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  1. The End of C.O.F.F.E.E.

    well. that just SUCKS...crazy germans . Where's your deutsche gruendlichkeit now ??
  2. Radial Engine

    Here's an oldie.. no cloner needed, just a bit of xpresso.. works like a charm. enjoy 7_Star_Engine.c4d
  3. My chess board

    Here's my chessboard..
  4. STL/OBJ to C4D

    Thanks for the tip. I'll be looking into this one.
  5. Cool... if you press Schift+C and enter 'chess' you get to play with the build in chess computer inside cinema 4D.. Did not know this... very cool
  6. Animate a tracked vehicle

    Here's another one... 2 tracks following a spline.. enjoy tank_0001.c4d
  7. Rigging a V8 engine

    this can also be done with hinges and sliders. see attached file. enjoy V8_Engine34_setup4.zip
  8. new plugin - nEOn

    links to product selling are not allowed..
  9. Spritz 3.0

    links to product selling sites are not allowed...
  10. makehuman ROCKS. I've been using this some time now. very handy. export your model with a choice of different skeletons. Highly customizable humans FREEEE
  11. I think it's called the 'visual selector' inside cinema 4D (character tag). In here you can add your sliders etc to control your rig.
  12. Free models of humans

    Freeware 3d character (humans) builder. http://www.makehuman.org/ kind regards,
  13. STL/OBJ to C4D

    I'll check it out and let you know... Kind regards. ok. Maybe you can try this.. When you save the file (from Solidworks) , in the STL options, turn off 'save all components of an assy in a single file" I think you can also select the components inside solidworks and save the selected ones as 1 STL file.. Hope this helps you a little further.. Kind regards.
  14. I think you must also have quicktime installed to use png's in C4D.. could be i am mistakin though..
  15. Unwanted Shadows Upon Render

    I think it's somewhere in the way your car leaves the track behind on the ground.. . Indeed upload a scenefile, so we can check things out...