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  1. It's one of my tutorials. I have removed all of my tutorials from the Internet. Sorry.
  2. Just to add, I have removed all of my Cinema 4D tutorials from the Internet.
  3. I agree with Mash. My suggestion would be to have free tutorials on your YouTube channel then a few low priced tutorials available for sale on Gumroad.
  4. Sorry I should have mentioned what Cerbera said. I just answered the bit about how to add points.
  5. There are several ways to add a point: Knife tool and just slice across the spline In vertex mode right click and select "Add point". Click on the the spline to add a point You can also right click and select "Subdivide" to add a point to each section Hope this helps.
  6. Exporting models (without rigging) is something 3D applications do very well. I would suggest exporting in .obj format. I find this works very well for me.
  7. Same. New monitor recently. I've upgraded the driver every couple of months.
  8. There are ways around this. Modo has procedural modelling and while you can make selections in the normal way, these do get messed up if you change something earlier on. There's a whole swag of procedural selection options e.g. select by previous operation and then subsets of that, select by angle etc etc. Then of course the selection you made can be updated by reselecting / updating. I do a lot of my modelling now starting off with a procedural model. I can then experiment with various mesh densities. Much better than doing a whole heap of undo's and losing your modelling.
  9. Thanks for posting the settings. I've changed mine to these and the problem with the ghosting cursor has gone. Strange that only Cinema 4D has a problem with default nVidia settings.
  10. I recall the solution is one of the settings in the nVidia display settings needs changing.
  11. Try doing a search on nVidia in the forums here. This has come up a few times over the years and solutions have been posted. Ironically my copy of R16 has started doing this. Must have been the latest nVidia driver that I installed.
  12. Cinema 4D could have a lot more procedural modelling type stuff if there were modelling nodes e.g. extrude. Even some limited stuff like a "Merge meshes" node where you hook up multiple objects to the Merge Mesh node either by wires or the node has a list function where you drag and drop objects. The Merge Mesh node then behaves like a procedural Combine function combing all of the source meshes / objects into one object. You can then apply booleans etc to the merged mesh object. And then a Boolean node where one object can be subtracted from a lot of other objects. Hooked up by XPresso rather than in the Object Manager. Maybe things have changed since I was using CInema 4D but having nodes for render settings could be useful. Maybe the new nodal shading does this?
  13. There's got to be a big release coming at some point. We know they are redoing the UV tools and I don't think we've yet seen all of the new core since the UV tools / Bodypaint are built into the core. So I'm predicting R22 is the big one with new UV tool set, faster object handling, multi-threaded Xpresso, updated Xpresso with more nodes. Has to be otherwise I think there will be a mass exodus to XYZ 3D application.
  14. Love your avatar Dave. Vote with your wallet is my advice. Interesting that after 20 plus years I cancelled my daily newspaper subscription as the price as been gradually going up and got to a point where it was just too much. Anyway I cancelled my subscription a month ago. I get a phone call today. How about the next 12 months for 1/2 price an not be tied into a fixed term contract. Naturally I accepted as we like getting the daily paper in my house. The point is the only thing that gets through to these companies is losing sales and sometimes you do have to hold back on your payments to them to get some attention.
  15. Personally I think that's BS and just a convenient excuse. The Foundry has no problem putting out 3 versions / updates of Modo each year and I pay an annual maintenance.
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