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  1. Awesome work. I love mechanical type animations. There's a lot of satisfaction in getting everything working.
  2. Dang, I knew I should have charged Hrvoje more when I sold him the cafe.
  3. MAXON has a history of keeping things close to their chest. Even when I was on the Beta team they were very tight lipped. I think part of it is they are a German company and up until recently the management were German. This is how they think and subordinates just follow orders. And if sales are good and increasing then why change anything. Sure I would love them to be a lot more forthcoming with their customers and I've been very critical of the way they communicate with their customers. UV editing for example, they really should say which version the long awaited update is coming. Don't hold your breath though. I gave up waiting on them.
  4. Who knows. They should probably knock $300 off the price of the Studio bundle and do a deal with Insidium so that you can buy TP for half price.
  5. Surely R21 will see the long awaited update to Bodypaint? i.e. UV editing and 3D painting. Ditto for a Thinking Particles replacement.
  6. I feel for you. I used to get these regularly when I was running the cafe. What used to irk me was like in your first example where they used sloppy language and can't even be bothered identifying themselves. If they expect me to take the time to answer then at the very least they should take the time to ask properly and give me their name.
  7. Bit of difference between R5 and R19.
  8. Hi Guys. It's probably time you did a clean up of the cafe's review section. It's still there with reviews still on the server but I can't see any link here to get to the review index page. Here's the link: http://c4dcafe.com/reviews_interviews/ I suggest deleting everything. There's nothing recent. Nigel
  9. My interest in C4D and Midi is for Midi driving animation. I did a review of the Animidi plugin here: http://c4dcafe.com/reviews/animidi/
  10. I doubt I would qualify with my not for resale version of R16. I'm currently running the Beta version of Modo 13 and it's looking really good. I see no reason to come back to Cinema 4D anytime soon.
  11. Yay, I'm now just a regular guy :)
  12. No. I'll upload it over the next few days. It is however still available to download direct from the Cafe.
  13. So where does "Honourable Member" fit in? Above or below a Regular Member? Think I would rather be called a Regular Member or a "Cafe Regular". BTW "Honourable Member" is a term used in Westminster Parliaments (UK, Australia, New Zealand etc) that is used when referring to a member of Parliament. Nigel
  14. I see a couple of my videos are on the Cafe's Youtube channel. Cool. Note that I pretty much have all of my tutorials / videos backed up. If you want any others just yell out. Feel free to down load the videos from Vimeo channel and upload those. Nigel / 3DKiwi
  15. Nah. Pretty sure we didn't have corny member titles like this. We had the following titles from memory which were the defaults for the forum: new member (under 2 posts), regular member (more than 2 posts), moderators, administrators Then we had the bronze, silver and gold Cafe supporters club badges.
  16. 3DKiwi

    Points to circle

    R20 doesn't support COFFEE scripting. This is an old COFFEE script.
  17. Great to see my baby still going strong. All the best for the future :) Nigel / 3DKiwi
  18. Actually Blender is very capable and some of the modelling add-ons are amazing. A few of the built in modelling tools are rather basic but generally what can be done in C4D modelling wise can be done in Blender.
  19. Whether Cinema 4D is right is pretty irrelavent. It's more than capable of modelling a human. The limiting factor is you and your ability, experience etc. Why do you need to model a real person? Why not just use one of the human figures from the content that comes with C4D?
  20. Excellent. That came out really well.
  21. I would model the logo using splines. You then project it on to a (temporary) sphere using the projection tool. Now you can extrude it. Here's what I mean. The next Step is to extrude it.
  22. I actually can't see what's going on. Have you tried enabling Auto-keyframing. Changes you make should then be recorded properly.
  23. One thing you could do is combine the objects. You then select the edges of the pit part and break the phong shading. This makes that part facetted and the top part smooth.
  24. Why use the connect object? Why not just keep the meshes seperate? I can't see what's achieved by using the connect object.
  25. I assume it's still there in R20 as I'm still on R16 but you can render an image then rather than rendering again you can define an area to render again. Look up "Render Region" in the documentation.



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