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  1. Vizn

    Triangles appear in my renders?

    Most likely a problem with the normals on the model. Can you share a pared down scene file? In the meantime, you can try deleting the 'Align Normal' tags from the objects to see if that helps. If not, we will need a look at the model and your settings.
  2. Your mesh is a broken mess of triangles. Optimize won't work because many points are not aligned. It's a simple trapezoid shape, so no need to extrude splines. Just start over and make your object from a cube and sub-divide it as needed.
  3. Vizn

    rendering problem

    Check your selections. You have two objects with red material on them, but one has a selection set while the other does not. Also, it's prob not needed to first disconnect then split because the split command automatically disconnects. Then it's a good idea to delete the old polys from the original object to avoid overlap.
  4. Vizn

    Compositing tag

    Yeah, that's annoying. These comping methods have some problems, but at least I solved one of them! At this point, you're prob better off doing multi-passes and compositing outside of Cinema, or stick with the non-HDR Background version.
  5. Light interacts additively. All of the different color wavelengths of light add up to white. If you're adding white lights together you are essentially increasing intensity/brightness. Of course, in 3D you can do things with lights that don't exist IRL, like negative lights.
  6. Vizn

    Clone random objects from set

    Expresso would be a neat way to do this, but I don't know it. I've done similar thing with liquor bottles to get randomized groupings along a shelf using Cloners inside Cloners, but it's only useful for equal numbers of bottles in each set. Might work since I don't know your shelf dimensions. However, if your shelf spaces are different lengths, I might consider just making spline segments to fit each space, connect them all into one spline, then place all the DVDs into a Cloner set to Object and target the spline then fiddle with the Cloner settings until things fit.
  7. Vizn

    Compositing tag

    This is all wrong. Luminance on the plane negates the shadow! Plus, why is the sphere glowing like the sun??
  8. Vizn

    Compositing tag

    I've seen many posts with this issue and no one ever really had a fix or explanation, so I've spent a bit of time trying to figure this out. The problem goes away when Linear Workflow is turned off in the Project Settings, but then that wrecks the HDR lighting on the sphere object! What seems to be happening is that the plane shows shadows being generated by the HDR illumination, which includes some color, however the Background object is not affected by the HDR so we see this mismatch. The color and brightness info in HDR spoils the way the texture gets lit on the plane (can't have shadows without light). I made some adjustments to your HDR material to compensate. File attached at the very bottom. Oddly enough, this works without a comp tag on the plane. :) Vizn_compositing_tag_Main.c4d
  9. Vizn

    Compositing tag

    Can we see a scene file?
  10. Vizn

    r20 setup

    I know that r20 has removed support for the C.O.F.F.E.E. script language, so those won't work anymore.
  11. Vizn

    Reflection problem?

    Try bringing the Exit Color to 80% white under Layer Sampling within the *Transparency* layer in the Reflectance channel of the tumbler glass. That should get you over this hurdle. And since you're dealing with mostly transparency, you might get better results using the Adaptive sampler which gives you access to the Shading Transparency Check, which is greyed out in Progressive mode.
  12. Vizn

    Bedroom Interior

    Final image: I adjusted the time of day to try to address @EAlexander's lighting comment. I think it's more natural now. Finished it all up with a little bloom, color tone, brightness/contrast, and window exposure in post. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to appreciate my effort. To those who also offered their criticisms and suggestions, you're the best! Cheers!
  13. If you prefer to replace the duplicate mats with one, just put the mat on a null which will keep the material live if the xref is unloaded. But why not just eliminate all the extra work by doing the mats last from a master?
  14. Vizn

    Fill boolean holes as an object

    Another thing about boole in C4D is that the object being cut must be a closed volume in order to keep the interior faces. See example. If closing your object isn't feasible, then you would need to run 'Current State to Object' on the boole to make an editable copy (while keeping the original in case you have to go back to it), then model the interior faces, which isn't very difficult.
  15. Vizn

    Stitch and Sew direction

    Of course rotating the cylinder is an option, unless it's not, like if it's part of a more complex object. Rest assured that I am not confused. I'm always interested in different ways of doing things and I like to fully understand any caveats, which informs whether I would use or not. The technique is useful. Thanks for sharing.