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  1. Arivald

    First model and render!

    I made the wood texture a bit smaller and changed the projection to cubic, it helped a bit. I have no idea how to change the plate texture though, I couldn't find a better texture for the spoon to make it look more metallic, as for making it more reflective I added 5 specular layers but its still not as reflective as I would like it to be. I couldn't upload the scene here as the file is too big so I put it in a rar and dropbox -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxzvu0natcusz76/tea cup.rar?dl=0
  2. I've been trying to learn cinema for a loooong time, always giving up after the first few hours. This time I decided to stick around to see what I can produce. I made a teacup with a tiny plate because the texture right in the middle of the plate is grey and I have no idea how to fix it :'( I also tried making a spoon but the very end of it looks weird. My texture game is very weak, but i don't think I did too bad for a first try at actually making something! Id love to hear your thoughts and advice!
  3. Arivald

    Good website with textures

    Thank you!
  4. Could someone recommend some websites with free textures if possible? I know paid textures will deliver much better quality but free textures are enough for now :) Most of the time searching google images doesn't give the best results. Thank you!
  5. Arivald

    Transparent texture only on vray

    Ofcourse I was adding in to the wrong place... Thank you Teno!
  6. Hi, I upgraded my cinema to the student version and thought that I might as well get the student vray license since it's cheap. When I normally create an object, I then create a material -> color tab -> texture -> browse file and upload a picture. Everything works great, when I try to repeat this with a vray advanced material, I go to the color map -> browse file -> upload a picture, but the texture instantly comes out 70-80% transparent, I have been playing with all the options, but can't find anything that helps. I'll attach two screen shots below. Thanks!
  7. Arivald

    Colider body not coliding

    Thank you very much Dan, that solved the problem :)
  8. Hi, I'm messing around with cloth tags and colider body to see different results I can achieve, but simply my colider body doesn't act like a colider. The cloth simulation drops right through the object. Is there anything obvious that I am missing? Thank you! bed.c4d
  9. Arivald

    Texture not visible when rendered

    It was indeed the anti-aliasing that was set to geometry. Thank you!
  10. Arivald

    Texture not visible when rendered

    Sure, I uploaded the c4d file as well as the floor texture that i am using, Thanks! test room.c4d
  11. Arivald

    Texture not visible when rendered

    I found out that the problem was a setting called mix textures which rendered my texture invisible. I encountered another problem with that texture though, you can see it on the screen below where white lines are coming through the floor.
  12. Hi everyone, I was trying to make a simple room with a table inside. I got to the point where i added a texture to the floor of the room and it is visible in the preview, but when I do a quick render, the texture disappears. Could anyone help me with that?
  13. Arivald

    How to activate the 40 day trial?

    It was in fact an outdated internet explorer. Because I dont use IE I never updated it or tried using it, my guess is that the activation process uses IE to connect to the website. I found it weird that I could go e.g. on google.com or youtube but I couldn't go on MAXON.net... I updated the browser to the latest IE 11 and I could again visit MAXON.net. Straight after that I got a message from the MAXON support telling me to do this exact thing. It solved the problem
  14. (EDIT) To anyone experiencing this problem, I just got a reply form MAXON and they told me to update the internet explorer. Once I did that everything started working just fine. Hi, I downloaded the c4d demo and it works just fine. I wanted to activate the 40 day trial so that I can save my work, but I can't do it... I go to help -> personalize ->>> Please click here to register to activate this functionality. After I click that it just shows me a message that this program cannot display the page as if the internet is not working... My internet connection is just fine and everything else is working.