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About Me

Began my 3D journey with the 'Hammer' editor, made by id Software (c. 1992), which was later picked up and optimized by Valve for Half-Life.

At the same time, my first career blossomed out of traditional photographic film processing, printing, and retouching by hand (brushes & ink!), which was all on the cusp of going digital. Working in Berkeley, CA - I scanned tens of thousands of Lucasfilm slides from on-set, behind the scenes, costumery, props, matte paintings, and concept art photography to the burgeoning archival technology that was PhotoCD (RIP). Continued from there into digital image retouching/manipulation (Photoshop 2.5!), desktop publishing (QuarkXPress) and large format inkjet printing (Illustrator, Freehand, CoralDraw).

Got bored with digital imaging and jumped into computer networking (c. 1999) earning the title of Cisco Certified Network Associate. However, if you know anything about the dot com bubble in Silicon Valley at that time it isn't difficult to figure out how that gig worked out! 

Pivoted towards my 3D hobby and turned Game Art & Design student (c. 2002), then turned Architectural Visualizer (c. 2005) to present.




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