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  1. Hi, I made a character and animated a walk cycle. The arms and legs are animated with splines using the IK tag and nulls. When exporting to fbx and importing it to unity the arms and legs don't move. I tried adding it to the timeline > Functions > bake object also motion capture both don't work in unity. Is there a way to export spline animation into unity? Thanks in advance Cynthia
  2. Hi, I'm trying to connect a spline to a character and when it runs away the spline follows and becomes longer the farther away the character runs. I connected the spline with a hair tag constraint, added spline dynamics so it moves when the character does, but I don't know how to lengthen the spline in time. I was thinking to animate the growth attribute of the sweep nurbs but if I do that how do I connect the spline to the character? Edit: So I'm trying now to use an align to spline and use the growth attribute of the sweep nurbs. But the cube is a child of the character and when I do an align to spline the cube jumps to the beginning of the spline and does not follow the character anymore. How do I fix this? Thank you in advance Cynthia
  3. Thank you for answering. Didn't know this at all. I made the rig with the character object so I thought it was ok that way. The bunny is now at world zero, added the joints to the weight tag, but the problem is when I try to pain the weights, I can't seem to paint anything or suddenly everything is painted also when I try to remove painted weight (subtract) it adds more instead of removing it. Hope you understand me. Also if you add the joints to the weight tag should the mesh already move or only when I painted the weights?
  4. Hi, I'm currently trying to rig my character. I'm fairly new to C4D and I have some problems. It's a bunny I try to rig with the character object and the alan rig template. The rig has no bones for arms and ears so I want to add them but I don't really know how to. I made joints with the joint tool and added them to the existing hierarchy and then I added the mesh to the binding tab. But the arms and ears are not affected by the joints I made. Also when I try to weight the character and subtract some of the color it just adds it. A little bit stressing now, it's for a school project and I'm not making any progress. If someone could help me. Would be much appreciated! --Cynthia Bunny1.c4d
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