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  1. Texturing a dvd case

    Ouh, shame on me. That kind of stupidly hurts :D Thank you @bezo :)
  2. Texturing a dvd case

    Thank you guys! Finally I got it! I sat here for an hour but it worked! :) @Cerberado you mean the plugin unfold3D Exporter? I was at downloads -> Scene files -> Models there was no dvd case
  3. Texturing a dvd case

    Hey Jay, Thank you for your reply. Oh, okay that makes sense. I never did this unwrap thing. What do you think, how difficult is this with this simple Case? Best wishes, Robert
  4. Texturing a dvd case

    Hey ho guys, I'm working on a dvd case for my uncle. I want to create the cover in photoshop and render it in c4d. I created a simple box in x-20 y-30 z-4 as my testobject. In photoshop i created a document in 28x38 cm (the backside isnt important). I selected the areas I want to put the texture on. And then this happens (2nd picture). But that's not how it should look like, obviously. How can I fix this? Or better - What did I wrong?
  5. Splines and symmetry

    That's really cool! Is it for a "Chinese" project? It reminds me of chinese restaurants, where are this kind of statutes in front of the entry Can I guess what you were doing there? You modeled it in very low poly and put it into sub d (because the everything is so smooth). Then you just put it on the platform?
  6. Splines and symmetry

    Hey Jay, sorry for not responding yesterday. They just released Sherlock in german and my girlfriend and me wanted to watch it. I will do definitly more poly by poly modeling the next weeks. It really helps. Wow, this ways are also very interesting. Especially the last method. I think I will try this out, just for training :) Here is the final result. There are some mistakes, as you can see. But that's ok, it was just a little "project" to get in Cinema4d after week Thank you very much,
  7. Splines and symmetry

    Thank you for checking my file. I will do it in the easier but longer way. Poly by poly - I think it's the name of the method. Thank you very much. Great evening :)
  8. Splines and symmetry

    Hey Jay, nice to hear from you. Are you fine? If you want, you can check my file. test.c4d
  9. Splines and symmetry

    Hello guys, how can I fix this? It seems like C4D doesn't like it, when I don't close the splines. I hope you can help me. I think the solution is very easy. But I havent worked much with splines yet. Best wishes, Robert
  10. How to make a "draw video"?

    Hello guys, I know it's a little bit off topic here. But I need your help very much! I got an invite to an interview at monday. The Company told me that I should prepare a presentation about me for this interview. I want to make a video presentation. But I don't know how to solve this. I want to make a "draw my life" video like the trend in 2013/14 Here is an example But I want to draw this at the computer with my graphic tablet. How can I record this and put it into premiere? Should I do a document in Photoshop with 1920 - 1080 and record this via fraps or obs? Or is there a easier way? Thank you very much for your help!
  11. Photoshop: Loop a texture and cirlce it

    Then I will do this :) Thank you very much for your help. I wish you a good day and a best wishes, Robert :)
  12. Photoshop: Loop a texture and cirlce it

    This is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you! :) Last question: Although the picture is in the alpha channel the plane is overlap the other one Do you have a soloution for this? Something with a render tag?
  13. Photoshop: Loop a texture and cirlce it

    Hey Igor, thank you for your reply :) Yes, you got it. I want to do something like the top image out of the bottom image. I though there is a function in photoshop to do this. I think I will try it in C4D with MoGraph. Thank you :)
  14. Hey guys, I hope it's ok to post questions about photoshop here. How I can make a loop out of the picture in the attachment? And make this out of it? Thanks for your help! Best wishes, Robert
  15. Car modelling (Audi RSQ)

    Alright, I think this will help me alot! :) Yes, here in Nuremberg (next to muinch) is a college with a course called "Design". There you can choose 3 different modules out of 10. I want to get into CGI, photography and illustration. To get there I need to create a application portfolie with 30-40 works from me. And yeah, that's what I#m working for. I will upload my final results here and hope to get some opinions to increase the quality :) You seem to be longer here in this forum. Do you think I can create a WIP Topic and upload there every 3rd day something? Your wheel looks awesome. Especially it looks sorted. How long did you worked on that? I wish you a good night and a good start in the day tomorrow :) -Robert