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  1. Hi, I'm coming from Modo which has a really nice default render setup (the camera settings, the default directional light, the global illumination, etc). I want to migrate fully to C4D, but as you can see by these two screenshots, I really have no clue how to get C4D to render nice creamy forms/shadows right out of the box. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of lights and settings I should use to better approximate the attached Modo render screenshot? Thanks!
  2. Using an Area Light, is there any way to add a shadow spread angle (I think that's what it's called back in Modo where I'm coming from). I'm poking around the light item, the camera, render settings -- I don't see anything though. Thanks!
  3. Thanks @Cerbera -- I appreciate the clarification!
  4. Two most certainly dumb questions: What is the difference between framing a selected object with 'S' or 'O'? While I'm having trouble recreating the issue consistently, it seems like my camera pivot point gets locked (can't pan) sometimes after I zoom-select (or frame) multiple objects at once. On Mac, I press Fn+LeftArrow (supposedly the keystroke for Home) which then resets my pivot point. Any thoughts on this mysterious issue? Thanks forum!
  5. Ok, potential self-discovered solution here: turn the Boole into a "Create single object"
  6. The funny thing is, I can achieve the filling that I want in a scratch test-scene as shown below... The mystery continues...
  7. Hi, I'm trying to simply fill a hemisphere (boole of a sphere and cube) with three editable meshes (social media icons). Please take a look at my screen shots and you'll see that simply nothing shows up -- what might I be doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
  8. @Rectro I totally agree that that Modo tutorial and my general Modo heuristics (i.e. rules of thumb and processes) are already translating to my new C4D workflows; not without some headaches of course. I might continue to model in Modo but I'd like to try and stay as holistically engrossed in C4D as I can for the next year, doing all the soup-to-nuts in one package: C4D. The main reason I got C4D is because I saw many examples of short-form stylized animation made in C4D that was almost exactly what I wanted to get more involved in. Modo has a decent native cel-shader and a supplementary NPR kit, but it's nowhere near as sophisticated as C4D's artistic NPR shaders (feel free to disagree with me and induce buyer's remorse). I really wish I could have stayed in Modo due to its familiar modeling flow -- does that yearning go away? Will I soon prefer C4D's modeling flow coming from Modo? I also got a bit coerced from all my friends in the LA GFX/Animation industry who kept saying, "Just get C4D like the rest of us." EDIT: So yeah, much to the chagrin of my bank account, I now maintain three licenses: Rhino, Modo, and C4D. I've always fantasized about using just one (expensive as heck) 3D software, but I guess that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. EDIT 2: @Rectro What were your reasons for leaving/supplementing Modo with C4D?
  9. @Cerbera Ok, I will check all the boxes then! Thanks.
  10. Hi, I recently purchased R20 Studio, and I would assume that I just need to install the content for Studio, but it gives me the option to also install the content for all the other versions (Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Bodypaint, etc). Should I select them all, or just Studio? See attached image please. Thanks forum!
  11. Thanks for the response @Rectro -- I am a solid intermediate I'd say, switching over from Modo. I learned the full character pipeline in Modo from this nice tutorial that covered everything, albeit synoptically, that I mentioned above (modeling-texturing-rigging-posing-rendering). I'm sure I can get everything I need out of C4D in regards to these individual tasks, as I am not looking to be a pro at any particular step; rather just hoping for a comprehensive single tutorial that covers all the bases in C4D. But if that doesn't exist (yet) I have little doubt that I can piece together resources between YouTube and Cineversity.
  12. Can anyone recommend a comprehensive character design tutorial for C4D that involves modeling, texturing, rigging, posing, and rendering all together? Thanks forum.
  13. I've recently switched over from Modo and am trying to figure out how to retopo in C4D with the Polygon Pen tool such that it constrains to the underlying mesh (that I am retopologizing). I've seen a few videos online that recommend using the Snap modes, but is that the best way to do it? Thanks Forum!



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