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  1. sorry, done. and well basically yes, it's what i want, but if you look at the uv maps, they're a) all over the place, b) not coherent, and c) not oriented correctly (ignore the little uv bits, they are from another piece of the model, but i already tried if seperating those into another object makes a difference - it doesn't) all of which is ofc manually fixeable, but i got this problem on like... 100 more models, several times per model and manually fixing all of those is just way too time consuming. also trying to "force" override to box mappinf from the uv dialogue box doesnt help at all. my best guess is basically that box mapping wont work due to fubar geometry. could there maybe be a way to fix the shoddy sketchup geometry and get rid of the problem that way? (see attached screens in edited post above) i'm currently also working on a fix directly in sketchup, but i cannot for the love of god get used to it. but maybe someone else has had the same problem with a similar workflow?
  2. i've got r19, but the feature doesn't help me :( basically what it does is just directly create a uv map with the options you were able to define through the uv mapping dialogue box anyway. or did i miss something obvious? included some screenshots of what happens when i go via set uv from projection. oh and fwiw, i also tried box mapping, but the resulting uv is broken too.
  3. hi. i'm working on a game project with some fellow students. i'm the dude responsible for texturing the models in unreal engine 4. sadly my colleagues are beginners and make my life quite a bit harder than it has to be (imo). workflow is as follows: use sketchup to model quickly, set materials in sketchup and then send the model to me. now usually fixing up the models in c4d isnt that big of a problem, however alot of times the geometry from sketchup is broken fubar. this leads to weird uv behaviour that i need to fix on a daily basis, and it's driving me nuts. see the attached screenshots: i could unwrap the uv manually so the university ad fits the ad on the building perfectly, but there HAS to be another way to do this quickly. my usual workaround of just using cube mapping on the materials works pretty well on the easy geometry, but rounded objects or ad displays on the buildings we need to model are usually broken. tldr; anyone got an idea how i can force cube mapping on sh*** geometry i dont wanna fix?
  4. sadly buying any buildings is not an option for us due to budget. we plan to invest in detail stuff/texture packs, which seems a good idea considering none of us have alot of experience creating good textures, and creating small objects also consumes alot of time. also, i might have exaggerated our wanted LOD a bit, since the models are for a VR game. but ty all for your suggestions, there were alot of helpful tipps!
  5. first of all thanks for the answer! our plan is to build times square and a few blocks going from the bay area to the central park in high detail. for the buildings that are further away we use the same ones over and over ofc. in my stubborn night shift "theres gotta be a way to do it like this" attitude i got nowhere, and i think your approach would be quite fitting. expecially since you can easily control the level of detail on the model easily, should i overshoot oder undershoot our goal. so i'm gonna try this and report back where it got me :)
  6. hi, i'm working on a games project for which we need hi detail architectural models. so for example i wanna build a sky scraper. i want the windows to be a bit recessed. now i could do that with booleans. i could also do it with some clever selections and extrude. BUT: if i do boolean it's gonna be high poly count and slow, and if i use selections and extrude it's hard to add detail later on. so ideally i'd like to have the following: 1.) using some kind of clone tool to easily place alot of points where windows should be places on my building 2.) being able to easily control individual window placements (like one row is oriented a bit different to others) 3.) one base window that i can model and then place it on every point where i want it to be 4.) and the most important thing: a way to make the corresponding cutouts in my building facade, that will chance with window positioning questions: is it even possible to check all 4 requirements? where i got so far: 1+2+3 done using cloner and mograph effectors and selects (which i find somewhat clucky to use), which gets me nowhere really, because i would have to manually remodel the facade everytime i change something about the windows size. 4 done, but with booleans which is dead slow and generates sh*** geometry. for those of you wondering which exact building i try to model right now: it's the flatiron building, that has lots of windows that are placed in a round fashion (checked, with using splines and rails in cloner), so the controls above are pretty much needed so i can fit windows to the rounded sections of the left and righthand side of the building. so yeah... any help would be greatly appreciated.



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