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  1. How to make rounding corner in subdivision surface on the rounded faces ? One option is increase number of edges which creates circle but maybe there is another option ? Subdivision weight doesn`t work good in this case. Loop cut and preserve cuvature also doesn`t work as if I wanted. Example screen:
  2. Line Cut and Create Point

  3. Hello Why I can`t cut using line cut tool the polygon between two points ? I created one point on the edge position on 50% and after that I can`t cut it :( In R17 works but in R18 doesnt work.
  4. Yes I think so too that there is a bug.
  5. I tried optimezed mesh and of course selected object to cloner in Selection additional option but no result. This problem appeared if I good remember when I used subdivision surface for all objects in cloner. Below link to project: Unwated Object in Cloner
  6. How to resolve this problem ? I selected 3 polygons to clone vents but there are also one unwanted additional vent in main axis.
  7. Thank you very much for your opinion :) When I will find more free time then I will give some background music for my next tutorials ;) No problem :) Have you got publicity these links for tutorials ? I see that the The Colosseum of Topological Delight is closed for me :(
  8. Some methods how to bend the pipe ( not only spline ) or similar shapes in c4d and connecting pipes for subdivision surface. Pipe Bending and Connecting Tutorial
  9. Quick tutorial how to make holes in polygons, transition from different shapes to circle shape and some other tips for subdivision surface. No triangles/n-gons in topology - only quads. Steel Tube Mounting Subdivision Modeling Enjoy watching
  10. Thanks :) to remove trangles and avoid n-gons need experience I am learning all the time :)
  11. How to model screw with thread for subdivision surface - no triangles/n-gons only quads. Screw Thread Tutorial C4D
  12. This is no problem but I want to move also adjacent points not only edges points then it would too easy :) If I didn`t move adjacent points then model will not looks good in sub-d surface. Maybe is there any plugin ? And in your proposition I have to select each vertical lines separately and the set 0 in Z size. This is only 3 lines but if I have much more then will be a small problem :)
  13. I want to move selected points in that way to create side line perpendicular to bottom base line ? Is there any solution to resolve this problem automatically ? Of course I did it manually move all selected points from each vertical lines and move them to the right place. I tried also rotate but it wasn`t too accuracy for me. So only manually moving of points gave me appropriate accuracy using snap tool also.
  14. This topology is not intended for subdivision surface so there is no need quads for this
  15. Topology is good of course you need to do a few cuts on the planes between points in front of geodesic according to n-gons lines and then the mesh is deprived of n-gons. But this is obvious and no problem in this case.