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  1. SOLVED, but not really. Here's what I did, please tell me if you'd do better: The data from AE was still IN the exported file. But it spit up wacko frame numbers. So I counted the actual frames in After Effects (62) and on Project Settings when I first open the C4D file in C4D I changed the MIN TIME to 1 and the MAX TIME to 62. Same with PREVIEW MIN TIME and PREVIEW MAX TIME. Now I see the animation. The BAD thing is, I get this weird bug on EVERY After Effects export that C4D opens. Didn't used to be like that. Any ideas?
  2. Also, I do not get this issue when importing (instead of from AE) a Mocha Pro .FBX file. Just with the standard After Effects (Mac, latest version 17.1.1 build 34)
  3. Hello All, I recently moved to a new computer (Mac) and I'm having trouble with a workflow I'd been using for years. It's the very basic "track the camera in After Effects, Export to C4D, add something to the scene, tada!" workflow. My problem is this: I do the 3D camera track in After Effects and it looks great! I bring it into C4D and there is NO ANIMATION of the camera I can see. It just sits there. Also, I notice that the frame numbers in C4D are pretty wild- like instead of 0-500 I see something like 86,568 to whatever. It's nuts! I see this in Project Settings, too, not just the timeline. I know I am missing something very, very simple... please help! I've had this with several scenes from AE-> C4D this week. I am on the LATEST C4D, Mac. Thank you!
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