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  1. Hi, Attached is the scene. It does not have any textures but I am looking at baking the shadow and AO. I have the bake texture tag setup. If you preview or start the bake, you can see that all the shadows and AO is blocky, especially on the wings. The UVmap of the wings are overlapping for both of the wings to save space. I thought that might be the cause and I separated them but that did not help. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, I have a low poly plane model which I am trying to bake the textures. I have created a nicely laid out UVmap as attached. However when I bake the texture, the shadows and AO look very blocky and different. If I change the optimal mapping to cubic or angled, that fixes the issue with the results however I would like to keep my original UVmap as it is easier to edit. I have tried everything but cannot figure out why this happens. I have attached how the model and UV looks and also the baked result. Thanks
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