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  1. Select the object in the Object Manager and press S. The orbit issue is because the object's axis is far away from the actual object. With camera navigation set to Object, it uses the axis point. SketchUp, when exporting certain formats, places the axis of all objects at 0,0. To fix this issue, select all of the objects and run the Center Axis To command.
  2. https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov//vis/a000000/a003500/a003572/ edit: previous link with updated imagery - https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/details.cgi?aid=3895
  3. Scaling Edges Percentually

    Re: scaling... I was going to suggest the same thing as Cerbera, except that it is possible to simply enter *.926 after the number in the size field... * being the multiply symbol on standard keyboard number pad. However, perhaps I'm not grasping the importance of having to scale, because if you know the precise size you need it to be, why not just type in that number? Also, are you by chance recreating an existing logo that could be put in the background to trace?
  4. How to create Specular material in R18

    Help menu --> Show help.. --> Search for 'specular' and 'refraction'
  5. Is there a workaround for Boole?

    I am generally in agreement with Cerbera about booles, but I am not afraid of using them when it will save tons of time, which it will here! Especially if all you're doing is rotating this thing around. Not surprising the boole slows your view down when you make it with all the extrudes, connects, and deformers intact! To keep the viewport smooth(er) and to control the nasty ngons the boole will create from your text, you will have to disable the bevel and then make 'current state to object'. On the editable trophy, make loop cuts around it to create quads where each line of text and logo is. Make all of the text/logo splines into one object/spline and extrude. Experiment with the text 'intermediate points' angle to simplify the splines without losing their shape (e.g. 15-20), as this determines how complicated the boole ngons will be, and thusly how much memory it uses. Do 'current state to object' again on the text. Now make the boole with the collapsed text and editable trophy, which should keep your viewport from bogging down. If you did it right, the text will boole only the faces that are being intersected. This helps keep those nasty ngons from reaching the edge or corner points, which will allow you to chamfer the trophy edges with no problem. Granted, it ain't pretty. So click 'hide new edges' on the boole attributes (also known as the 'denial' checkbox) and get on with your life!
  6. That's not how spline wrap works, to my knowledge. Your options are displacement, boole, or modeling. Creating the pattern in splines isn't going to help you because of the organic tubular nature of your object. I recommend displacement if you need the pattern to extrude out. Create the pattern in vector and export it at 4K. Displacement looks best with high-res textures. If the pattern is meant to be holes through the object, then modeling is your best bet. Booles on tube/cylindrical objects are horrendous.
  7. Camera viewports all mixed up

    Very strange, but I have a file that is suddenly suffering from this problem. Setting the camera in the menu doesn't help. The camera selected and the viewport label match, but what is displayed is incorrect. So, in my Top viewport, it's set to Top and the label says Top, but the display is showing the model from the left. If you look at the screenshot, all of the orthographic views are messed up. Is there a way to reset the default camera, or a way to manually adjust it? It's as if the entire scene was rotated at once somehow. Is that possible with a shortcut?
  8. Reflection In After Effects

    I think you've got this backwards. Reflections are normally calculated in C4D, not AE. So you would put your footage of actor into C4D on a luminance material for it to reflect on the barrel. Render multi-passes if you need/want separate layers for compositing in AE.
  9. Can you share the model so we can check it?
  10. Need help with Bend tool

    Rotate it +90° and click 'Fit to Parent' after, then adjust.
  11. Flatten all balls

    Trying to fill the gaps left over from your other post?
  12. Weak integrated graphics is probably the culprit. Not sure what version of OpenGL R16 requires, but your graphics chip only supports up to version 3.0. Latest releases of C4D require 4.0 capable graphics.
  13. Separating a Height map

    On the Displacer, go to the Shading tab, click on the bitmap you have loaded, and look for Black Point and White Point settings.
  14. Geometry not align?

    Could be duplicate geometry. Did you run an 'optimize'? Sometimes optimizing will take care of it, but other times it will just make more of a mess.
  15. Vray render - suggestions

    I know this an old post, but if you are still having the issue, can you share the file? I will take a look.