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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 

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  1. Hey all, I am busy trying to do a test render of some character animation. On a couple of frames there is a 'snap' in the look of the character. It looks like it's the SSS, and I am using Team Render. Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've checked and no lights are animated or anything like that. That's using the Standard renderer. I'm doing a test now with Physical but it's taking a lot longer. So will only know if that helps later on today. :/ Much thanks, Damian
  2. Cars With Names

    Good work mate. :)
  3. TAG Heuer Watch...

    Great work! :)
  4. Minecraft Texturing need help

    They look like plates with images of flowers. If so you need to use an alpha map. If the image of the flower already has one embedded, you can load that image into the alpha channel of it's material. Or use a black and white image which 'cut's the flower out.
  5. Pour Paint over 3D Text

    Just to add to what CBR mentioned. You could also try Houdini. If it's for a non-commercial project you could use the free version.
  6. Great work mate. Would love to see the topology.
  7. R19 Short

    Very nice! :)
  8. Moving a prebuilt animation spline

    Maybe someone else will be able to help without seeing the file. But I reckon it'd be best if you upload the scene. That way we can see exactly what you are talking about.
  9. Let's model a kidney!

    I would definitely sculpt it. Then retop if needed. Much easier to get an organic shape that way. :) Cheers, Damian
  10. Falloff to control Hair Parameter

    Thank you!! I will try this right now. Don't know why I didn't see that. :) Much thanks!
  11. Falloff to control Hair Parameter

    Thank you very much you guys! I really appreciate the help. I will check out the scene as soon as my computer finishes a simulation test, whenever that might be. lol I have watched those videos, very cool stuff thank you. Though I am wanting to animate through the length of the hair. Hmm I don't think I am explaining this very well at all. I want the rest hold to be say at 50% for all of the hair. Then the plan is to find a way to, starting at the base/root of the hair.. Slowly decrease the rest hold to zero along the length of the hair. So starting at the root and out towards the tip of the hair. Not sure if I am making sense? Any thoughts? Thanks again! :)
  12. Hi all, I am not experienced in Xpresso at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can only assume that Xpresso would be needed to make this work. But open to any ideas. :) I want to have a fall off of sorts drive the Rest Hold in Hair Dynamics. So when say (for example) a Null or Plain Effector animate through the hair, they decrease the Rest Hold from 50% to 0%. Therefore animating the Rest Hold gradually through the hair length. I hope that makes sense. :) Much thanks!! Damian
  13. Finger problem

    Agree with CBR. Also it just sounds like you have some weight map painting to sort out.