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  1. Hi; I use a "connect" in my scene. Whenever i add the "connect" into my work, all the options inside it are closed. (I have to disable "weld" ) If i open a new file and first of all i add a connect object, it is normal and options are open. When i need that connect, i open another empty project, add connect and copy it to my main project. So the weld option and others be open. Is that a bug or can anybody explain more? Thanks.
  2. natevplas has given a good practical solution. That can be the way to fake that motion blurry space vision. But if you want something more physically, realistic calculated and 3d world style, you need a monsterous computer. Because you can build that scene by using a camera and in "physical" settings, you can adjust "shutter speed". You need a slow shutter. Then you can choose the correct settings in "physical render" choice. So you can get that motion blur "optically" computed.
  3. I think a comment should be written to get some solution or benefit. Your comment is none of it, only written to have been written. Jungle...Monkeys... I am a Cinema 4d user and i pay for C4D, i like to work with C4D. And it is so common to use some other softwares together. Also this forum has sooooo many titles and issues about Autodesk Programmes like 3ds max, Maya, CAD apps and also some other far products like Houdini... That is a natural part of this 3d subject. To compare some wellknown softwares is also childish like you've done. I am a C4D user but i never try to make any humorous comparisions between programmes. Blender is also very good software. It is used in corporate projects since. You can find so many professional users who make unbelievable awesome jobs with Blender. It is free to search and see them on internet/youtube. If they are all in jungle, you yourself may be in a cave, not alps. There is a forum control here, administration and others... I've always used this forum to get knowledge and been kind. If there is something wrong according to forum rules, those people can remind it and make what to do. You give nothing to this issue and i see none of your wonderfull works to talk and give advises around.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I can't see those options in export window. Now i search for other free alternatives that can be used for fluid simulations which can be exported to be merged in C4D.
  5. Really? I thought this is a banana. This is an issue about creating fluid simulations to work with it in Cinema 4D. May be someone could offer another format or way to get those and use in CINEMA 4D. And you have to avoid of here, there are some dangerous words under this title. People says "CAD", or other horrible words here. You can report my question to administration and they can delete it if there is something wrong about forum rules.
  6. Hi, I've been using Blender to make some fluid simulations and merge those in Cinema 4D as .abc files. (animated) Since a short time, whenever i try to export an .abc file, blender shuts down in seconds. What can be the issue due to your experiences? Can it be that my program files is in D disk partition? May be The Blender insists on its default temp folders? But i am not sure of anything. Yesterday and today i made tens of tries and failed. (Any solution ideas about getting fluid simulation into Cinema 4d are welcome. I look for a method to import simulation scene as animated and work on it in CINEMA 4D. It is something like working with Houdini & Cinema 4D, or real flow software and Cinema 4D. The difference is that i look for a solution on a free software like Blender. I need simulating fluids very rare and it would be unworthy to buy a program for it.)
  7. The main thing here is using a separate independent object as a mouth. So i won't be forced to transform by using nodes. (as by using morph tag) For example I have tried to use cloth and cloth belt tags. It gives the nearest result but not exact one. My main purpose is to get a simple ring and transform it by scaling, rotating, etc. You know the very basic transform functions without selecting polygons or vertexes. Then i will attach this ring to different characters' mouths. (they are simple holes). That is it all i want. That could be very time efficient when we are on animating mouths i think. May be i think in some kind of wrong way. I am open to any advices in this case. I add a 2nd example file animated. Sometimes we consantrate on a way so much and miss the basics. It can be like that. example-animated.c4d
  8. Hi. Can we attach a polygon object to a spline object in multible vertices, so when we change the shape of spline in points level, the polygon also changes? If it can make the question clear; my purpose is to attach a spline (sweep nurbs) as lips to a hole (as mouth) on a basic head polygon. That's when i transform the spline, the hole shape will change with it. (I am on a short way to rig a cartoon mouth.) example.c4d
  9. Try with changing animation mode to "Loop" than "Play".
  10. I don't understand why you need this in one render: You can set render to "override" and define a luminant material. You can choose the layer space. And you can render the file normally and combine two in a video editor. Did i misunderstand your problem?
  11. Hi; I make a material that color texture is selected as "layers" and two colors inside. I use "user interface" settings under layers tab to use two colors in my material. I can animate the color pass by giving keyframes on those color sliders but; I need to use this material on particles (emitter) and i want to have the color change in a certain time for each particle. In a certain lifetime i mean. If i give the color change by keyframes, all particles change at the same time. No. I want them changed when they reach somewhere. I think this can be possible with xpresso. But i can not relate that color sliders with particle distance... :( Can i?
  12. @workaholic Here is a quick made tut that shows what i mean. I've done this with a sphere, the easiest. If you want to do with a letter i think you have to use knife. May be a way that i do not know... Also i have discovered a few ways but did not try so i am not sure. I will share if i try them.
  13. Hi. Not exactly the easy way but i've made some kind of thing near to that. I shall give some tips if you need or may be needed by other users. First you get the surface that diamond cutted. If it was a regular object like sphere, it would be much much easier by only selecting the "type". (My work was) 1- But in this case you have to cut the shape(with knife) or something another to get the surface splitted into diamond grid. 2- You select the points that you want to inner bevel. (is it the right word?) 3- Set selection becouse you will use it after. 4- Subdivide the main work. 5- Load selection and make it soft selection. Some settings bla bla. 6- Extrude the points. That's all.
  14. Thank you @natevplas . I've opened your file and trying on it . Yes, this one is really faster. That's ok. Your second solution is for, may be, better. I've never done something like it. If i understand it right, it sounds a little more complex and needs to mess up with some settings i think. But i can try to see if i could...



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