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  1. http://c4dlist.com/2013/05/tp-playground-tendril-with-scenefile/
  2. very cool, can you share your setups.???
  3. search for Vinema4D, the successor to Ivy grower
  4. Or you can use SR 3D Builder (the greatest 3d LEGO build software on the planet).. export your blocks to LWO (light wave objects), and import into c4D, See attached scene file V8_Engine34_setup4.rar
  5. borg


    how do i set it up?
  6. Here's a piston and crankshaft setup using motor, connectors and sliders.. V8_Engine34_setup5.zip
  7. Here's two xpresso setups for creating screws and the likes. https://olivervogel.com/work/view/9 http://www.fuchsundvogel.de/blog/2015-02-17-screw-generator hope this helps... Their both free :)
  8. That's an ease in- ease out spline on there. select it and set it to LINEAR. that way your rotation will be smooth.. kind regards,
  9. Not my screenshot... that was Kanadahoo's screenshot.. Thanks for not kicking me.. just felt i had to react here.. namaste.. Kind regards
  10. Running a crack ???? How did you get that info.... and why schould anybody be using a cracked version ??? Maybee because the price of C4D has gone up astronomically. So i don't really blame people for doing that. not everyone can caugh up 3000 euro's ( i sure can't) Cannot believe the greed of big companies today. and if you want some help from MAXON, hey... good luck.... Sticking to my old outdated R14 version.. NO way i'll upgrade (not with those prices.!!! and lack of support) learning blender on the side also.. (that's free) I think that MAXON will be a thing of the past when they keep this up..
  11. Good one. I would like to know that to :) I don't think it's possible, without first converting that xpresso setup somehow to python. If your xpresso just does calculations, this schould be fairly easy to do. If on the other hand your script uses a lot of different nodes, than that could pose a problem. I could be wrong though. Some of the Guru's here will know for sure..
  12. I'm sure there are a couple of ways to get this done. Maybe this little setup can help you out. It's a little flight simulator. Press the 'CONTROL PLANE" null to acces the userdata sliders. hit 'PLAY' and fly off into the sun.. enjoy. Kind regards airplane_0001.zip
  13. the sound in the movie was probably filtered before it went through the grafix pipeline, or during this time, to give these waves this nice visual effect. the real waves these sounds would produce look a lot different...( if you looked through an oscilloscope and view the whole spectrum). So you filter out certain sections of the whole spectrum to make this section control your objects, maybe you can slow down this response by averaging some samples over time, and use this value? Kind regards.
  14. Here'.. found something that might help.. waveform-rig.zip
  15. i'll look into it and let you know...



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