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  1. Texture Manager Empty

    @spiralstair Thanks for confirming it's not just me!
  2. Hey Cafe, So, I had a few missing textures that I did not have a replacement for, so in the texture manager I selected the missing textures and chose 'Clear Textures' from the Edit menu. I thought it would just clear the selected, and at the time that's exactly what it did. However, after closing the texture manager and opening it again, all of the textures are gone; there's nothing there, it's empty. All of my materials remain with their proper linked texture files, which render fine. Just wondering if this is a known issue? And is there a way to re-populate the tex manager? It doesn't seem to be a problem while rendering, so it's not a big deal, but it's just odd and somewhat confusing to encounter. I do use VRay, so it could be related to that since the texture management for VRay in C4D is ATTROCIOUS.
  3. Snapping to crossed edges

    Edge snap should work there as well. User error, me thinks.
  4. And stretched polys can cause problems when unwrapping UVs. A little stretch can be okay depending on the texture in that area, but overall you want to lean more towards uniformity in poly distribution.
  5. Would an elongated cone object with solid luminance, but with a gradient in the alpha instead work to allow the glow to falloff?
  6. Lighting logos

    I played around with this a little and think the main light is prob a spot. Also needed some 'far clip' as falloff doesn't get you all the way there. Here is my attempt and the file. I adjusted the material specular some too, but I didn't mess with the bottom highlight, so you can keep going with it. nintendo-logo-vizn.c4d
  7. Lighting logos

    Your omnis need falloff. Without falloff, they act like the sun (infinite light), which one should expect to light everything evenly and having harsh shadows.
  8. Ahh.. of course, you are correct, sir. I could swear I tried with the move tool, but apparently not! This is a huge time saver since before I would edit the axis of my point/edge/poly selection instead. The problem with that is it's very common to forget to turn it off, so always having to undo a step.
  9. This has been an annoying multi-step process for me as well, until now! Thx guys. Edit: After trying this out, it works great in object mode, but doesn't seem to work in point mode. Any chance there is a similar shortcut for point/edge/poly modes?
  10. Tool to check render settings

    A tool like that might be useful, but why not just create render setting presets that you can switch between at will? I mainly do still renderings, so I typically have 2 settings: one for reduced quality previewing and the other for high-res 'final' rendering. So, for an animation, you might have 3: one setting for 'Current Frame Preview' and another for 'Range Preview' and the last for 'All Frames Final'. Of course, you can have as many as you need for your specific purposes and you will have to get used to remembering to switch it. With this method, you can minimize the need to remember which boxes to check off and on.
  11. Viewport problem

    Not exactly sure what the cause is, but this seems like something I run into some times. I just re-center the camera to the object (press S) to get it back to normal.
  12. How to open OBJ with MTL

    I've had limited success with the attached script, but when it works, it works. Parse_MTL.py
  13. HDRI Haven is free now...

  14. Performance issues

    Maybe this is an indication of where the issue lies? http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Iris-Pro-580-Mobile-Skylake-vs-Intel-HD-630-Desktop-Kaby-Lake/m132950vsm178724 It's known that the viewport relies on single-thread performance, but that generators and deformers etc are handled by the cpu. The link suggests that the older Iris Pro architecture is much better at particle and simulation calculations.
  15. Generator nulls

    As far as I know..