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  1. Hey all! I'm using RSMB in AE2019 and am experiencing missing frames and/or misplaced frames virtually every time I apply the effect to one of my layers (regardless of if it's a comp, image sequence, or imported mov file) Is anyone else experiencing issues like this?
  2. Hey guys - I'm using an animated texture in a node material and am not getting any animation preview in my viewport. I've tried GIF and MP4 file formats, but none of these are previewing at all. When I render, the texture appears properly, just no viewport preview. The same files preview perfectly when applied to a standard material, so it appears to just be a node issue. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Well this is pretty heartbreaking Thanks for the insight, though!
  4. I'm having trouble achieving subsurface scattering using the node editor in R20. Can someone please help me out here? Is SSS not available within node materials??
  5. I'm struggling to figure out how to create SSS with the node materials. Anyone have insight on this?
  6. Got my hands on the scene file they used in their presentation! Problem solved!!
  7. @Igor I guess no luck with the email? I've tried reaching out to the team on multiple platforms myself with no success..
  8. @bezo One more thing! Have you been able to figure out how this works with Node Materials?
  9. @bezo Having trouble installing the edgeshade plugin. Can you give me a quick rundown of where to drop the files in that .zip? Thanks!
  10. @Fastbee @Didar This was a super interesting thread. Nice work, guys!
  11. can you confirm that the red metal piece is not intersecting with the mesh of the conveyor belt?
  12. Just figure this one out myself yesterday. Glad you were able to close out your own ticket! haha
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