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  1. Why wouldn't it work? VDB contains channel information like density, temperature, velocity etc. (not shading information). This information can be used for shading (for example with a blackbody radiator shader). That's not much work and the same for other simulations (like TFD when it needs to be rendered with 3rd party render engines). But I agree, there is no need for Embergen if one is using TFD already. I guess XP / ExplosiaFX will have GPU support one day too.
  2. Yes you got a valid point there. I'm a hobbyist using dual RTX GPU rigs (2070 & 2080 RTX) with AMD Ryzen 9 processors (16C/32T and 12C/24T) with 64 GB each for Cinema (with Redshift, Vray, Cycles 4D plus various other 3D applications and plugins). I just wanted to point out, that TFD is only very quick when using GPU. Since it doesn't utilize more then one GPU and the simulation is limited to the GPU memory, that's to be considered. Nevertheless, TFD is a great plugin and even on CPU sim it runs well, also the switch between CPU and GPU is on the fly. But you're right, if I
  3. By the way, TFD update for S22 is available.
  4. Thanks paulselhi for the info about the future TFD version (standalone software). I saw a preview years ago and thought it was dead since long. Unfortunately Jascha from Jawset is not very communicative and the development process is very slow. Yes, TFD is quick on GPU but that is pretty limited, as soon as the simulation gets more complex and up-res'ed, it will fail back to CPU. I still like TFD (I have licenses for C4D and LightWave) but X-Particles is so much more versatile and well integrated. I fear the future TFD will loose its ease-of-use from what I've seen in t
  5. There's a Setup and Animate mode in PIM. The PIM rig itself is setup with just dragging the Hip joint in the PIM Hips Link field, select rig type - click Constrain and the rig is done. Everything is placed perfectly (for supported rig types). In PIM you can create IK Targets (all targets with one click). Then you can modify the strength, translation and other attributes of each IK Target. However PIM is more designed for automatic walk cycles, simple crowd animations or specific built-in actions like sitting, holding phone, lift, stairs etc. Therefore I think the Mixamo Rig
  6. TFD only works on GPU for very simple fluid simulations (depending on the GPU memory of course). On my GTX or RTX cards (8 GB GPU memory), it's blazing fast for simple fire / smoke simulations but when I add complexity or up-rez, it fails back to CPU. Note that you can only select one of the installed GPUs in TFD for simulation. However the Up-Rez'ing feature allows to art-direct the basic simulation on GPU and than add details for the long CPU calculations. With added complexity I also sometimes get crashes in TFD. I didn't experience too many X-Particles c
  7. Hello Jennifer As Cerbera mentioned, topology is very important for UV unwrapping. Depending on the complexity of the object, usually you just have to mark a couple of seams to properly unwrap With a dense mesh or bad topology (no polyflow, missing edge loops, ngons, tris etc) this is difficult. To have hundreds of auto unwrapped UV islands is not ideal for precise texturing. There is the new tool QuadRemesher from EXOSIDE that auto retopos the object, the Cinema Plugin is just being released now. Simple to use with good results. It helps for exa
  8. Yes I agree. Xpresso with new Node system would be nice and it will come. Of course it's nice to have features built-in but for UV mapping MAXON is way too late. I guess most users already have RizomUV which is hard to beat - or similar tools. Same for Bodypaint, how can they catch up with defacto standard tools like Substance.
  9. Completely agree to all you said. The subscription prices will go up if MAXON is successful with the new model. If not, they will start to offer limited time subscription sales. The whole online and subscription disappointment started with VrayForC4D for me. Don't care about the new versions as they require a constant online connection. I got Redshift and was very excited when MAXON bought it (seamless integration, nodal shading). While I'm still glad I have a perpetual RS license, I'm not overly optimistic towards its future due to the direction MAXON is going. It seems the R21 No
  10. Not exactly but sort of. But MAXON confirmed in the Siggraph thread that: *** When you take MAXONs offer for the reduced price 2 year special offer subscription for MSA owners, then you CONVERT to subscription, you'll loose your perpetual Studio license. You can subscribe separately for the full price and then you don't loose the perpetual license. *** I don't think many individuals that read / understand the license terms would do that, I'm certainly not giving up my perpetual Studio license. What would motivate (not drive) me into a C
  11. Yes I'd like to know too (I asked this before but it was not answered yet).
  12. Oh I'm sure the offline installer will be gone in one of the next releases "for a streamlined and simplified installation process for the user". Of course pure speculation but we have seen this behavior before.
  13. Perpetual with periodic (every 14 days) online activation is not perpetual to me anymore. Yes, you are theoretically entitled for using the software without limitation but you completely hand over control to MAXON. There are numerous examples where 1) online activation failed or 2) older software cannot be activated anymore. Another downside is that plugin developers now have to implement the new licensing too. And users have to wait again for their various plugins and render engines to be available for the new version. Personally I think in 1 or 2 years the message wil
  14. Exactly. The only positive thing is after all, we have our license for the last real perpetual Cinema version with user friendly licensing. MAXON's argument that you don't have to bother again with serial numbers is ridiculous.
  15. Well said, this is exactly how I feel! The (periodic) online activation killed it for me. A change in the licensing system was the only thing I was afraid of in R21.


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