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  1. "Concave" taper curvature??

    BTW a similar result can be achieved using the FFD deformer. This has more freedom but it's a bit less procedural.
  2. "Concave" taper curvature??

    Maybe I'm missing something but you can get a concave taper by changing the strength to a negative value. The only issue is the taper is reversed but it's a simple matter of rotating the deformer 180° to compensate. Here's what I mean.
  3. Motorcycle Modelling

    Ditto what Vector says. If it was me I would find a tutorial even for another 3D app and do your best to follow that. Some of the Blender tutorials are reasonably straight forward to follow along with in other 3D apps.
  4. Yeah amazing. I'm looking at building a new PC when the 16 core version comes out. I'm currently running an intel i7 950 (first generation) so time had some something that can render a lot quicker.
  5. Sweep Start Growth geometry problem

    The cube.spline because of all of the twisting, when it joins back on itself is rotated. A quick fix is not to have the cube.spline closed. So uncheck the closed option. You then need to grab one of the end points and snap it on to the other end. This makes it look like the spline is closed. This should remove the unwanted twisting. You might need to tweak the position of these 2 points so that they aren't near a corner. This will then make the pipe geometry join together more smoothly. Hope this helps.
  6. UV Edit Mapping

    Ditto. The mesh is terrible. This is a really easy shape to model. Here's a quick go at it plus I've UV mapped it (zipped scene file attached). I haven't given it any depth but that's easy to do with the Extrude tool with the caps option enabled. There are various ways to UV map this but the image shows one way. This gives minimal distortion. UV.zip

    I'll try to be fair and balanced (tough I know :) ) Had a bit of time now to look through things. This is clearly the best and biggest update in years and there's a lot of things I like. However it's not the "Big one" as many of us were expecting. The antique UV toolset is part of the old core so with no updated UV toolset R20 is still heavily reliant on the old core. Hence no big improvements in handling lots of objects apart from multi instances. My guess is the core is done and has been done for a few years. Problem is they were late starting on the UV toolset rewrite. To take out the old UV toolset they have to put in the new core completely and they can't put that in until the UV toolset is more or less complete. I think if I was still using C4D I would be reasonably happy with the update although it largely depends on what you do and what version you are running. As a hobbyist who might only be using the Prime version I'm disappointed to see that I wouldn't be getting the new volume modelling, probably the thing that I would get most use out of. Looks like my Bodypaint tutorials are safe for another year with the toolset still the old one as mentioned. MAXON are really dragging the chain updating the UV tools. MoGraph users should be pretty happy and there's plenty for them to play with. So well done to MAXON and their team. Some excellent enhancements but I think you should say when the full new core with updated UV tools are coming. But I can't see anyone using another 3D app busting their gut to jump ship to R20. In fact Blender 2.8 looks like it could pick up a few disgruntled users from various 3D apps. So is Modo that I use any better with their upgrades. Nope. The Foundry aren't piling on the new stuff. It's more about incrementally refining and enhancing things over 3 releases per year rather than dropping everything in one hit. I'm into modelling so the last few versions have focussed a lot on modelling improvements so I'm generally happy. Stability with Modo isn't really an issue any more and it's generally very stable. Not as stable as C4D but a long way from the crash fest it used to be. This means I won't be buying myself a copy of R20 Prime. I can afford it but since there's no updated UV tools, no volume modelling and no Physical renderer I'll be hanging to my money. Plus I can't believe it, but to get Prorender I would need to buy the Studio edition (as per MAXON's product comparison page). Ludicrous!! Enjoy R20 everyone :) Nigel / 3DKiwi
  8. Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    A lot. Modo has some pretty cool modelling systems that I can't see Cinema 4D having any time soon. By that I mean Meshfusion and procedural modelling. That said there are things I miss like spline modelling in C4D. Modo does splines (called curves) but it's rather basic. I think a more likely scenario is I run both. I've just shelled out US $399 for another year's maintenance for Modo so not about to ditch it any time soon. I would just buy the base version of C4D if I was to get back into C4D. I think at a minimum R20 should have a completely new UV editing system. This would include udim support, support for edges and be a lot easier to use than it is now. Anyone that's used Modo for UV mapping knows it's light years ahead of C4D. That plus the new super fast core which I assume will be multi-threaded. XPresso would then also be multi threaded. Highly likely is a nodal material system being part of an updated XPresso. Then there will be a number of enhancements across the app e.g. Mograph, rendering, modelling, remembering that there's a new modelling core that we saw in R19. We'll know in a couple of weeks :)
  9. Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    I expect R20 to be the big one. i.e. new / fast core that can handle a ton of objects, rewritten UV tools, XPresso 2. Possibly as well: nodal material system, modelling tool enhancements, new particle system to replace TP. Fun times ahead.
  10. UW wrap only selected polygons

    Probably because you have edges selected. If you want to UV map specific polygons you need to select them and then be in UV polygon mode. The way I would UV these polygons is to select them them. Change your view so that you're roughly perpendicular to the polygons. Do an initial flat or frontal projection. Now do a UV relax / unwrap (with edges unchecked). Optionally you can rotate the UV's to straighten them up. Hope this helps.
  11. Yes. Apply the material and changed the mapping from UVW to something like "Cubic". You then can adjust the tiling in the settings. Hope this helps. BTW if you actually want the material / texture mapped to each polygon then in a UV EDit layout select all of the polygons and from the UV menu select "Max UV". Works best with 4 sided polygons.
  12. UV mapping distorted tube

    Ditto about using UV Peeler. Just a matter of selecting an edge loop running the length of the pipe then select the UV Peeler tool. You then drag around in the viewport until you get the optimum result. Because your pipe is a weird shape you will still get some texture stretching.
  13. Hard shape to achieve in SDS

    Here's my effort doing it with the minimum number of polygons that you can achieve the shape with. I'm using edge weighting. If you wanted a slight bevel to the edges then you could either fake it with a bevel edge shader, physically bevel the edges, or crank up the sub-vision some more then mess around with edge weighting. Scene file attached. Scene file: Hex.zip
  14. Slinky with Bend deformer - weird twist?

    Your problem is you made the Helix spline editable. If you retain the original procedural spline then you don't get the twisting. However if for some reason you want the editable spline then you need to duplicate and scale it in the X and Z axes and set it up as a rail spline. Attached is what I mean. Also attached is something I knocked up a long time ago. Open the scene and press play. This may help you out. Hope this helps. slinky_0001.zip Slinky3DKiwi.zip
  15. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I wouldn't hold your breathe for a R20 review from me. But hey, anything's possible. Things are looking up for MAXON going by the Day 1 blog post from the new CEO. One of my criticism's of MAXON was communication with their customers so it's very good to see something from the person at the top.