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  1. Sometimes you swing... and you miss.
  2. Thanks, @PrivatePolygon! Summer is coming:
  3. I don't think adding points to the spline will have any effect. That curve is simply too tight for that sweep's thickness. Definitely needs a more open curve at the top, if you don't want to make the sweep thinner.
  4. @spiralstair no problem. Take a look at the scene file and you'll see how the spline wrap works. If you are talking about the light fading out following the same motion, you can simply keyframe the "from" value in the spline wrap deformer to go from 0% to 100%, however many frames behind the "to" value you think looks best. If you are talking about the light fading out uniformly, you can keyframe the luminance amount on the material to decrease over time.
  5. Definitely easy to fake with a spline + spline wrap (keyframing the "to/from" values). Scene file:
  6. @Icecaveman and @Rectro I see your points about forcing former owners into subscription. I agree, one should have a choice. I have found subscription schemes to be beneficial in my own case. I don't share as much concern over the lack of connection. If I'm anywhere without internet, it most likely means I'm intentionally disconnecting (e.g. vacation). And if I found myself penniless then... that would definitely suck. Maybe time to take a break and do something else for a while? Not sure that I have a reasonable answer to that one. :(
  7. Just rolling through... Noodly chicken...
  8. It's peanut butter jelly time.
  9. And a a somewhat-less-lazy evolution of the above.
  10. Lazy color study piece. Appropriately called "Scrub".
  11. I appreciate the explanations and understand your points. I still - personally - am ok with this move to subscription services. I think it keeps the cost of staying up-to-date lower. But I'm not going to get into a big debate over it. To each their own.
  12. Can I ask what the problem is with subscription services? I don't mind this move from them at all. It actually does make Arnold more accessible to a lot of independent artists who wouldn't be able to shell out $1200 for a permanent license in one sitting. I was equally happy when I saw that Adobe went subscription-based. Would also be happy if MAXON went the same route - as long as the monthly pricing was reasonable.