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  1. How do i find this panel

    Oh snap!!! Thank you so much!!!
  2. How do i find this panel

    Hey guys , just started learning character animation , and while watching a tutorial i see a guy using a quick access panel that he seems to get on the click . How can i set up the same ?
  3. Metaballs and boolean zeitguised style

    Thank you Cerbera, I suspected that it might have been done in Houdini. I actually tried to do it with collider deformer before. as i said it works great on the sides but as soon as it reaches the top of the "Cap" it glitches pretty badly , which doesnt happen if you doing it inverted way ,aka not inwards but outwards as in tutorial. Werd huh... I will keep trying , but i guess its about time i started learning houdini anyway ...
  4. Hello beautiful people, ive been breaking my head over how amazing people at Zeitguised could have achieved this effect that you see in the picture. In the essence i guess it should be simple right? You create a bunch of spheres put them in metaball object and then boole one on the cylinder and one on the spheres , but how the heck do you get all the lovely rounding around the edges of that . I tried using a collider deformer and it kinda works on the sides , but when on the top or the bottom of the cylinder , even at hi level of subdiv it freaks out and creates weird glitches in the structure. Any ideas?