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  1. Make sure to enable the "Render Instance" option on the cloner. This should speed up performance.
  2. 3DKiwi

    Lego Plug-in

    My suggestion is to use the free online Mecabricks Lego editor https://www.mecabricks.com/en/ you then export in obj format to your 3D app. Also a Blender exporter available as well that generates realistic materials in Blender for the imported model. Can also add edges bevels as well.
  3. Personally I would much rather use the latest Blender version than Cinema 4D SE5.
  4. Although I don't post much these days I check in several times a week. Yeah I watched the Neutron preview and it looks awesome. Had MAXON released this while I was still using C4D I would likely still be here. In my opinion Neutron is a lot further along in development than what they may have hinted at. They've been working on it for many years. They were certainly working on it when I was a Beta tester but we were never shown anything. Hope you are all doing well. Life is good here in New Zealand with no Covid-19 and the only cases being people caught at the border. New Zealander's retur
  5. Personally I think the render engine and graphics card are the least of your worries. Putting together the scene i.e. modelling, animating and lighting are your biggest issues. BTW I get stellar performance with my nVidia RTX2070 GPU. Great for GPU rendering.
  6. Select the boundary edges making up the outer shape of the logo and run an "Edge to spline" command. The command is found on the Mesh > Commands menu.
  7. Not that I'm aware of. To be honest if you're wanting your models to be accurate just getting the lengths of elements correct is pretty much all you need to do. If you want to change the length of an edge say, that isn't aligned to the 3 world axes then you can temporarily align the workplane to the edge. You can then type in the correct length in the Attributes Manager to correct it.
  8. I always found measure and construction tool rather clunky to use and didn't bother using it. As far as I know it never received any further development.
  9. Here's a tutorial that some joker made a few years ago. This may help.
  10. Yes you can. Here's an example where I measured the angle on a cube. I then typed in 105° to change the angle. I could also have changed the length of the edge by entering a new amount. Hope this helps.
  11. Sounds like the guy using Modo needs to watch some tutorials and learn how to use Modo properly. I would suggest watching tutorials by Richard Yot. I use the procedural modelling tools in Modo all the time. They're great. Re Bugs. The latest versions are far less buggy than older versions. Not really an issue now. There's a few bugs in the current 14.0 version. An update will be out soon that addresses most of the bugs.
  12. Glad I jumped ship when I did. I would expect to get S22 if I had an active MSA. There doesn't seem to be a lot of goodwill extended to existing and longtime users. Out of interest I looked at how much it would cost me to get back into Cinema 4D on a subscription plan. From the Australian Adimex site that covers my region for an annual subscription plan price is 737 Euros or $798 US. Modo's annual subscription plan is $629 US. They also still sell perpetual licences which is what I have. I pay $419 US per year for the maintenance plan that gives me all updates. That's recently gone up f
  13. No one wants speed improvements? Part of the reason for the core rewrite was to make C4D handle more complex scenes and be a lot quicker. As far as I know you're all still waiting. So for me, not that it really matters since I no longer use C4D my top 5 would be: Faster / handle more objects Bodypaint / UV tools replaced. Unbelieveable that the UV tools still haven't been replaced Modelling tool enhancements e.g. proper symmetry modelling, Bridge tool enhancements, modelling fall offs. Thinking Particles replaced. Alternatively admit defeat and remove TP and make X-P
  14. Yeah I stocked up the beer fridge a week ago in case I had to go into a 14 day self quarantine. Didn't want to run out From midnight tonight all people entering New Zealand except a few close by Pacific Island are required to self quarantine for 14 days. Cruise ships are banned. Certainly some interesting times ahead. Stay safe everyone and wash your hands, a lot.


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