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    My guess is signatures have been disabled. The signatures you see are from long standing members.
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    On your name / avatar at the top right click on "account settings". There you find the signature settings.
  3. A collection of beginner questions.

    I wouldn't use C4D. I would do it in a Vector drawing program which this appears to be. That said you could probably get a more pleasing result in C4D. Just a matter of apply a HDRI to a sky object. This gives the metal surface something to reflect. Different HDRI's will produce different results.
  4. Maybe not quite what you're after but close. You can actually use the random effector when the cloner is using blend mode. Just a matter of increasing the "Modify Clone" property to 100%. I think the way I've done is better. Random.zip
  5. When you have XPresso and constraints there's an order of evaluation. If you look at the XPresso and constraint tags you'll see a "Priority" setting. You need to figure out which should go first and then adjust each one. With default settings the tags are evaluated in the order they appear in the Object Manager. Try this as a test: 1. What you've got now. 2. Change bottom constraint on cube to -2, constraint on Door 1 slider to -1, XPresso on 0 (default). The result is a really laggy playback when you drag the slider and is great example of what changing the priority does. 3. Change bottom constraint on cube to 2, constraint on Door 1 slider to 1, XPresso on 0 (default). This hopefully resoves things. if not then you'll need to tinker with the settings to figure out the order. Hope this helps. test_door_0001.zip
  6. If you want better viewport display of your materials / textures you need to increase the texture resolution. Here's how.
  7. Happy to help. In fact I really enjoy these type of questions as sometimes I don't actually know the answer and have to figure it out. It then becomes a learning process for me as well.
  8. You mean something like this :) Have a look at my setup. First I got the parenting right. Then set up the orientation of the Null pivot so that it would target along its Z axis. Made the arm aim at a Null target using a Target expression tag. Used an Up Vector Null to control which way the arm faces. This also prevents flipping. Hope this helps. Octopod_0001.zip
  9. Why is Knife Tool so sloppy ?

    You've lost me. So when you only want to make cuts to specific polygons do you have them selected first? With your settings if you have no polygons selected the knife tool behaves as though all are selected. You may then get undesirable results.
  10. Scale on a spline?

    Alternatively use 2 spheres, one large and one small. Change the "Clones" mode in the Cloner object to "Blend". You then get the clones scaling between the start and end clones. Attached is what I mean. Spline scale v3.zip
  11. Excavator arm

    Not quite sure what you're after but essentially you've got an inner extrusion already. You could select the outer loop of edges and extrude. This then gives the lip / strengthening that I think you're after. Maybe you need to tweek some points before doing this. Edges can be sharpened up with edge weighting.
  12. Bit hard for me to answer when I'm not sure what final result you're after.
  13. As far as I know you can't rotate the splines individually once they are combined into one object. What I would do is prior to combining them is to select them then use the Randomize tool (Tools > Arrange Objects> Randomize) to randomly rotate them (and position and scale as well if you want). Now combine them. Hope this helps.
  14. Replies merging

    I recall there's a time setting when if you reply within a minute or so it adds it to your previous post. You have to wait 5 minutes or whatever the time is before posting again. BTW, this is an optional setting that the forum admins can disable.
  15. Depends on the object. If it has has flat surfaces or fairly flat then you're best to apply decals with flat projection. Sometimes Cylindrical projection. You'll find you'll be able to get sharper detail than doing them with UV mapping. BP's tools are a bit limited but it is doable.