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  1. Select by point count?

    For more info about the mesh: Enable Mesh Checking in the Modeling options (select ngons etc) or use HUD. Code Vonc Selection is fine too (as it was noted in a previous post).
  2. Path Cut: Upper limit ?

    Jeric, once the topology / polyflow is ok, this is done with one click in the Loop Cut tool (R18+ and in Knife - Loop mode in R17 and before as far as I remember).
  3. Remove C4D default Layouts?

    Hey Cerbera thanks alot! Yes I thought so too. In that case I will most likely create a small python script to switch to / cycle through my Layouts with a button. Cheers, Michael / Marander
  4. Remove C4D default Layouts?

    Hi Is there a way to remove the (non-user) default Cinema 4D Layouts? (Texture, Model etc.) I know I can delete the User Layout files in the layout config folder (.l4d files). I use a few customized Layouts and don't want to see / have no use for the default ones in the Layout selection menu. Thanks!
  5. Broadcast + 3rd part equals Studio?

    As for the flash sales, they occured first with MAXON's 30th anniversary with R17 as far as I know and continued once a year for few days. Shortly before the new release there is normally no flash sale but the option to get the current version and have the next release included (not sure again if the MSA is included for free). Personally I found getting the current version with 30% discount + MSA much better.
  6. Broadcast + 3rd part equals Studio?

    EdGalahad, I did it that way, first buying R17 Broadcast with a lot of plugins with 3rd party renderers (Vray and Cycles), then got R18 / R19 Broadcast with MSA and later upgraded to R19 Studio (still with MSA). One thing to consider is that the Studio MSA is about $300+ more per year than the Broadcast MSA! Broadcast can do A LOT (most) of things, specially with plugins like X-Particles, People In Motion, Forester, GSG plugins etc. The things I missed most in Broadcast is the Cloth Object to easily make surfaces thicker (but that can also be achieved using Explosion FX Object), the Character Morph Tags and the Hair Object in some occasions. If you're not interested in Character animation, don't use Dynamics alot and plan to get X-Particles, there is almost no limit with what you can do. It was a great way for me to learn and use C4D Broadcast (I'm a hobbyist), investing in some plugins and render engines first and upgrade to Studio later. I appreciate the additional tools in Studio but most of the time I still use the Broadcast features.
  7. can C4D be used in a virtual environment ?

    Yes in that case it might be different, I haven't seen / worked on a 3D accelerated VSphere / ESXi environment so far.
  8. can C4D be used in a virtual environment ?

    Hi Bob C4D generally runs within a VMware image but the 3D emulation with VMware is not very advanced and quite limited in performance. While it's ok for general purpose modeling and animation, it doesn't have direct GPU access nor CUDA / OpenCL support. So for example GPU viewport tesselation, GPU based TFD simulation or CUDA mode in renderers like Vray or Cycles4D will not work. Best regards, Michael Edit: I noticed you mentioned VMware v5 / v7, so I guess this is VMware Fusion for Mac? The current VMware version for Windows is 12.5.
  9. C4D R18 SP2 is out, the fixlist is very long and there are many fixes for the Line and Plane Cut tools. https://www.MAXON.net/fileadmin/MAXON_Content/40_News/10_News/R18_SP2/Cinema_4D_R18_SP2_Changelist.pdf
  10. C4D Cafe Intro to R18 and Modelling

    Hi Just purchased because I'm quite a new C4D user (hello to everyone!) and I'd like to support C4D Cafe. Looking forward for the training! Cheers - Michael