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  1. Avoiding my responsibilities like...
  2. backface material?

    Yeah Redshift ignores that setting. You'll need to use the ray switch node. https://docs.redshift3d.com/display/RSDOCS/Ray+Switch
  3. New macbook

    OS X still wins out on anything audio / music-making related. That was my primary reason for going Mac roughly 12 years ago, and I feel like it still applies. Windows is not as horrible at it anymore but it’s still lagging. Once my focus shifted to visual work, however, it was hard to ignore the performance benefits a well-specd PC provided.
  4. New macbook

    Honestly, as much as I used to prefer OSX, once I started focusing on 3D, it became clear to me I was going to have to switch over to windows. Not because of the OS but because of the hardware. Apple simply does not make pro hardware anymore. Their computers are overpriced and underspec’d in pretty much every way. I eventually built a very fast, main 3D PC for the price of a mediocre Mac. And windows doesn’t bother me as much anymore. All the adobe stuff works just fine on windows too. If you need mobility, there are a handful of great PC offerings. Razer makes the most “Mac-like” PC laptops. All that said, I get it. It’s hard to switch. If you are hard set on a Mac, just go for it. But just be aware of the limitations you’ll be running into. Good luck!
  5. Another (obvious) vote for Redshift here. @adrjork as has been said, there’s no issue with disabling / excluding lights and other visual elements. That’s the wonder of a biased render engine. It allows you to “cheat” in many ways. the demo just adds a watermark on top of your previews and renders. I don’t think there are any hardware limitations. Also, check out the Redshift club here. Lots of info, sample images, comparisons, etc.
  6. I think it might be from the gif compression. Everything seems to be flickering a bit. Could probably just use a different method.
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Speaking of Entagma aka Aixponsa, you can clearly hear and see how C4D is still a crucial part of their workflow on this webinar*: http://info.nvidia.com/redshift-gpu-rendering-aixsponza-reg-page.html So I’d be careful perpetuating the myth that they’ve completely abandoned C4D for Houdini. * the webinar is not live anymore but I think you can watch a recording.
  8. So damn good, if I haven't already said that. Character modeling is next on my list of things to try and get decent at. I aspire to a shred of your greatness.
  9. And then some video... SHRBT Series: PXLFLW Series:
  10. Stills, continued... HOTWHEELS Series: DESERTQUEST Series: