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  1. Cinema 4D could have a lot more procedural modelling type stuff if there were modelling nodes e.g. extrude. Even some limited stuff like a "Merge meshes" node where you hook up multiple objects to the Merge Mesh node either by wires or the node has a list function where you drag and drop objects. The Merge Mesh node then behaves like a procedural Combine function combing all of the source meshes / objects into one object. You can then apply booleans etc to the merged mesh object. And then a Boolean node where one object can be subtracted from a lot of other objects. Hooked up by XPresso rather than in the Object Manager. Maybe things have changed since I was using CInema 4D but having nodes for render settings could be useful. Maybe the new nodal shading does this?
  2. There's got to be a big release coming at some point. We know they are redoing the UV tools and I don't think we've yet seen all of the new core since the UV tools / Bodypaint are built into the core. So I'm predicting R22 is the big one with new UV tool set, faster object handling, multi-threaded Xpresso, updated Xpresso with more nodes. Has to be otherwise I think there will be a mass exodus to XYZ 3D application.
  3. Love your avatar Dave. Vote with your wallet is my advice. Interesting that after 20 plus years I cancelled my daily newspaper subscription as the price as been gradually going up and got to a point where it was just too much. Anyway I cancelled my subscription a month ago. I get a phone call today. How about the next 12 months for 1/2 price an not be tied into a fixed term contract. Naturally I accepted as we like getting the daily paper in my house. The point is the only thing that gets through to these companies is losing sales and sometimes you do have to hold back on your payments to them to get some attention.
  4. Personally I think that's BS and just a convenient excuse. The Foundry has no problem putting out 3 versions / updates of Modo each year and I pay an annual maintenance.
  5. Dave. I hear you and I totally agree. What gets me is we have a pretty light R21 release that people had been expecting the long overdue UV tool enhancement and faster object handling but no, a few enhancements, no doubt useful, but then at the same time users are essentially told they are going to have to pay more in the future. If anything what people are paying MAXON should be coming down. Now with Blender 2.8 nipping at their heels the last thing I would be doing is pissing off my customers by dicking around with what they pay. I think if I hadn't jumped ship 4 years I certainly would be now.
  6. BTW Affinity designer is terrific for making decals / stickers for your 3D models regardless of what your 3D app is. Here's an example where I made the Harley Davidson logo for the tank. The Lego stickers won't scan as their metallic. I was pretty much able to replicate the Lego stickers such that you can't tell the difference.
  7. Because it would end up being a forum just for people to complain and wouldn't be a good look. Then they would have to employ someone to moderate it / manage it. They already have a bug reporting / support system. There would be some double handling of bug reporting. That said they do have a Facebook page. One could argue that FB pages have replaced forums.
  8. BTW I assume you guys run a database optimize regularly? This helps keep the cafe running smoothly. I also used to delete members who were inactive for more than 12 months. This greatly reduces the size of the database. Invision should be able to assist with anything not functioning as it should. I assume you guys still have maintenance contracts with them.
  9. Funnily enough, one of the most popular cafe challenges was the Beer Can Challenge back in 2011. Here's the winners.
  10. There's probably a few, very vocal on social media customers that MAXON don't need and will breathe a sigh of relief that they've moved on or are planning to. Ironically Affinity Software previously known as "Serif" have been getting a lot of new customers for their Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer applications. These offer excellent low cost and permanent licences for people wanting an alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I use both and they pretty much do everything I need. I'm then not lining the pockets of Adobe.
  11. Dave - my guess is the number of Prime users is percentage wise quite low compared to the number of Studio users. I'm sure MAXON fully expect to lose a few customers. They will be counting on replacing those users over time with new users. Same applies to anyone not happy with the subscription plans, again they expect to lose a few. Taking a hit on income for a year or two has probably been factored into their plans. Putting aside the move to subscriptions if I was paying for Cinema 4D upgrades or a subscription I would be saying to myself "you know what, I'm handing over $XYZ per year and the rate of improvement / value for money just isn't worth it". R21 is pretty much a .5 upgrade in my opinion. I agree about Blender. While I've done a few Blender tutorials and know the basics it's still clunky to use.
  12. Sorry no idea about Mac's but I would assume there's 3D file viewers available for them.
  13. If they're are running Windows 10 then that has a built in obj viewer. This works pretty much like Sketchfab. Here's what I mean. I built this car with an online Lego modeller. I then exported in obj format. Opened with the Windows 10 3D object viewer.
  14. You might want to run a spell check on your list.. Surprised you didn't list a proper symmetry modelling mode. That's probably the number one short coming with C4D's modelling toolset. What about UV tool enhancements? Nothing much listed yet Cinema 4D has one of the worst UV toolsets out there. That said, they have stated they are working on UV tools but it's taking a life time. Just shows you how bad they are / how out of date they are. Other things not listed: Particles. Thinking Particles is way out of date. My guess is MAXON has thrown in the towel with Particles since XPartciles does such a good job. Pyrocluster needs an update. What about an update for Sketch and Toon? Then of course Cinema 4D's performance with lots of objects is still an issue isn't it? One reason for the core rewrite. XPresso isn't multi-threaded. One issue with Cinema 4D is it still has a modular structure underneath the hood. For example different things (modules) have their own selection tools, symmetry tools etc. Got to say it's refreshing to see MAXON's CEO and Product Manager posting and responding here. The Product Manager has posted before but the previous management now retired were missing in action. Nigel / 3DKiwi
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