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  1. You'd be surprised how many times just starting a new project and copying the objects in it would solve issues.. I just manually chose them with the loop selection and dissolved them. as Cerbera says, If you used a generator to model the fabric. It's always better to have a backup of your original generator as it can help in cases like that instead of going manually and removing them.1
  2. Your setup looks fine to me. nothing wrong with it. I barely just copied the models to a new file and decreased the segments a bit on the cloth mesh and added the tags again and it worked. CHARLOTTE03.c4d
  3. There's "Pixel Motion Blur" effect in AE. I personally use RSMB though, it's faster but It's not free.
  4. Never add motion blur in CINEMA 4D. Just export a "Motion Vector" pass and add it in post. Gives you much more control. I don't know if it's a bug or not though. Never really used CINEMA 4D built-in Motion Blur.
  5. I haven't noticed it too before. You'd really need to have a lot of modifiers/generators in there to see the issue. Anyway, Let's hope MAXON got it fixed in R18.
  6. Interesting. I'm running 17.048 and the issue is there. so this is even older than the latest SP3 patch. There's two mentions of fixing something solo related in the older patches. Fixed an issue with solo and new objects. Fixed an issue with Solo and Subdivision Surface. Looks like MAXON screwed up something with these fixes.
  7. I've tried it out right now. You're absolutely right. It looks like R17 re-calculates every modifier/generator every-time you solo or unsolo an object. I made a quick scene with a cube subdivided with a Subdivision Surface to level 6 and made 400+ copies of it. Soloing anyone of them on R17 takes a good 5 or more seconds while R16 is instantaneous. This is actually quite interesting. Well, I hope that it's a bug too and they got it fixed in R18. testsolo.zip
  8. I've no clue what could cause that. It could be the Physical Renderer. Try rendering using the Standard Renderer and lemme know if that fixes it or not. Ahmed
  9. hmm, that's weird. Does it only happen on this specific project or Is R17 in general laggy on your setup ?
  10. Try copying the whole project into a new clean file. That sometimes helps. Ahmed
  11. You got a nice collection of tutorials. Good Job. I've merged all the different topics containing the tutorials together to a one Megathread. Please post all the new tutorials here in this thread just to avoid flooding the forums since you're doing quite a lot of 'em. Ahmed
  12. Here you go. Ahmed fillet_variation.zip
  13. You can just have a couple of cubes sitting as a parent to the cloner with different fillet radius with the cloning mode of the cloner set to Random. Ahmed
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