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  1. @Isleofgough I was trying to do an oil tank with a sweep before seeing your post. Now I'm looking at your Oil Tank Sweep file in r17.055 and for the life of me can't figure out how you made the filleted ends with just a circle and a line. Your Sweep has no caps as far as I can see. I made my own circle and line matching the object settings of yours and it's just a normal cylinder with flat caps. What am I missing here? Edit: Ah ha! Found it in the Details.. lol
  2. I see now, sorry. There may be a parametric way to do it, but I don't know. The only way I can suggest is animating a boole, which probably isn't what you want if you're looking to do anything else with the liquid beyond just having it disappear.
  3. A basic Sweep generator will do that. There are loads of tutorials on the YT, and the documentation is also a good way to start familiarizing yourself with C4D.
  4. Looks like an Oil Tank. There is a primitive for that, so no need to overcomplicate things with Rhino.
  5. Bedroom Interior

    This is an excellent observation. Thank you.
  6. Bedroom Interior

    You're quite right about this not fitting into the regular archviz imagery, as it was never intended to be. This is a scene I started over a year ago as an exercise while migrating to C4D from Max. The geometry is an accurate representation of my bedroom, backyard, and beyond. Later, I used it to experiment with window lighting an interior with VRay, as I am intimately familiar with how light looks in that room IRL. Over time I revisited it for fun when I had downtime and tried to furnish it to my personal tastes, not as an industry design piece. It started looking pretty cool, so I shared it. :) Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Spline path alignments...

    The problem you're facing is that the splines you are importing were generated from mesh edges in SketchUp. Mesh edges have individual normals that are different from the overall parent object, which the generated splines will then have. This means the splines have lost their bearings, so to speak. You may have to optimize the splines in SketchUp prior to export, which might include a way to reset their axis orientation. Check the documentation. Then, you should look at the export/import options carefully to see if there are any controls for converting XYZ coordinates and make sure you understand what those controls are doing. It may take some experimenting to find the right settings, or just diligent googling, but even then it may not be possible. If all else fails, use the imported splines as a template to redraw a new spline natively in C4D. Put them on a separate layer and lock it. Then, draw the new spline in the Top view using snap to each point, then in Front and Side views manually snap each point in the Y axis.
  8. It's not entirely clear, but I think what you're actually looking to do is bake the high-quality displaced geometry to a normal map? For that, vray will not help you. You will have to apply the displacement using a deformer, to physically displace the polys. Then you can bake the mesh to a normal map. In C4D this is done via the sculpt tools, but I am not very familiar with that. This may help:
  9. Bedroom Interior

    Dang, I thought the wall was great. I put a little grunge into the material, adjusted levels, and applied some displacement, though the resolution doesn't really show it around the mortar, I thought it brought out some surface detail. What would you recommend? Honestly, I went back and forth on the floor reflections, so I wasn't quite sure. Ultimately I went with something that brought out more detail in the darker areas, but I will give it some more fine tuning. Thanks, CBR.
  10. Bedroom Interior

    Now that you mention it, I have to agree it needs a better shape.
  11. Bedroom Interior

    Update. I hit on all of the details that were previously pointed out and tweaked some other things as well. The only thing I might play with at this point is DOF and maybe add a little bloom in post, otherwise I'm pretty happy with this.
  12. I think @ABMotion has the right idea, but it might work better the other way around. So, create a radial clone for each leaf. Use an effector to give the radial distributions some randomness. Then nest those into another cloner to get the vertical spread.
  13. Interactive Rotating Image

    Interactive 3D PDF files are a thing, though I have never attempted to make one. https://www.pdf3d.com/all-examples/
  14. UI With a 4k Monitor

    @Eterea, thanks for this info. Are you referring to the 'scaled' setting of monitor resolution, rather than 'best for'? I have 27" iMac 1440p and 27" 1080p. I played with the scaled setting, but to get 'same size' effect, the higher resolution monitor has to be scaled down (making things appear larger and losing space) to match the lower res of my second monitor. Not ideal. So, have you actually scaled down your 5K res to match the 2.5K, or am I missing something about this so-called 'decoupling' function?
  15. c4d vray fading transparency?

    Would be great if you could share some examples of what you did in case someone else comes searching only to find nothing. :)