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  1. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Woah, using that in VR sounds dope AF! I've been looking into getting C4D scenes into VR for some time now but you lose so much because you have to bake everything into OBJ/FBX so it's not that great. This sounds pretty cool. I humbly throw my hat into the ring! :) Thanks, Mary
  2. C4D to engine - Unity or Unreal?

    Hey guys! Been using C4D for a while and getting on great, but I'd like to step up and start making my models interactive. Problem is - I don't know how to code. I'm hearing a lot of talk on both sides, the basics of which would be - Unity is more flexible in general and coding can be bypassed with a plugin while Unreal gives better looking results quicker without needing code. I'd love to hear from people who have gone through the process of getting animations and models through C4D into either engine and had finished results. Thanks!
  3. C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    Sorry, doesn't look like they've quite got it together yet!
  4. Ahh, that makes sense. This will be tricky as I'm working with a 360 scene... I'll put my photographer head on and work from there. Thanks for your help!
  5. Doesn't help if work bought it and you don't have access to the license as a lowly intern! Ok thanks for clearing that up, do you know of any way round these issues?
  6. Hi! First off, I tried the OTOY forums but they have some crazy posting requirements... I'm trying to have both reflections on my 360 scene, and a background that isn't the HDRI scene. I also don't want it to be lit by this scene, only reflections. I've created the sky with a sky object and an octane environment tag, the picture is inside the environment tag rather than attached to the material as I couldn't get it to show up otherwise. The problem is, it lights my entire scene and no matter what combination of alpha channel/keep environment that I use it's always there in the render. Also the C4D background object doesn't seem to work at all regardless of if there's a tag & octane material on it so I'm stumped there too! Does anyone know how I can - remove the HDRI and keep ONLY the reflections and have a plain background? I've attached a file that probably explains better than I have. Thanks! (HDRI from here - http://zbyg.deviantart.com/art/HDRi-Pack-1-97402522 ) why tho.c4d