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  1. I'm actually re-opening this, I've been working with the smooth setting for the fire shader and adding sub-grid detail, it looks like the banding is still showing up at certain points of low density and movement.
  2. Ok, think I figured it out. Had to turn up smoothing for the shaders. It wipes out a lot of thinner detail so you have to increase the fuel rate to thicken up the burn. Then you add detail back in using sub-grid detail:
  3. Tried subdividing the mesh, I got volume texture and 'Use Vertex Map' to work, but still getting that diagonal banding. I'm using the latest version (v1.0 rev 1435). Tried posting on Jawset's forum, but still waiting for approval. I should also mention that sup-frame steps is up to 3 on all these tests...
  4. I tried decreasing voxel size, using volume texture, using surface texture, increasing fuel diffusion, increasing fuel mask smoothing, increasing turbulence, still getting the banding...
  5. Can't seem to figure out how to get a more organic fuel emission on the card object. I tried breaking up the geometry, but the flames still seem to flow along a uniform diagonal pattern. Does anybody know what I'm missing? Thanks!
  6. Yea, even when I turn of wind and turbulence it still does the same. Gravity is set to -100 and steps per frame is already at 40. It's not the speed of the dynamics, even when the balloon moves slowly the spline doesn't stay connected closely to the balloon. I tried nesting the string under the balloon and that keeps the spline connected at the top, but now it won't stay tight at the bottom to the anchor. Balloons-2b.c4d
  7. So I have a dynamic spline attached to a floating balloon using the hair constraint tag. For some reason the spline is always lagging behind the balloon. I've tried reordering the objects in the object manager, changing the priority settings for the spline dynamics tag, replacing the anchor objects with polygon objects, caching the dynamics of the balloon, nothing seems to work. Attached is an example file, if anyone has a solution it would be greatly appreciated! Balloons-2.c4d
  8. ninjad

    Elementza Channel

    I came across these videos recently and found them pretty helpful for a more beginner modeler like myself: Elementza - YouTube He has some specific use tips like these: Avoiding Deformation On Curved Surfaces in Cinema4D Modeling Cable Details on Dynamic Spline I kind of enjoy his kitbash tutorials and find them pretty helpful for getting a sense of a workflow: Cinema 4D 3D Modeling For Kitbash Library #01 I even ran through his introduction to modelling playlist, although a lot of the basic stuff I knew already, it was a good way to get a complete run through of tools and commands, a few I never bothered to explore before: Introduction to Modeling in Cinema 4D | Tutorial Series
  9. Thanks for the example file, very helpful!
  10. Oh man, I totally didn't catch that! Thanks!
  11. ninjad

    Depth of Field problem

    First thing is the depth map needs to be inverted, usually white is closest and black is furthest away. Second, you're still going to get bad fringing with AE's lens blur, I haven't been able to find a way around it and I think it's just a poor filter. I've used the Frischluft Lenscare plugin which gets better results if you can get your hands on a copy. Here's a video which compares the two: Overall though, I've noticed using a lens blur effect on scenes that have a lot of occluding/overlapping objects like your example will never get the best results, I think there just isn't a plugin that will correctly mask and blur the edges between high contrast distance objects. To get best results for a scene with a lot of overlapping elements and high distance contrast I would suggest doing it at render time if you have the resources.
  12. I'm just trying to get a simple spline dynamics and collider setup to work, for some reason the dynamic spline won't collide with the objects. Attached is the scene file. Searched through all the settings and help files, stuck scratching my head. What am I missing here? hair_collider_test.c4d
  13. ninjad

    Menu Customization Confusion

    I tried re-saving a new user layout from another layout, but found the submenus where still missing until I realized the menu selection list is also at the bottom of the Layout dropdown. I'm not talking about toolbar commands (Shift+C), I'm talking about the actual menu items at the very top of the window "File Edit Create Select" etc. (Window > Customization > Customize Menus...) Oh man, I finally figured it out! You can copy a submenu, but you can't paste it in the top of the hierarchy. You need to double click another submenu and then the paste button is activated and you can paste a submenu into another menu. Man, this was confusing me to no end because I would sometimes find myself not being able to find the Mesh submenu randomly, and now I know what the deal is.
  14. ninjad

    Lighting in a Scene

    That looks like a small light source coming from the top of the picture. I actually watched this really helpful video about light falloff recently: From what I understand the light in the picture looks like it would be a very weak light that was relatively close to the object which would cause a sharp falloff without blowing out the exposure.
  15. I'm trying to customize my menus, and went to Window > Customization > Menus > User menu 1 This removed everything in my menu bar except for 'File' & 'Customization' When I tried to add menus back I went to Customization > Customize Menus... I tried selecting 'M_EDITOR' from the drop down menu and hitting apply, but nothing happened. If I highlight a submenu in the list copy it and try and go to 'M_EDITOR_USER1' there is no option to paste. If I try click+dragging a submenu from the list to the menu bar it's not allowed. How am I supposed to edit the submenus in my menu bar? I feel like the only way to get my menus back is in the Windows submenu, but it's been removed. Have I discovered some kind of custom menu paradox??