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  1. Modelling

    This is the sort of thing that's best done in a CAD modeller or Nurbs modeller. That said Modo's Mesh Fusion could also do it. Modelling it Sub D while possible would take a very high skill level.
  2. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Thanks Isleofgough. See, I'm as equally critical of Modo as I am of Cinema 4D. What irked me was The Foundry saying "Best in class...". Some tools are but the ones you use most are not. However they have said in a video podcast that more improvements to the Bevel tool will come in time.
  3. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Much improved. The procedural modelling in Modo is a game changer. In C4D you can for example apply a non destructive edge bevel with the bevel deformer. Imagine if half the modelling operations / tools could be applied non destructively. That's what you get with Modo's procedural modelling. On top of that is Mesh Fusion, live booleans with edge filleting.
  4. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I haven't tried Modo's particles. They appear to be a an easier system to use the Thinking Particles but behind X-Particles. Some of the clicking in Modo can be done away with by customizing the tools so that they work in a similar fashion to C4D e.g. auto activate rather than having to click first in the viewport. Where it shines is polygon modelling. Wherever possible I use procedural modelling. This allows non desctructive polygon modelling with many polygon tools supported. You can then go back and for example make an extrude or inner extrude a different amount. Cloning is now possible like using C4D's clonder object although there is only limited effector support at present.
  5. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Procedural text is now possible in Modo. Procedural modelling in Modo is a long way ahead of C4D now.
  6. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Have tried out the new procedural modelling in Modo? There's now very little where C4D is ahead.
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    It's UV tools look to be superior to Bodypaint / C4D so that's half of Bodypaint covered. As for 3D painting does anyone still use Bodypaint?
  8. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I totally understand. I gather the guys at Houdini also talk to their user base a whole lot more than MAXON does.
  9. Time travel back to 2000

    Probably the same magazine that I had that got me into C4D. Think I may still have it somewhere. I've also got C4D version 5 kicking around somewhere as well.
  10. how can Blender be free?

    Impressive showreel.
  11. I may have put you wrong. I'm doing things from memory as I haven't used C4D for a couple of years.
  12. Sounds like an Object List node plus a Memory node would do the trick. With the object list node you add objects to the list. You can reference each one by an index number. The Memory node stores previous states / properties.
  13. Never heard of this. Make sure you're running the latest R18 version and also make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  14. I was answering a question in the forums and wanted to link up one of my tutorials in the Cafe's download / file section. It's really hard to get to the downloads section now. Or am I missing something? We used to have a link to the tutorials section on the menu bar. The Cafe was built up because of our the tutorials. They need to be easy to get to. I essentially had to guess the location of the downloads section i.e. https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/files/