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  1. 3DKiwi

    Should be simple right?

    MAXON must have changed something as no matter what I do I can't get it shear properly with a soft selection in R16.
  2. 3DKiwi

    Need help creating a plane from splines

    This pattern is pretty easy to recreate within C4D. Here's what I mean. I just traced one section of your spline with the Polygon pen tool then cloned it. Grid.zip
  3. 3DKiwi

    Graphics Driver Error ?

    It means what it says as the crash was caused by your graphics system. As I understand things C4D doesn't use the power of a Quadro GPU. A high end gaming GPU is better. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone. BTW sometimes older drivers work better than newer ones. For example the current nVidia driver that I'm using with my GTX 1050ti card, C4D doesn't like and I get ghosting of the live selection tool. This didn't occur 6 months ago. More recent drivers have introduced something C4D doesn't like.
  4. 3DKiwi

    MAKING A MODEL... of a model

    Perhaps a different approach will work better? As I understand it all you're trying to do is add some thickness to the plastic. If so then why not actually add some thickness to the model. That can be done with the extrude tool with the caps option enabled. Here's what I mean where I applied an extrude to an elongated sphere. Lastly I applied the Boolean. Pity C4D doesn't have a thickness deformer. This would be much better as it's non destructive. Other apps like Blender do plus their Booleans work a lot quicker than C4D's. Hope this helps.
  5. 3D - No. Subdivision surface modelling is the way to go. 2D - A filled spline would work great. I suggest going on Youtube and search for "low poly shoe tutorial". Even if it's for another 3D application the process is just the same in C4D. You'll probably start with a cube, add a few extrudes then move points around. Highly detailed shoes would probably be done a bit differently and there's a ton of free tutorials on to how model these. Good luck.
  6. 3DKiwi

    Should be simple right?

    I find in this case that it doesn't give a linear shear. Here's what I mean.
  7. 3DKiwi

    Should be simple right?

    C4D's "Shear" deformer can do it whilst retaining the edge loops. Slightly easier than using the FFD. This is where C4D is behind other 3D apps that can apply a fall-off to a tool. Here's how to do it in Modo using the Move tool with a linear fall-off.
  8. Very slick Bezo. Here's another way and this will work better on less than ideal meshes i.e. polygon construction. However it needs to be UV mapped. Here I'm using the Tile shader and sub polygon displacement. Some rather interesting patterns can be had by changing the tiles from squares to something like random or hexagons. You can also fake the displacement for quicker renders by using the tile shader in the Bump channel rather than the displacement channel. shoe_cubes_Displacement.zip
  9. 3DKiwi

    Problem starting 3d painting

    Bodypaint isn't actually buggy. It just hasn't any love for a very long time. It used to be the King of 3D painting. Other painting apps have come along in the mean time and far superseded it. You can only paint on textures that you load into the color channel in a Bodypaint layout. You can't paint on textures applied to an object in a Cinema 4D layout (unless you know what you're doing). The attached image may be of some use.
  10. 3DKiwi

    Edge loop check

    The 3D Coat mesh looks soft to me. I wonder how the new VDM in R20 would go? Anyway just to give you an idea of what a Modo Mesh Fusion model would look like I've replicated part of the original model and imported it into C4D. Quads generally until you get to the cut out parts. Renders cleanly. What's very slick is the source meshes for the Mesh Fusion object can be if you want, procedural meshes i.e. you can edit the construction of them. The Mesh Fusion object then updates. Mesh Fusion then allows you to adjust the size of the edge bevels where the Boolean intersection is. When you're done you generate a final mesh. Anyway, back to the car I'm modelling in Blender :) MeshFusion.zip
  11. Now I'm having fun. I think this is a bit better although I haven't rendered it out yet. Cloner2.zip
  12. 3DKiwi

    Edge loop check

    I'll see what I can do later today. Both Modo and Moi will generate a lot of geometry but it will render clean plus pretty easy to create.
  13. You attach the clones to tube not to the splinewrap. Here's a quick go at doing what you described above. Cloner.zip
  14. 3DKiwi

    Edge loop check

    Of course this kind of modelling is a piece of cake in a Nurbs modeller like Moi (Moment of inspiration) or using Mesh Fusion in Modo. In both of these you would be making the holes with Booleans. No need to fart around with edge loops and triangles etc.