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  1. Optimizations
    Troubleshooting a windows crash fault
    Dear hive mind -
    I'd be grateful for some feedback on a regular crash issue I have experienced for 12 months, during which time I've made many tests and changes. I'm going into production mode currently and would like to make the machine more reliable.
    i purchased a refurbished HP z620 from a reputable dealer. The first machine was causing crashing and also getting very hot so the company replaced the machine and the crash issue remains.
    the computer has 2 x e5-2680 v1 processors, windows 10 professional 64 bit, 2 x 1TB barracuda drives set to raid 1 (mirror). It has a fairly low end nvidia graphics card. And initially it came with 32gb RAM.
    the crashes happen when I use vray for c4d (I only use vray so it may also happen in c4d AR.)
    MAXON say its a vray issue, vray say MAXON always says this.
    the crashes come when I set up a render queue and leave it to render. Typically the computer will run for an hour or so and then c4d will crash. 
    I am running vray 3.5, although previously ran 1.9 and 3.4 with exact same problem.
    my hunch has been that I don't have enough RAM. Although initially I chose 32 to match my iMac which has i7 quad core 4ghz which has never crashed during render.
    now, I hadn't intially taken into account that the 32GB RAM would be split between processors - which I believe (but could be wrong) equates to 16gb ram per chip.?? Vray reccomend 32gb
    so my hunch has been to up the RAM, but before I do I want to check that there is nothing else in the system to check?
    i have tried bringing in sticks from another older computer which bring the total to 48GB RAM - however the problem still persists and my question is whether I should simply spec it to 64 or go for the full 96 (which would be a big financial push).
    my apprehension is based on the iMac being able to render with 32gb and I don't understand why the pc would need more?
    is it possible this is a write issue? (I changed the drives to mirror to try and increase write speed)
    a few other details, I'm running R17 (latest update??), the pc is not online and has only c4d and max installed on it.
    the current scene files I am rendering are fairly large (450MB c4d - with 1.5GB texture files). The machine has crashed on most scenes I have put through it, except for one low poly scene (approx 65mb with 50mb textures)
    any comments would be very useful - shouldni dig deep and buy 96 or is 64 enough?
    many thanks



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