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  1. Maybe add in a vibrate tag. You may need to experiment as to what object this is applied to.
  2. Easily done with XPresso and constraints.
  3. The shading Error Threshold set to 1% whilst giving really crisp renders will slow things down big time. I never went lower than 5% and you can often get away with 10%. The setting I gather is essentially the quality. The lower the number the higher the quality but at the expense of render time. Also try using Automatic sampling quality. 3DFluff have an excellent (paid) tutorial on speeding up renders.
  4. Modelling and UV editing workflow is mostly superior to C4D. Communication from The Foundry a quantam leap better than what MAXON does.
  5. If you're on a phone and browsing the cafe with a web browser the cafe's forum software should detect that you're on a mobile device and give you the mobile view. It functions pretty much the same way a dedicated app would work. I've just tested now on my phone and things seem to working as expected.
  6. Modo has a pretty good community, comparable to the C4D community. Actually I think Blender is a dark horse. A fixed up interface and a few modelling enhancements and I could easily use it. I could easily end up there in the future.
  7. Hi. Re comeback. That all depends on Maxon and The Foundry. I use whatever 3D software that I think meets my 3D needs. Currently that's Modo. The last 2 releases of Modo were pretty good so I'm happy to stick with it. Now if Maxon completely replaces Bodypaint with a complete rewrite, makes C4D a lot quicker, Nodal workflow for materials and some modelling enhancements I would have to give serious thought to coming back. Sadly for Cinema 4D users I doubt that R19 is going to be the big and long overdue major upgrade that many want. Modo equally needs some serious work under the hood as it's pretty slow with lots of objects and slow at deforming objects.
  8. Don't think I saw anyone mention the following. From my days as a Beta tester I recall that the amount of polygons that you can sculpt on in C4D is largely determined by the amount of GPU memory that you have as it's heavily reliant on the GPU.
  9. Probably best that you attach an image showing us what the problem is you're having.
  10. Thanks but not really what I would call a review, more of a summary of a couple of new features. I miss my epic reviews of the new C4D versions but that's another story.
  11. Looks crap on my laptop as well. On the tablet the text is squashed a lot more.
  12. Guys you need to look at the sidebar ads when viewing unread content. It's bad enough on a regular screen but on a tablet the text is wrapped over multiple lines and looks terrible. Ironically if I rotate the screen of my tablet then the sidebar ads are shunted off to the bottom and I don't see them unless I particularly want to scroll down and view multiple ads.
  13. Just make the Boole object editable. You'll then have a clean mesh object that you can model further.
  14. There's a number of ways to go about this, some with pure modelling however if you just want to get there fast then the attached scene showing how I used a Boolean is the quickest way. I just copied the outside cube, made it smaller then extruded the 6 faces, plonk both objects under a Boolean, done. The mesh is just as clean as by pure modelling of one cube. Hope this helps. Cube.zip
  15. Rectangle spline under an Extrude object. Just apply some rounding to the corners via the options. Re image on cyclinder. The fast way is to apply a material with flat / planar mapping to a polygon selection set of the cap polygons.