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  1. Vizn

    Think of New Features for C4D

    Ah, well how about that! I've only ever used the display color option for CAD splines to differentiate from geometry. Better than nothing at this point. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Vizn

    Mesh light in a cloner

    Not a Redshift user, however this also happens in Vray if 'Render Instances' is checked on the Cloner.
  3. Vizn

    modelling - joining shapes

    Agree that you could delete half and use symmetry. Or, align the points in Front view (see pic) on both ends, then bridge/stich/weld as desired.
  4. Vizn

    Think of New Features for C4D

    I would like the ability to color code the text of objects in the object manager, or perhaps change the background color of the row. The purpose would be for ease of scanning large lists of objects, as one gets with Arch Viz type scenes. Using the search/filter is fine, but I think something to make certain text stand out a bit more could make quick glances easier. Just a thought. :)
  5. Vizn

    Create new object location

    The the only other way I have found to effectively control where an object is created in 3D space is with another object selected, if you hold Alt/Option when you create a new object, it will be created at the selected object's axis point AND as a parent of the selected object. Useful when adding generators or deformers for specific objects not at 0,0,0. Adjust the hierarchy as needed. Note: deformers must be switched to child. You might also want to investigate the Transfer tool to enhance object PSR manipulation in your workflow.
  6. Vizn

    What's an "isoparm" ?

    Short for isoparametric curves, which are how NURBS surfaces are calculated between control vertices. It's all very math, but they are basically like B-Splines for surfaces.
  7. Vizn

    atlantis w.i.p

    Nice, I like the concept. Water still looks a bit flat/solid. Some sense of depth would be nice. Maybe some SSS? Not sure shadows would be so visible on the surface. At first I wasn't sure what the thing on the left is, but looking at the shadow position it is apparently an air vessel. Some reflection would help show that better. Keep going! :)
  8. Vizn

    Unwarp to Print

    Depends on the object. If you could post some screenshots, or renders, that would be helpful. Most objects that mimic packaging can be unwrapped nicely as packaging is always printed flat then folded together. More complex objects with lots of small edges or curved/round surfaces are more challenging and you would really want to start with this in mind in order to model for simplifying the unwrap from the beginning. If you are unfamiliar with unwrapping and advanced modeling you will almost always model it wrong for this purpose. But, please show us what you have for more specific answers.
  9. Nice to see you back! No worries, I'm sure you're just warming up! ;)
  10. If you place your primary object under a Null and reference that instead, you can throw any new object into the null then connect/delete and instances will stay correct.
  11. You're welcome. Glad I could help!
  12. Vizn

    Door preset

    A quick search revealed this: http://www.caleidos4d.it/plugin_win4doors.htm There might be others out there that are free. Search is your friend!
  13. Some things you could check: Are you using any specialized input device, like a 3D mouse, or pen tablet? Perhaps the drivers are out of date. Can you confirm that you are not using any special extensions? Or, if you do use them, what are they? Several extensions (e.g. Afloat, Amethyst) have focus-follow-mouse functions and perhaps they are out of date as well, or just don't play nice with Mojave or C4D or both. Are you running any virtual environments, like Parallels, etc? If so, check all the input device handling prefs.
  14. As a non-native user of Mac, and a user of C4D Studio on Mac since r16, I have never experienced the issue as described in the OP. I looked around in the Mac prefs and C4D prefs and there is nothing about automatic focus via mouse over/hover (at least in Mojave). A quick search revealed this: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/304649/how-do-i-turn-focus-follows-mouse-off So, perhaps you are using that Afloat extension? Or perhaps some other app/extension with similar function? Edit: I wonder if you are running MacOS in a virtual environment? And which version of MacOS?
  15. Vizn

    Glas isn't transparent

    To make a hollow object (this is referred to as a hull object, like a ship has a solid hull, but it's open inside), you need to use the 'Union' type on the boole. A without B basically says "render A without B" which is the same as B not being there at all and just rendering A alone.