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  1. perfectly working. thanks a lot to show me a programatic way to control my scene objects Jed.
  2. Thanx Cerbera, I did try mograph cloner and modifier. box width values will be able to be changed time to time. Thus, making it manual is not a good solution.
  3. Hi, I've been trying to arrange boxes that has variable width values. I need to arrange them 1 cm seperated from each other. I could not achive this. Could anyone give me tip about this? I mean; [20 width box]+ [1 space]+[50 width box]+ [1 space]+[10 width box]+ [1 space] .... n
  4. Hi everyone, I recently came across a problem that I couldn’t achieve to solve. If I use a shader graph for an area light which use mesh, it can not be seen in final render. Is there any one who knows solution for this? Thank you. C4D (R19.024), Redshift (v2.5.48) MeshLightProblem.c4d
  5. Hi everyone, How can I see Octane C4D plugin version? (Windows / C4d R19) thank you

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