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  1. How would you start this shape?

    so this is what I got. pretty close to what I was wanting.
  2. How would you start this shape?

    R16 is on my main computer though. I'll be able to open my R18 files in R16 right? I just realized it might not be backwards compatible. R18 is on this laptop that I've been borrowing for a while from a friend who's doing a stint with the peace corps. I won't break any compatibility with anything if I update R18 for him will I?
  3. How would you start this shape?

    Oh wow, yeah I just checked the update notes and it's showing a lot of modeling tool fixes.
  4. How would you start this shape?

    Ah that's cool, I usually ignore the updates, LOL. Guess I should go ahead and do that.
  5. How would you start this shape?

    had to fight it, but got it here
  6. How would you start this shape?

    and even once I got it looking kinda like #3 I can't get it to look like #4. I assumed it was just scaling the faces in a little bit to create an angle...but you can see in my video that it looks NOTHING like yours. Ugh.
  7. How would you start this shape?

    here's me trying
  8. How would you start this shape?

    Wait...and from 2 to 3 there's suddenly 7 segments long ways...but they don't look like you split the last segment evenly...
  9. How would you start this shape?

    like from #1 to #2...what happened to the 4x4 grid? suddenly it's totally different and a 2x6 grid with nice square segments.
  10. How would you start this shape?

    okay, so going from 3 to 4 I just selected all of the faces and extruded up. I then resized them to a little smaller than the base...but the shape doesn't look right like yours does. that's why i never model like this...stuff just never looks right (like the point on mine doesn't look right either)
  11. How would you start this shape?

    I will attempt to make sense of that. I'm not quite sure how the knife/loop tool added more definition to those edges. I also don't know what SDS is. Is it subdivision surface? I'll give it a whack and post a result shortly.
  12. How would you start this shape?

    Any chance for a quick little video showing what you did? Thanks!
  13. How would you start this shape?

    I know it's insane, as I've been working in 3D for almost 20 years (hobby, not professionally of course) but I still don't know how to model like that. I just modify primitives. So you'll have to forgive my ignorance. If I could model that way it'd make modeling SOOO much easier than the way I've been doing for years. Getting from #1 to #2 I understand. You started with a patch (or some software calls it a plane) and then just moved points around. From #2 to #3 I'm unsure exactly how you added the little wings, I'm assuming something with the extrude function (didn't know that it worked on edges) and then you brought the outer corners in a bit. #3 to #4 I'm guessing you selected the faces and just extruded to give it some depth, that I get #4 to #5 I don't know how you added all of the extra faces to smooth it out to give it more definition. I'm guessing more extrusions, then scaling them inwards slightly #5 to #6...I have NO idea how you managed to make it look so much more rounded off at the edges
  14. How would you start this shape?

    The little doo-dads on top I modeled as separate objects no problem. I'm just trying to get the base "arrowhead" shape. You gave me an idea though, I think I'll start with a cylinder (fairly flat) and some soft selection to pull that front out nice and pointy.
  15. I'm wanting to model the base shape (kinda arrowhead looking shape), what primitive would you start with? I had modeling things that have lots of curves like this, as I prefer to stick to stuff I can easily make from primitives. My thought is to start with a squashed sphere and boole that sucker into shape. Any other ideas?