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  1. You're welcome..
  2. Hi, You could use an AIM constraint.. (see attached scene file) right click your plane and select character tags - constraint. in this tag check AIM, then drag your camera into the 'target' slot Kind regards, Aim-Constraint_01.c4d
  3. Indeed, you could make the balls inside counter- rotate against the cloth. (see attached scene file) Collision deformer would be the better way to go.. depends on what you shooting for.. good luck. Counter_Rotation_Cloth.c4d Collision_deform_Cloth.c4d
  4. I think solid-works can export your models as a STEP or STL file..don't know which one of those we used anymore, so you'll have to try a couple ones.. and skip Rhino I got good results importing those SolidWorks exports directly into C4D. attached file is an example Solidworks_C4d_STL_02.rar
  5. Hi , count me in too.. Been using C4d since R8.5, so general knowledge is there ,but i find you can always learn new stuff from others.. so great idea, specially the python effector schizzle.. kind regards.
  6. I also once got the models from a client, and he used okino trans..!! no quads though, only triangle d meshes.. but i could use them fine in C4D CAD/CAM and C4D (and the likes) use 3D space totally different.(2 different worlds really.. the quantifiable/logic and the artistic..) if you can code a converter to combine these 2 worlds flawlessly, you'll be sitting on gold.. lot's of 3d converters out there, but up until now, modeling it yourself i found indeed to be the best way to go.. Happy modeling & kind regards,
  7. You have to go into the multi shader, and in stead of using 5 different simple colors. use 5 different 'layer' shaders. You can go in all these separately, and add color, logo etc.. file attached. Badges_5_colors_Logo.c4d
  8. MMMmm .. good one.. maybee with a proximal shader.. have to get back to you for this one...
  9. Here's a new file indeed with the damping ramped up. They only intersect at frame 0. after that they don't .. Badges_5_colors.c4d
  10. Here you go, quick and dirty. just replace my badges with yours.. there's a multi shader in place with 5 different colors. Badges_5_colors.c4d
  11. ok that's different... maybee you can use mograph and sketch and toon todo something like this. again good luck. Love to see what you make of it...
  12. Something like this maybee?? using thinking particles.. xpresso is heavily remarked, so you can grasp what's giong on there... good luck tp_mitosis2.c4d
  13. Found this, hope it helps.. although its from 2010. included a scenefile for R14. NewtonsCradle_Setup.pdf NewtonsCradle_R14.c4d
  14. check here..
  15. here you go..