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  1. Problem solved. Turns out I just didn't have enough space on my root drive. My project was not saved onto the root drive but I assume it copies to the C drive before copying to the render nodes. Odd because I did have enough space, but when I freed up more it started to work straight away. Stupid small SSD. :D
  2. Hey all, I am having an issue with my render farm/windows/team render. When ever I try to render with team render I get this error in the log: <result>Error - Saving Image</result> I have checked and AFAIK all firewalls are off, tried turning anti-virus off too. Tried rendering different scenes. Even a new one with just a cube in it, but still same issue. Also tried rendering to different locations. Any ideas? Much thanks, Damian
  3. Thank you for your response. I've tried rendering a simple scene with no textures. Just a cube and a light. Even that won't render. The issue seems to be that the nodes see the server as "Online, Verified Me, Not Reachable" I have no idea how to fix that. Any thoughts? Thanks again, Damian
  4. Hi all, I am trying to render on my 12 node render farm. (Studio R17) I was having issues a couple of days ago as I changed routers. For some reason Team Render wouldn't work at all. So last night I swapped routers back to my old one. I did a test render last night with all nodes and it worked perfectly. Now I go to render a job. On my main PC all nodes are online, I can ping and run a connection test. All good. But when I put a job onto render I'm getting this error on the nodes: (Error) Transfer of job failed: 'Give me Render-Job' could not connect to (IP ADDRESS) Cause: SocketIOWait cancelled because of timeout (15218.1 ms > 15000.0 ms) On the render node the server is Online, Verified Me, Not Reachable. I can ping the server from node but not a connection test. All PC's on static IP. I've tried disabling anti-virus but that hasn't worked. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! Much thanks, Damian
  5. Hi there, I have a small render farm of 12 nodes. With the exception of one node none of the others are showing up as active in the team render machines window. A couple are showing up in black text (with a tick) Some of these are showing unknown version. One is of these is showing up as a 0ghz machine with 0 gb ram. Then I have some showing up black without text saying unverified but shared and online. Though I cannot verify. On PC is grey with a tick but unknown version. The only thing that I have changed recently is my router. It has gone from to But I am able to connect to all PC's via remote login (team viewer) Any thoughts on how to fix this would be amazing. I am stumped. Much thanks, Damian
  6. Hi there, I am trying to render an animation of a character that has hair dynamics.. over team render on my mini-render farm. I have cached the dynamics of the hair simulation. But when I render on team render there is discrepancy between the dynamics of the hair between nodes. By that I mean there is a difference in the hair between the render nodes. What I am guessing is the hair material that is driving the frizz/kink etc is possibly causing the issue as it's being interpolated differently between nodes. I am guessing there isn't any way to cache this? The only way that I can think of is to convert the hair to guides, and then disable everything other than the color/spec/thickness/transparency on the material. I tried this briefly but the guides went haywire in one part of the animation where they were close to the characters clothes (Marvelous Designer MDD simulation) Just trying to work out if there is anything that I am missing? Really hoping that this is possible. Much thanks, Damian
  7. Hey all, I am busy trying to do a test render of some character animation. On a couple of frames there is a 'snap' in the look of the character. It looks like it's the SSS, and I am using Team Render. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've checked and no lights are animated or anything like that. That's using the Standard renderer. I'm doing a test now with Physical but it's taking a lot longer. So will only know if that helps later on today. :/ Much thanks, Damian
  8. They look like plates with images of flowers. If so you need to use an alpha map. If the image of the flower already has one embedded, you can load that image into the alpha channel of it's material. Or use a black and white image which 'cut's the flower out.
  9. Just to add to what CBR mentioned. You could also try Houdini. If it's for a non-commercial project you could use the free version.

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