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  1. Lightning in C4D.

    i'll look into it and let you know...
  2. Ok this one's not working for me. That could be ofcourse my R14 version . My script resets on frame 0.. working here on R14.
  3. I think it was written with python. Here's a python script that does the same trick.. unlocked, so you can see, addon or change the script. Get_System_time_day.c4d
  4. Found this ancient file made by BASE80 & Rui Mac, hope this will help you. kind regards PS using R14 here.. so don't know if this will work on newer versions.. Time_Date_Text_Xpresso.c4d
  5. Lightning in C4D.

    just found another one.. check it out here: https://github.com/CreativeTools/ct-lightning-generator
  6. Works fine here, I'm on R14 though, so don't know if this has something to do with it.? Ran it twice through all the frames, no jittering at all, doesn't diconnect, nice setup. Added some turbulence, and copied the whole thing a few times. runs fine. (file attached) Thank you. air freshner horope post_0002.zip
  7. Achieving this broken ground result

    Break it, put all pieces inside a fracture object (or use the voronoi fracture) add a plain effector with linear faloff and set scale to uniform -0.1. see attached file brokenfloor.c4d
  8. Sorry bout the SUCK part,(edited my previous post) this is of course my personal opinion, and in no way a fact. I actually like houdini's and Nuke's node systems also. You're right in that they all have their pro's and con's and it's just a matter of what works for you and your workflow.. peace..
  9. I do not agree.. c4d xpresso-nodes can have as many inputs and outputs as YOU like.or need.. So i think other softwares actually SUCK, showing all ports just means this is what you get, and that's All you get.. C4D nodes are way better.. I do not think that there's a max number of input or output ports here..
  10. coffee to Python

    Cool. Thanks again..
  11. coffee to Python

    Thanks guys.. This is PURE GOLD to me.... :)
  12. coffee to Python

    Great, thank you very much. Niklas and Pim i already know...will sure check out the others..
  13. coffee to Python

    wow, very cool.. keep m coming cause, these snippets, i think you cannot have enough of them... thanks mate.