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  1. No material node system in R19 folks. My guess is it will come when the big core upgrade comes.
  2. It won't be R19. Just expect a token gesture with a couple of very minimal UV tool enhancements.
  3. Try using a FFD deformer like in the attached scene. This gives you a lot more control. FFD.c4d
  4. Something like this maybe? Clouds.c4d
  5. Not available for Modo.
  6. Re Modo. NLA - no. X-Particles - no but it does have a particle system that's similar to Thinking Particles but easier to set up and use. TFD - what's that? If animation is what you're into then Modo isn't what you're looking for although basic animation is just as good as anything else. It's great for modelling and UVing. Re R19. If GPU rendering is what you've been waiting for then you'll love R19. If it's not and you were waiting for more modelling or UV tool enhancements then you're going to be disappointed. Expect AMD Prorender, some modest MoGraph enhancements, updated importers / exporters, very minor UV tool enhancements, handful of other minor enhancements. There will be some under the hood stuff but nothing to get excited about.
  7. I would expect to see a some modest MoGraph enhancements in R19 e.g. one or two current effectors enhanced.
  8. You can buy an 1Tb external harddisk here in NZ for under a $100 from the Warehouse and others. No excuse not to have enough storage space these days. I bought a 3TB one and have backups of my SSD and internal harddisk.
  9. No chance. MAXON didn't even tell their Beta Testers what the roadmap was so there's zero chance that the public would be told. I actually agree with that policy. Software development has a habit of taking longer than originally planned. They have however said that they are working on Bodypaint and a new core. Don't expect any performance enhancements in R19 apart from GPU rendering via AMD Prorender and maybe some LOD viewport stuff.
  10. Ironically Team Render was shoehorned in way before it was ready for prime time. I think the issue is value for money for what you're paying annually. MAXON charges a hefty price for the Studio MSA. Now if it was say half the price I doubt anyone would have much to complain about. However at US $650 per year many expect more. Perhaps when you see what's in R19 or more accurately what isn't you might be a bit more critical of them. Fun times ahead anyway.
  11. Try enabling sub polygon displacement. Displacement requires that the mesh be highly sub-divided to work. So you either manually modify the mesh to have it much more divided or use sub polygon displacement which subdivides it on the fly at render time. Hope this helps.
  12. Modo is a lot more stable now. My guess is updated UV tools are 1 year away at best case scenario. Don't expect much in R19 apart from a token gesture minor enhancement that they are working on the UV tools. Updated UV tools could likely be tied into the new core so you won't get one without the other.
  13. You're assuming MAXON only started the core rewrite after R16 or thereabouts. In fact I think they've been working on the new core for the last 5-8 years. My prediction: R19 will be a huge disappointment and people will have to wait yet another year for performance enhancements / UV tool enhancements. I also predict that Studio owners paying the annual US $650 for the MSA might be asking why they are paying so much more when the Prime version includes 90% of the new R19 stuff but at only US $250 for the MSA. Look out for MAXON making a big deal of the inclusion of the AMD Prorenderer in R19 that's already been announced. This will be the major enhancement for R19. Then of course there will be the usual swag of minor enhancements. BTW I haven't upgraded to Modo 11.0. Nothing much in that for me. I'll wait until 11.1 and see what that brings.
  14. The V hotkey popup menu can be customized. I did a tutorial a few years ago on how to do it but I deleted it more recently. Pretty easy to do via the menu manager.
  15. Oh wow. Brilliant plugin back in its day. Great to see it's been brought back to life :)