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  1. Perhaps you can use the Sweep tool, using a semicircular open spline (instead of a semicircular closed spline) in the XY plane.
  2. Hi. I'm trying to make different holes to an object. I have made them to a wall of the object and everything was perfect. The wall was clean after I made the holes with "Magic Merge" plugin. Later I did some holes to the base and suddenly a lot of unwanted edges appeared. What did I do wrong? Do I have to cut the polygon? What are the best practices to do the holes in an object? Thanks.
  3. Hi! I'm going to buy a new PC for Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and C4D tasks (modelling and rendering). I need your opinion about this configuration: https://www.alternate.es/html/configurator/builder/loadSharedConfiguration.html?kind=pcBuilder&id=6c9899de0a2d3e3e5a1fcde1ce564713 Do you think that it is better to buy 2 Nvidia P4000 graphic cards (somebody told me that Octane would take advantage of a second GPU) or is it better to buy a single Nvidia P5000 graphic card? Thanks.



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