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  1. Simple question about support cuts...

    I think the number of cylinder rotation segments (assuming you started with a cylinder) is too low. If you started with 36 then adding in the edge loops to tighten up the top part would have less impact on the lower part. Other modellers like Modo have a "preserve curvature" option which helps in situations like this.
  2. I can't UV Map this Mesh

    I recommend the following and they're free: https://vimeo.com/album/3431194
  3. Cant Find Create Polygon Tool

    Plus an addendum with some things I missed out in the first one:
  4. CINEMA 4D Flash Sale!

    Yup, R20 will be out in September so think about it before parting with your money. That said if you buy R19 now along with the MSA you'll get R20 when it ships. You'll just need to renew your MSA same time next year before R21 comes out.
  5. Topology Problem

    You've sort of answered your own question. If you want to continue the edge flow then you need to create an edge where the green arrow is. Where the wertex / point is at the end of the NGon, I would weld this to the new point that you create on the edge next to it when you carry on the edge flow.
  6. Lego Technic Motorcycle

    mabad - I have 6 real Lego Technic motorcycles. Photo attached. 3 modelled so far. 3 to go. I can apply the decals to the real model now that I've scanned them and done my Modo version of it. bezo - There is a "B" model motorcycle version that you can build, then if you have additional parts you make your own custom models. Mine, I've just built once and they will stay assembled forever. I had a great time with Lego when I was child as did my kids after me. Generally Modo is quicker at modelling than Cinema 4D is. C4D's edge bevelling is superior although The Foundry have said they will be looking at the bevel tool. Modo's procedural polygon modelling is a game changer. A lot of my stuff starts off as a procedural model as it allows you to go back and change things.
  7. Lego

    My Lego collection. Mostly Cinema 4D. No imported parts. I have modelled everything (but I have taken dimensions from imported LDraw parts).
  8. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    I would just pay someone to rig it up for you. Couple of hour job at most.
  9. Private Animation Tutor Requested: Newbi

    So these were no use? As for your model not lining up, the trick is to get it set up then drop the assembly under a parent null. You then orientate the null however you want. Sorry I do not have the time to be able to help you out any further apart from referring you to my 2 tutorials.
  10. robot_Frog_branch_03_dof.jpg

    Wow, love it. Well done :)
  11. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    The new and much quicker core. On screen playback will be fast. Nodes everything including materials. Updated Xpresso / node system. UV toolset essentially rewritten. A new particle system to replace Thinking Particles. If it doesn't come in R20 it will come later. More modelling tool enhancements to take advantage of the rewritten modelling core.
  12. Personally I would have tested it on what I own and the R19 demo. If it has problems with either then I know something is wrong.
  13. Hardly surprising you're having problems if you're using illegal versions of C4D. If you are using a legally acquired version then why not do a support ticket with MAXON? 8 GB of memory is pretty low by today's standards BTW. Won't help your problem but C4D will problem go better with 16gb or more.
  14. Studio MSA Price Increase

    Sort of signals that R20 is going to be a big release. And because it's going to be big they assume they can get away with a price increase as you'll all be blown away with the improvements. Modo that I use costs US $399 per year for its equivalent maintenance system so neither are cheap. Fun times ahead.
  15. Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    I've gone back to Photoplus 6. Sure Affinity Photo can do some clever things but a lot of the time I just want to do some basic editing of photos and the previous program is easier to work with.