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  1. I think those are General - Edge - White I don't know of any diagram. I just play with the sliders to see what changes.
  2. Nothing out of the ordinary in the scene you shared to me privately. I was seeing render speed of ~22 seconds per frame on a 2017 iMac Pro, which would be ~28.6 hours for all frames. First, have you updated R20 to the latest, R20.059? Your profile shows R20.026. Can you open the version with no textures on the Mac Pro without freezing? If so, it might be the textures causing the freeze. All textures are loaded into memory when a file is opened, so check if there are several large Photoshop textures being used, or 4K/8K textures saved as PNG, for example. Other than this, I don't know why it would freeze. I would recommend outsourcing to a render farm. The main reason being that I don't think VRay 3.7 will work with Teamrender the way you want since I believe it only comes with 1 standalone node.
  3. Yeah, still pretty difficult to figure out the rendering issues without any idea how the scene is composed (lights, materials, environment, etc). The settings you shared don't look out of whack on their own, but again, the scene composition would inform this a lot more. The AA (primary) sampler is for figuring out the shapes (edges) and visual details (textures/maps, DOF, motion blur), while the DMC sampler is for solving secondary characteristics (lights, soft shadows, gi) and materiality (reflection/refraction). This is a good tutorial on optimizing a VRay scene that goes in depth about the samplers. It's old, but the concepts are still relevant: https://www.cggallery.com/tutorials/vray_optimization/
  4. Yeah, but can it run Crysis?
  5. Can you share the render settings via screenshots? And maybe an example of what the scene is composed of?
  6. It's tough to say what the problem could be. There's no telling what settings have been tweaked by the original artist. You can try creating a new render setting to get VRay to its default state. The default settings are supposed to be adequate for most situations, for whatever that is worth in this case. See what that does for you first. Then compare to the original settings to help narrow down the differences to suss out the culprit. That said, it may not be a render settings issue. It could also be how the materials and lighting are set up, and/or how the scene is built. Is this an animation or still rendering?
  7. Try this: Place a Display tag on the top-most null and set it to Wireframe and all children will be wireframe. Now, place a Display tag on any or all child objects, but keep it turned off. Now, when you select a child object, it will display as solid, or whatever viewport mode you're using. Not sure if this is an intended usage, since it's not at all intuitive to place a Display tag on something without turning it on and expect this result.
  8. Oops! Sorry I missed that part of your post. I haven't had my coffee yet. In this case, it might be easier to select the cars you want to keep red, or whatever, and copy those to a new file, then delete them from the first file. Do the material manager replacement trick, then copy back the ones from the second file.
  9. You can select the material you want to replace, then either right-click it or go to the Function menu and choose "Select Texture Tags/Objects" This selects every object and tag with that material. In the Attributes panel, you will see the Tag Properties. Drag and drop the new material you want into the 'Material' slot to update all at once.
  10. Vizn

    Cafe 2.0

    There is a duplicate forum in the 3rd Party Renderers section. You could rename it VRAY FOR C4D. ;)
  11. Is the problem client on a different subnet? Can you ping it successfully from your machine? Can you ping your machine from it? Does your machine verify on the problem client?
  12. Vizn


    @Hrvoje I don't get crypto. What's the big deal? Doesn't regular money work fine? I will do some research, but I'm interested in what the attraction is for you personally.
  13. The material has Transparency turned on for some reason (turn it off), and the light is set to 0 intensity (set it higher).
  14. "What Lives Behind The Baseboards" ...a children's tale.

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