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  1. C4D Prime + Redshift Render

    I usually recommend people buy Cinema 4D Broadcast and higher for Physical Render, with my plugin. But after switching to Redshift, I was thinking that people could probably just buy C4D Prime and Redshift and be fine. I personally use the Cloner, Sculpting, and all of the Studio feature, but a lot of people probably don't. Is anyone running this combo? Cheers, Matt
  2. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Really interesting actually, I hadn't looked seriously at Houdini until I read this. Node based everything looks like fun and the new 16.5 demo looks incredible.
  3. New PBR Materials are Slow

    Thanks for the link! He is using HDR lighting so it was comparable results and a lower render time. That's awesome for that workflow. But when you actually use area lights and spotlights it's really slow and requires way more Glossi samples to resolve a clean image. Actually even 12 Glossiness samples was still causing a lot of grain for me. I guess this has been address, someone in the comments linked that 2 year old video talking about the same thing, but I think it's relevant again considering MAXON is pushing the Reflectance Diffuse model with Pro Render and the "New PBR Material" option. I think it's worth noting that it still isn't very usable in my experience.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H06sgrW7nfA I've been trying out the new PBR Materials with Physical and they are incredibly slow to render and require a lot more Glossi samples to get a normal looking "matte/lambertian/etc." looking surface. They have some interesting self GI effects happening on them and I understand that is the proper PB workflow, but even on my Threadripper 1950x I find render times too long. Is anyone else using the PBR Materials and Physical? I'm going back to Color channel for now. Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi! I am writing a simple plug-in for C4D that does the following: 1. Create a Window/GUI with 4 Text Fields and one button. 2. Each Text Field is a URL to a Cinema4D file. Located in the Res folder. 3. The user selects the URLs. 4. The user hits a build button and the plug-in "loads/merges" all of the URLs. My first question is on the code for merging a document. I looked it up in the Docs: What do I pass as "doc" What do I pass name? What is the URL if I keep my plug-in in the Users->Library->Preferences->MAXON->Cinema4D->plugins->MyPlugIn folder->Res->Folder->docToLoad.c4d How do I get the name of the object loaded? Thank you for your time and for you help. Cheers, Matt