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  1. Hi guys, I guess I'm too late but anywho, here are my wireframes.
  2. Well, M, The text is a bumpmap. That would be insane to model! The moon shape logo on top is modelled though.
  3. Hi guys, I modelled a new top. Tried to keep it as quad as possible. It's less wonky than the last one. Though stills not perfect.
  4. Thanks King! Your'e right. There are artifacts. I just had the hardest time getting those chapes together. And keeping the atrifacts to a minimum. I'm hoping to learn from you guys.
  5. Well, I'don't know if this disqualifies me immediately but when I connect two shapes, triangles and ngons are created. I don't know (yet) how to get these results without that happening. I had the hardest time and tried different approaches to combine shapes. But I'm here to learn. It's fun anyway to share. Anywho, here are some more pics. I'm very curious how the other guys do this.
  6. See, now it will show that I'm a newbee. What can be used to model and what can't. It's practically all 'quads'. I looked it up and they are 4 sided polygons. So I can't use 3, 5 or more sided polygons?
  7. Hi guys, Newbee here. I use Cinema 4D R18 on a Macbook Pro 15". Here are my first renders for this challenge. I hope I'm complying to all the rules by entering outright. Otherwise, please let me know and I'll withdraw.
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