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  1. Hi, Is there any way to change current frame to another with python? I need to change frame when I change active take. As default frame is 0. If I change active take it will be changed like 1, 2, 3, ... according to take's hierarchy.
  2. Hello, When I use a python tag script it is running every time after whenever I changed something in the scene (or after clicking on Object manager panel's empty area too) I have to control this because script is a little bit heavy and my scene is heavy too. But every time scripts are running. I need to run it after object's user data is changed (by me or when active take is changed) Currently I can not disable python tags also because I use takes and user values are changed by takes. So, How can I execute scripts only after specific things happened. Like after user da
  3. I have an objects structure under a null (A) object. This object has 6 user data parameters. I use xpresso to alter A according those parameters. This workflow is working perfectly except one thing: I need about 100 A with different variations of those parameters. So I have to duplicate A 100 times. But if I need to change objects structure of A I have to update rest of all. So how can I make a single source object that can be duplicated and can be assigned different parameters via user data but if I need to change object structure I should able to change it from a single source?
  4. I could do like below: # lyr is a layer object # I store it before altering it via GetClone # after altering the layer I use AutoTake to store it and it works. (I don't know why but "Lock Override" OR "Auto take" modes have to be active for this script work) beforeAltering = lyr.GetClone(c4d.COPYFLAGS_0) invertLayer(lyr) doc.AddUndo(c4d.UNDOTYPE_CHANGE, lyr) takeData = doc.GetTakeData() currentTake = takeData.GetCurrentTake() if currentTake: currentTake.AutoTake(takeData, lyr, beforeAltering) c4d.EventAdd()
  5. hi, I want to change layer properties and I need current take override those processes. But when I change a property via scripting current take can't see any changins and does not override any data. How can I do that?
  6. I've been struggling this for 1 hour and when I saw this post I thought that I found an answer but sadly My problem is, I alter some layer properties but current take doesn't understand what's going on on the scene. Auto Take is opened. I checked GitHub examples but there is no any similar case there. C4D documentation is very very complicated...
  7. Hi, I have a pen model. I use instance for it and a cloner to make 20 pencils. (I use this pen other places as well so I need to use instance object) I used simulation to place them in a pencil box realisticly. Simulation was good and I wanted to grap that position of all 20 pencils. But I could not grab it. "Connect+delete", "current state to object" etc doesn't work. 1) create 20 pencils with cloner 2) make editable that cloner object to get a group of 20 instance objects. (using clone object didn't work so I had to use this group. off course it doesn't matter to u
  8. Connect object....off course I had tried bevel without it Thanx a lot!
  9. Hi, I have a clone object that contains only one single box object that has Filled corners. When I use random effector to get random heights, it effects rounded corners aswell. Rounded corners are streching. Is there any way to prevent this? thank you clone-randomHeight.c4d
  10. perfectly working. thanks a lot to show me a programatic way to control my scene objects Jed.
  11. Thanx Cerbera, I did try mograph cloner and modifier. box width values will be able to be changed time to time. Thus, making it manual is not a good solution.
  12. Hi, I've been trying to arrange boxes that has variable width values. I need to arrange them 1 cm seperated from each other. I could not achive this. Could anyone give me tip about this? I mean; [20 width box]+ [1 space]+[50 width box]+ [1 space]+[10 width box]+ [1 space] .... n
  13. Hi everyone, I recently came across a problem that I couldn’t achieve to solve. If I use a shader graph for an area light which use mesh, it can not be seen in final render. Is there any one who knows solution for this? Thank you. C4D (R19.024), Redshift (v2.5.48) MeshLightProblem.c4d


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