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  1. Hello guys, I know it's a little bit off topic here. But I need your help very much! I got an invite to an interview at monday. The Company told me that I should prepare a presentation about me for this interview. I want to make a video presentation. But I don't know how to solve this. I want to make a "draw my life" video like the trend in 2013/14 Here is an example But I want to draw this at the computer with my graphic tablet. How can I record this and put it into premiere? Should I do a document in Photoshop with 1920 - 1080 and record this via fraps or obs? Or is there a easier way? Thank you very much for your help!
  2. Then I will do this :) Thank you very much for your help. I wish you a good day and a best wishes, Robert :)
  3. This is exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you! :) Last question: Although the picture is in the alpha channel the plane is overlap the other one Do you have a soloution for this? Something with a render tag?
  4. Hey Igor, thank you for your reply :) Yes, you got it. I want to do something like the top image out of the bottom image. I though there is a function in photoshop to do this. I think I will try it in C4D with MoGraph. Thank you :)
  5. Hey guys, I hope it's ok to post questions about photoshop here. How I can make a loop out of the picture in the attachment? And make this out of it? Thanks for your help! Best wishes, Robert
  6. Alright, I think this will help me alot! :) Yes, here in Nuremberg (next to muinch) is a college with a course called "Design". There you can choose 3 different modules out of 10. I want to get into CGI, photography and illustration. To get there I need to create a application portfolie with 30-40 works from me. And yeah, that's what I#m working for. I will upload my final results here and hope to get some opinions to increase the quality :) You seem to be longer here in this forum. Do you think I can create a WIP Topic and upload there every 3rd day something? Your wheel looks awesome. Especially it looks sorted. How long did you worked on that? I wish you a good night and a good start in the day tomorrow :) -Robert
  7. Hey @VECTOR I see, you're a man of culture aswell. It's the car from IRobot :) If you do so, I just wondering how you connect them? Because if I use sub d the edges getting round and so they don't fit anymore. Should I also do there a sub d weighting? Do you think it's better for me to model the the car into these objects I coloured in the second picture? Would you try to explain me thing with the doors? I'm also a ambitious man :D I need this car for my application and only have 50 days left, so there is no time left to learn some modelling tips. Would you maybe upload your car so I can see your workflow? I swear to jesus I will never use this somewhere and will delete it after I analysed your workflow. You could also upload screenshots from it, if it's not too much waste of your time. -Robert P.s. just started from 0, maybe I will do it better this time Ah, is this a good template? Is this edgeflow good?
  8. Hello guys, I have some problems at my actual project. I want to model an Audi RSQ not to 100% similar but up too 90%. I'm bambie at modelling and this is my biggest project yet, so I hope you can help me. I saw the first and second picture online. For me it looks like that the guy did more objects for the car. Is this right? Then you can see how I handled the lines. At the side I'm not so sure how to do it so I improvised. I started to model from the bonnet and extruded from there on all to the side and so on. How do I handle the side? Especially because of the inner extrude of the door and this side object which is going inside. And how do I add the Wheels at the end? I'm a bit confused. At the End I want to do the edges with sub d weighting. Am I going the right way? I hope you can help me! Best wishes, Robert Here you can see how mine look like with sub d and I marked where I'm struggling with
  9. I hoped that I can help you, but no way, sorry. It's absolutly weird ***
  10. So as I can read out the best and easiest way is sub d, unless you need to do something with very much edges? @Cerbera Have you done your very nice star wars battleship with sub d? @Rectro Why need game engines hard surface characters? Do movie company also need hard surface characters? @VECTOR You have your point, but why not characters for game engines? And one more question to you all three @Cerbera @Rectro @VECTOR As I said in some of my topics I'm actual working on my study application. Sometimes I'm struggling with some problems and I dont know how to solve. Could I maybe add you on skype or whereever you want and ask you sometimes some stupid questions e.g. why this reflection look so weird? It would be a very nice help!
  11. Hello guys, actually I'm struggling with a question. When do I use hard surface and when do I use sub division modelling. Maybe we can try examples on some of my future projects. Car, drone, solar panels, futuristic building, zeppelin For the car I would use a blueprint. I would go there for hard surface modelling. For the solar panels I would also go with hard surface The futuristic building I would also modell with hard surface? And with the zeppelin I'm struggling. Today I tried with sub D, but I didn't get a satisfying result. I would Imageine this Body for it: And maybe you know some really good videos about hard surface and would share them with me. Best wishes and thank you for your help! :)
  12. Hey @deck, sorry for my late reply. I was deep focused in an other project. Your answer solved my Problem to 100%! Thank you very much and I'm really sorry for not telling you this earlier.
  13. Hey Smicksus, nice to see you again :) Can I may ask you why you can't check the file? Is the password wrong?
  14. Hey guys, not so long ago I did a map for a project. Now I want to try something, I don't even know if it will look good at the end. So I've made an .ai document out of the contours and import the .ai into c4d. I've extruded it and so on. And now, how can I turn or bend it to a 360° obejct which I can put on a sphere? I tried it with the bend tool, but it looked like I did some exorcism on it And I tried it with the deformer in the materialoptions, also no real good result I hope you can help me, I have absolutly no clue how to solve this. The file is here if you want to try something Download: Password: Cafe At the end it should be looking something like this:
  15. Thank you very much! Will post the final result here on Thursday and close the thread. Have a nice evening :)