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  1. No one wants speed improvements? Part of the reason for the core rewrite was to make C4D handle more complex scenes and be a lot quicker. As far as I know you're all still waiting. So for me, not that it really matters since I no longer use C4D my top 5 would be: Faster / handle more objects Bodypaint / UV tools replaced. Unbelieveable that the UV tools still haven't been replaced Modelling tool enhancements e.g. proper symmetry modelling, Bridge tool enhancements, modelling fall offs. Thinking Particles replaced. Alternatively admit defeat and remove TP and make X-Particles the default particle system. Do some sort of deal where users can buy X-Particles at a reduced price Lower the price of monthly subscriptions. Given the world we currently find ourselves in with Covid-19 things are going to be tough financially for a few years. Unless the price comes down those charging hefty subscriptions could struggle. Blender is starting to look mighty attractive at the moment.
  2. Yeah I stocked up the beer fridge a week ago in case I had to go into a 14 day self quarantine. Didn't want to run out From midnight tonight all people entering New Zealand except a few close by Pacific Island are required to self quarantine for 14 days. Cruise ships are banned. Certainly some interesting times ahead. Stay safe everyone and wash your hands, a lot.
  3. Cinema 4D allows you to have multiple UV's. Just matter of having multiple UV tags. Things work left to right so UV tag 1 followed by materials that use UV tag 1. Then UV tag 2 followed by materials that you want to use UV tag 2. Hope this helps.
  4. In Windows settings check your power settings and what happens to the display / monitors. I never put my my computer into sleep mode. It boots up in a matter of seconds so isn't an issue.
  5. Have fun guys. So glad I don't have to do this behind the scenes work anymore
  6. 3DKiwi


  7. I wonder how the merger is going to work. MAXON is based in Germany and Red Giant has the Head Quarters in the USA.
  8. Just pay a couple of bucks for Stardock's excellent Start 10 app. https://www.stardock.com/products/start10/ This makes Windows 10 look and behave like Windows 7/8. One advantage of running Windows 10 is you don't need a paid 3rd party anti-virus app. The built in anti-virus is quite capable (according to reviews).
  9. If that happens these 62 pages containing some fairly robust discussion will seem fairly tame to what's coming.
  10. It's one of my tutorials. I have removed all of my tutorials from the Internet. Sorry.
  11. Just to add, I have removed all of my Cinema 4D tutorials from the Internet.
  12. I agree with Mash. My suggestion would be to have free tutorials on your YouTube channel then a few low priced tutorials available for sale on Gumroad.
  13. Sorry I should have mentioned what Cerbera said. I just answered the bit about how to add points.
  14. There are several ways to add a point: Knife tool and just slice across the spline In vertex mode right click and select "Add point". Click on the the spline to add a point You can also right click and select "Subdivide" to add a point to each section Hope this helps.
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