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Hey guys, check out new PolyGnome tool for Cinema 4D from our long-time member C4DS. You can find PolyGnome in our Store and we hope you like it!! :cowboypistol:


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  1. Xparticles 4 release date

    Even I, as a Redshift fanboy, will tell you - Cycles4D will most likely continue to be your best option for X-Particles. Redshift for everything else though. ;)
  2. Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    I know how you feel. After about 10 years using strictly Macs, I found myself switching over to Windows. A powerful PC will always be cheaper / easier to customize than a mediocre Mac. Sad but true. The transition was a little rough at first, but after about a year - it just feels normal now. There's lots of hardware knowledge here and on multiple other related forums, so searching will be your first best bet. You can just post any unanswered questions after. Good luck!
  3. Xparticles 4 release date

    Dammit I missed it. Is all of this going up on Cineversity at some point as well?
  4. Xparticles 4 release date

    I won't mind a nodal system as long as XP remains simple and approachable. That's the whole reason I ditched Houdini for XP. GPU acceleration (just like TFD, Realflow, etc.) would be a huge feature. I don't think optimizing Cycles to preview simulations is much of an advantage. You still need to be able to cache your sims within a reasonable amount of time. Also, not everyone wants to be forced into the XP-Cycles ecosystem. As much as I believe that Cycles is fantastic for XP, I still want the freedom to choose another render engine if it suits my particular project's needs better.
  5. Xparticles 4 release date

    Ooh! Very very curious to see what's new.
  6. @Cutman without a doubt, Cycles has the most robust integration with X-Particles and I suspect that'll always be the case. I'm hoping Insydium will keep opening up some of their API to the others, but I think they'd probably want to keep some of the deeper stuff to themselves, so as to give Cycles an advantage. All that said, Redshift has excellent integration. Supports most features, including XP trail rendering via its new "curve" (i.e. spline) functionality. Cycles' curve integration is still a bit better, as it offers more geometry options. Redshift right now only renders curves as hairs (i.e. flat ribbons). I know the Houdini version of Redshift has more options, though so it's only a matter of time before those get implemented into C4D. Can't say about Octane. I haven't really been using it.
  7. Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    From my experience, Octane is pretty much useless with anything less than 6GB of video RAM. Your GTX680's 2GB is simply not enough to run octane, hence these errors. The only solution is to get a better GPU (or another rendering solution). There are some discussions / comparisons between octane and other rendering options in the Redshift for C4D club, and a lot more info in the rendering subforum.
  8. Yeah that's about right. To me, it's like a GPU-accelerated mix between VRay (biased tweaking) and Arnold (Uber-shader with Xpresso-based node system for advanced materials). Let us know how everything goes once you get everything going. And thank you!
  9. More R19 Voronoi R&D... Album cover art for a client... And "faux-toon" shading R&D for another client...
  10. TOON RnD

    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera


    From the album somenerv - Redshift R&D

    © Nate Rodriguez-Vera

  12. Redshift Shipping?

    Redshift was in Alpha for like... two years? So, most of the stuff you see is basically R&D content from Alpha testers. All that said, the Alpha is now over (since 8/31) and Redshift for C4D is now commercially available. They didn't do any big launch announcements or anything, but it's now included in their core package. So, if you download the Redshift demo, the C4D plugin is included. Same goes for the production build. It's still evolving, and the dev team are very receptive to user feedback. I bought my copy last week and am a happy camper. Yes. It's a brand new, separate materials and rendering system, so you'll definitely have to learn it. I myself found the learning curve not to be that steep, but YMMV.
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    @Cutman thank you., I'm using Redshift (plus a bit of ArionFX in post).