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  1. Shouldn't be correct. If your are willing to trade your perpetual license for a discount of 20% (for the first year) on the subscription then that's true. If you would have the subscription next to your perpetual you would just keep your perpetual. So if your perpetual is worth 20% of €600 = €120 excl VAT then you should trade it in. Otherwise keep it and pay the full €600 excl. VAT But to upgrade your perpetual should still be possible, but isn't confirmed yet for future (post 21) releases. And (this is all speculation) there might be a discount like every year in May or August and if perpetual will stay you could get is with a similar price as a MSA (but without the benefits of a cineversity access,..) But who knows.
  2. That seems all true I'm afraid. Currently in the situation where I've just upgraded from Visualize to Studio with an MSA in March and just had an email confirming all this from the software supplier.. Seems my supplier is even thicker because they say you won't even have an option to upgrade a perpetual license in future unless you get subscription. Might be confusing for them as well or they are after my money ... Think there will be upgrades possible just like before only we need to wait for all the information to come through.. Upgrade might be cheaper because the overall price of a perpetual has dropped and you won't have to pay for cineversity... .. you never know, haha.. BTW the Indie Max and Maya is a trial and only available in some continents plus the next year you'd pay the full price (that's €1680 in Netherlands), but it's not even available in Europe.
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