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  1. Pin Up Girl

    Thank you very much - here's the new one...
  2. Pin Up Girl

    Started over again. I prefer the new one...
  3. Pin Up Girl

    And a seasonal one. Somehow, this is my least favourite so far. I don't know if it's the lighting, or the pose... Any suggestions?
  4. Pin Up Girl

    And here's 9 of 12 - from ancient Egypt to modern times.
  5. Pin Up Girl

    Thank you very much - here's the new one...
  6. Pin Up Girl

    And here comes the queen of the Nile...
  7. Pin Up Girl

    And 7 of 12 - pool time.
  8. Pin Up Girl

    6 of 12: boxing...
  9. Pin Up Girl

    And 5 of 12: a classic - a nurse...
  10. Pin Up Girl

    Thank you! Getting there...
  11. Pin Up Girl

    Thank you very much for the helpful feedback - here's the new one... I do see your point with all the gratouitous partial nudity. Fighting half naked in the snow does not make a hell of lot of sense. How did one describe the image in a german forum: "Old man's fantasies from the early eighties".
  12. Pin Up Girl

    And from cars to dragons... I want to show a broad range in this series to gauge the customer's taste. Dragon's from turbosquid. The braids were more of a hassle than expected. Found a tutorial though with complex formulas like ((t+4/3)*2*pi). Back to school, it felt like.
  13. Pin Up Girl

    That was very helpful, thank you very much. The new version is definately an improvement.
  14. Pin Up Girl

    And another one. The car's from turbosquid...
  15. Pin Up Girl

    And the next one in the series - something seasonal, this time.