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  1. I might take you up on that! What do you got? Meantime, getting ready for the weekend like...
  2. Hahah thanks @Igor. You're also a good sport. Hopefully eventually I'll be on your level when it comes to modelling. It's hard. :( Here's a screenshot for the polygon police.
  3. Trying to learn character sub-d modeling. Here's a little cartoony / vinyl-toy-like rendition of my poor fiancee, whom I am doing no justice with these experiments. She's a good sport, though.
  4. This thread escalated quickly.
  5. Hah! Awesome. So clean! You make it look easy. I feel pretty confident in my motion graphics / rendering / scene building, but not so with modelling. Definitely my weakest suit. Any pointers / links to tutorials? I'd love to someday get to this level of comfort.
  6. @DanLSK foam looks good. I think that's as far as you can take it before having to go into volumetric rendering (i.e. vdb's or turbulenceFD work). Here's a daily mantra I think more people should live by:
  7. No problem! And agreed! @merkvilson has been amazingly helpful. Looking forward to more.
  8. Weird about the licensing tool. They've been super responsive with any issues I've had. Hopefully you'll get that sorted. If you're talking about alpha for stacking of materials via the C4D object pane, it won't work that way. You have to "stack" your materials via the RS node editor, using something like the material blender node and a texture to drive the blending. In this case I just used a C4D noise shader as my "alpha" for Layer 1, which is the gold material. Not sure if this is what you meant, though.
  9. @SKaiser thanks. Definitely using it professionally. As Igor said, it's super stable, and will only continue to get better. Very comfortable with it. Nice work on that spline text and SSS! You're getting the hang of it. @Igor thanks! More client R&D. Minimalist concept for cover art, where we'll only change the material on the logo for each single/release. Light post and type in Photoshop.