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  1. Yes — this is what we were thinking too... which is why it's so strange that scaling the scene around the camera doesn't work. I would think that theoretically scaling the scene size (without scaling the camera) is increasing the hard distance between the camera and the objects closest to it. Looking at it in 3D space, this is certainly happening. But not quite reflecting in the headset. @RBarrett was curious if you had any experience with this particular question?
  2. Hello all, I’m trying to render a 360 video from my C4D scene. The render works fine — but everything appears too close to the camera (the viewer) when viewed through a headset. When I adjust the scale of my scene nothing really changes in the render. I have the camera placed in the middle of the scene. I have my entire scene in a null centered at the camera location. So theoretically I should be able to scale the null and achieve different scaling results. When using a non spherical or CV-VR camera scaling the scene changes how close items appear to the camera. But when I do it using CV VR cam, nothing really changes. See the two attached images. The first the object is scaled at 0.005 and the second is scaled at 1000. Notice nothing changes on the Y axis – there's a little bit of horizontal movement but nothing that makes things feel "closer" or "further" when in a headset. I’ve also tried to change the camera setting and also not seeing any changes. Would appreciate any tips – feel like i've tried just about everything!