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  1. Can extrude out, but not in??

    ah okay. what about create n-gons, should that be ticked as well? no idea what it does so I may have activated it the other day when trying to get another extrude issue sorted out.
  2. I've never seen this one before. I'm trying to make some windows on a ship hull but I can extrude faces outward, but when I go to extrude IN it won't go. I even tried extruding out away from the main hull and then extruding in once again, still nothing. What gives?
  3. Extrude faces around a corner?

    and yes, I have tried setting the "maximum angle" anywhere from 0 to over 1100, nothing works.
  4. What am I missing here? I select the faces I want and then extrude but the ones around the corner split into separate groups, I want them to all extrude together so I have a nice solid shape, no gap between the parts of the extrude. Yet another thing that was automatic in 3ds Max but I can't seem to get in C4D. How do I get it to work right? Thanks.
  5. Mirror objects details to other side?

    Okay, glad you told me that. I will do that.
  6. Mirror objects details to other side?

    They're good being linked, since I don't plan on editing them further. Pretty cool trick. Thanks.
  7. Mirror objects details to other side?

    Gotcha, I wasn't looking for an image, thanks. One weird side effect I've noticed, the newly created stuff is BOTH sides. Like I can delete the old port side stuff and both sides are still there, but obviously if I delete the newly created starboard side object both sides dissappear. Also if I select an individual object from inside the folders it picks the one on the port side (original side) and not the starboard side object, like the starboard side objects are just reversed instances of the port side. I'm guessing any change I make to the port side now will also affect the starboard side. That's crazy.
  8. Mirror objects details to other side?

    Hmm, I looked through all of the tags in the menus of the object tree window and I don't see "symmetry" anywhere. Is it hidden somewhere else? Tried Googling symmetry and just came up with a bunch of plugins.
  9. I must be missing something, in 3ds Max this is SUPER simple. You just hit "mirror" and it mirrors the objects in whatever direction you wish. I'm trying to mirror the details on the port side of this side (the turrets, windows, and torpedo tubes) over to the starboard side but when I copy > paste then put in the opposite X coordinate (say the entire group of objects was at -232.58 I change the number to 232.58) and they move over to where they need to be, but of course are still facing the opposite direction. Well, I try rotation of every kind and combination, but of course that won't do it, because it's not about rotation, the groups/objects need to be mirrored. How do I do this? I mean I've noticed that if I take one object at a time and put in the reverse x coordinates and spin it around that works, but it will not work on the group(s) as a whole. (the port side details are currently grouped, with sub-groups below them for each item type). If I have to manually go in and reverse every one of these objects it's going to take an entire day worth of work just to flip stuff over to the other side. In Max this would have been a 5-10 second operation. What am I missing?
  10. Plugin to quickly create hull panels?

    Yep, figured that out. It works pretty good. It's just really weird having an object to use instead of it being a plugin in a menu. C4D is strange, but I like the workflow.
  11. Hi there. I do lots of spaceship modeling and always have to figure out what I want to do for a finish. With my retro stuff (think Buck Rogers) I just use either a car paint or a chrome/steel look to make them sleek, but with my other ships it's always a struggle to figure out how I want to finish them off. Coming from 3ds Max (for over a decade) I never learned to properly do texturing with UV unwrapping because honestly every single tutorial I've looked at (dozens over the years, and MANY attempts) just result in a UV unwrap that looks like a bird's nest and it seems impossible to know where everything should be painted in (I'm great at Photoshop, but just don't "get" the UV unwrap stuff, despite almost two decades of trying), so I learned to just find nice looking shaders. In C4D I've learned to apply decals to certain areas, so that takes care of logos, lettering, blast marks, etc... So I'm looking to finally find myself a "go-to" solution. The vast majority of the ships that I do should be covered in a matte, satin, or maybe semi-gloss type paint, painted on metal surfaces. Is there a plugin or maybe pre-made material that's easily modified that will give me the look of the type of paint you'd see on something like the Enterprise or Millennium Falcon or something like that? Obviously it needs to have some imperfections to look realistic. Any/all input welcome :)
  12. Plugin to quickly create hull panels?

    Greebler is a pay thing...which is weird, since most other 3D packages have free greeble plugins. The Extrudifier thing looks neat, and I downloaded the file at the link, but it's just a C4D scene file. You'll have to forgive my newb-ness to C4D but shouldn't a plugin be a .dll or some kind of file that you put in a plugin folder? Not sure what to do with the scene file since it's supposed to be a plugin.
  13. I can't stand texturing, never have, in almost two decades I've still not learned proper texturing because I just can't wrap my head around UV unwrapping (which just looks like a birds nest, and I don't understand how folks can figure out what they're working with). Countless tutorial attempts, countless failures, so now I just rely on shaders and modelling all of the detail in. That said, I'm working on a spaceship model that requires hull panels, and the process I've been doing: 1. Select a few faces 2. Extrude those faces 3. Select the edges of the newly extruded area (with the loop selection tool) 4. then go find the edge that aren't selected (the 4 vertical ones, one on each corner) and select them manually 5. apply a bevel As you can see this is a very tedious process. Is there any kind of script or plugin that would automate something like this? I just want to give the appearance of hull panels/armor without textures (I think I hate them worse than printers) or without having to do it all manually. Any help?
  14. Exporting game-ready models for Unity?

    Darn. So it looks like I'll just have to remodel stuff in low poly :\ Oh well, at least most of the ships are (fairly) easy to model. Was hoping to save some time, but I might just have to do that. Is there a quick way to see a polygon count for the scene in C4D, I know there is in Max.
  15. Exporting game-ready models for Unity?

    What about R17, I have a colleague who has access to that version. Does it have anything better for optimization?