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  1. Hi Guys,, How to achieve this falling sand affect in c4d. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_Xw295gFci/?igshid=kig8y4iyn70s
  2. Having same problem with R21. i am using DUAL Xeons x5687s. Not even pro render is showing and not even trial Arnold. Any help? EDIT: Working perfectly on my old CORE M cheap laptop
  3. Hi Guys, Here is an animation of lips singing. I want to do something similar. I know this can be (and probably is) done in 2D like after effects or something like this. I can do in that too but this is going to be lot of work. Can we achieve similar results in C4D like toon shaders etc. Looking for hints and tips.
  4. Thanks, man. Really getting the idea. Flowers are Hibiscus and Waterlilly.
  5. Hi, how to do flower blooming animation if i have only full bloomed flower? If we have all stages of flower then we can morph right how about full-bloomed only? Thank you
  6. Hi, I want to know how we can achieve a delay/spring effect on child bone/joint in c4d. For example, if i have a feather, I animate it from the base then as it animates we see a delay till the tip of the feather with an incremental delay on each child joint. To make flaps of wing look flimsy. Another example could be an animation of fish body.
  7. Yeah i discussed with him. He will send file again. He said he converted this OBJ from Solidworks. That conversion was the cause of the problem I guess. Can you suggest anything better to avoid issues from SW to C4D.
  8. How would I texture the inside faces of a Voronoi Fracture ?
  9. The model was delivered by the client. It also making viewport slow like hell. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LU7bbrJYDD4UHfnyFNATvo-r1u-wXurU/view?usp=sharing
  11. I can't find much info in 3d on this. I need a really high-quality model of a similar tree for a project. Maybe if someone could give me a similar model and i swap texture.
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