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  1. More abstractions with refraction / absorption / SSS
  2. yeah that is outstanding.
  3. Agreed on all points! My comment was only to say that I found the previous render to be more convincing. As you said, totally subjective, and I hope to clarify it was unbiased (i.e. I am not blindly saying "Corona is the best, everything else is garbage!"). I really cannot stand that kind of fanboy behavior. It's the one thing that turned me off from Octane, for example, and third-party renderers altogether (but especially Octane) for a while... up until recently, when I decided to take an unbiased look at a handful of the new (exciting!) batch of renderers coming out. Based on my experience so far, I think there's no such thing as a perfect renderer out there. They all have their pros and cons, mainly related to workflow and feature compatibility. They can all put out beautiful renders. It's all up to how you use them. Looking forward to more! Thanks for the comments on mine. I'm always learning and, as you said, this is a great community to learn from. PS: they are currently working on a Mac port for Redshift! Too bad I wound up switching. Got tired of waiting for Apple to start making good PRO hardware again. :(
  4. Swimming with the (gummy) sharks There are some weird artifacts on the top fins, but I think it's due to the model, not a redshift fault. Still... fun!
  5. I'm going to chime in (in a much less rude way) by saying you shared a similar scene you rendered with Corona recently, in another thread, and that did look better. I'm not going to turn it into a "renderer A vs. renderer B" debate. It could simply be the shaders used, but that render looked more natural, whereas this one just screams "CGI" at me, especially when I look at the brick wall and the bed. Looking forward to more renders!
  6. Holy... are you sure that's not a picture? Amazing.
  7. I saw that on their forum! Too bad apple has continued to drop the ball on making pro hardware.
  8. Thanks! And I agree. Some quirks aside, I'm really liking it. And here's another new one:
  9. @deadpixelx nice! @SIgor looking forward to seeing what you cook up! Here's another recent one.
  10. thanks @SIgor! The benefits of tight x-particles + cycles4d integration.
  11. Hadouken! This one was fun to make.
  12. First (short) animation loop with Corona. The clouds are a combination of metaballs, displacer deformers and a Corona volume material. Rendering was SSSLLLOOOWWW due to combination of refraction and volumes. Wound up doing two passes: one for the foreground and another for the clouds. Made things a little faster. Even then, still much faster than with Physical. It would've taken ages even for just a few seconds.