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  1. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    UV's yes (except ZBrush, which has a rudimentary UV toolset from what I've seen and isn't really set up for it). Painting? ZBrush has polypainting, which is basically vertex paint and is just okay; Maya's implementation is pretty basic and not too intuitive, from what I recall; Modo I don't remember too well; Mudbox I haven't used (to paint with), but I've heard it's very good. However, it is a "stand-alone" program for sculpting and painting and I was comparing BodyPaint to built-in paint features in programs like Maya. I think of Mudbox as a kind of plug-in for Maya, making up for Maya's lack of sculpting and painting abilities.
  2. Hello, One thing that I recently discovered in Maya is the "stepped preview" option in the Timeline. It basically toggles all keyframes in your animation to "stepped" mode, so you can play back the key poses without any inbetweening. I've found it really useful and was wondering if something like that exists in Cinema 4D, maybe as a script?
  3. BodyPaint 3D open beta

    Re: Symmetry. To be fair, Photoshop doesn't have it either. Annoys the hell out of me, too. BodyPaint doesn't compare favorably to stand-alone programs, but isn't it still better than what comes built in with other 3D software?
  4. Well, if it's not too late to comment on this very old thread ... I just bought a copy of C4D Studio and it's a bit distressing to read all the negativity, or it would be, if I hadn't seen the same negativity about every other piece of 3D software (except maybe Blender, because who can complain about free software?) I've been learning Maya for two years, have picked up bits of Modo (used Lightwave before, so it feels familiar) and have decided on Cinema for various reasons. 1) no subscription-only model. 2) well-designed interface and smooth workflow doesn't get in your way, and the way I see it, as a freelancer I'm not going to be using all of Maya's toolset for making Pixar-level animation anyway. 3) Modo is great and I plan to use it as well (the Foundry, like MAXON, has a great deal for people upgrading from an educational license), which is easier to learn how to do when Cinema doesn't tax my brain with its own complex interface. 4) I keep hearing that Cinema is very stable. I've crashed Modo and Maya a couple of times, but not Cinema so far. 5) Oh, yeah, the tight integration with After Effects doesn't hurt (and is the main reason I started looking into Cinema).
  5. Although I like the polygon pen tool a lot, it seems to be missing an "add edge loop" function, which seems like a pretty major omission. Is there any way to assign a temporary keyboard shortcut that switches to the add edge loop tool while the key is held down, then returns to the poly pen tool as soon as you let go?
  6. Octane 3 to support OpenCL

    OTOY is now talking about porting (if that is the right word) CUDA to AMD processors. It's part of their roadmap.