20 pencils that has spaces between them) 3) assign rigid body to that null group and start simulation 4) after simulation ends, erase rigid body tag. 5) pens will be stay same as their current rotation and position states. 6) copy that null object and paste it. pens will be go back to their initial not simulated positions like as they are resetted. but, if you try above steps with a mesh object rather than instance it works. How can I achive to get result with instance objects? pens.c4d
  2. Connect object....off course I had tried bevel without it Thanx a lot!
  3. Hi, I have a clone object that contains only one single box object that has Filled corners. When I use random effector to get random heights, it effects rounded corners aswell. Rounded corners are streching. Is there any way to prevent this? thank you clone-randomHeight.c4d
  4. perfectly working. thanks a lot to show me a programatic way to control my scene objects Jed.
  5. Thanx Cerbera, I did try mograph cloner and modifier. box width values will be able to be changed time to time. Thus, making it manual is not a good solution.
  6. Hi, I've been trying to arrange boxes that has variable width values. I need to arrange them 1 cm seperated from each other. I could not achive this. Could anyone give me tip about this? I mean; [20 width box]+ [1 space]+[50 width box]+ [1 space]+[10 width box]+ [1 space] .... n
  7. Hi everyone, I recently came across a problem that I couldn’t achieve to solve. If I use a shader graph for an area light which use mesh, it can not be seen in final render. Is there any one who knows solution for this? Thank you. C4D (R19.024), Redshift (v2.5.48) MeshLightProblem.c4d
  8. Hi everyone, How can I see Octane C4D plugin version? (Windows / C4d R19) thank you
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