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  3. And this is what happens, when you click on "Disclaimer" on my next homepage... Physical render, Marvelous designer for the suit.
  4. Hi! Just downloaded the Vray 3.7 trial for R17 and R20. Both won't render hair. The one for R20 did render hair once, but without me changing any settings, it never did again. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Thank you very much! I have changed the settings from "cloth" to "leather", now it's much stiffer...
  6. Finally had some time to work on this one, #11 of 12...
  7. Slight improvements - added motion blur in post, as physical render + motion blur + hair is a mess, always.
  8. He's moving, finally: What could be improved?
  9. Facial rigging... I think Vray would render that even better. Arnold, too, but it's too expensive.
  10. Quite some effort, this Marvelous Designer. For just a standing pose, you have to have an animation from A-pose to the desired one, export from C4D to MD, calculate, export back to C4D. But the result is totally worth it, with C4Ds native cloth engine only usable for curtains :-)
  11. Marvelous Designer is so awesome. I have to admit though, that the suit was bought and just customized by me. Erm. Trousers are too long, still.
  12. Now I'll have to re-texture him completely, but I think he looks much better now. Thank you all very much for pointing that out!
  13. Stylised and slightly idealised. Erm :-)
  14. And it would look something like this...
  15. Thanks a lot - I have sketched him out...
  16. Hi! Is anyone running Marvelous Designer 7.5 on a Mac here? As it doesn't support alembic anymore, how do you get your animation in and out of MD? I tried riptide plugin and export as MDD, but it doesn't work at all. Can I get an older version of MD anywhere?
  17. I've quickly kit-bashed something - is this any better?
  18. :-) He's not rigged yet - once that is done, he'll smile all day.
  19. Progress... the grey body is still a placeholder. He's going to wear a shirt, pants and a jacket. I'll do that in marvelous designer.
  20. And that's it for the head, I think. Body will be next.
  21. I am in the process of redisigning my avatar. On the left is the old one, on the right the new one. I wanted to go for a more cartoony look this time. What do you think?
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