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  1. Good to hear, this has convinced me to keep buying maintenance for Modo 13-onward. Especially since the announcement that all pre-13 Modo perpetual licenses will be deprecated with the release of macOS Catalina, I've been on the fence about ditching Modo for Blender 2.80 (there are only so many hours in the day) but I was using Modo last night and I am constantly reminded how easy it is to whip up a scene, getting looking exactly how I want and rendered all within an hour or two. Probably more testament to my familiarity with Modo at this point, but Modo does sometimes feel like *the most ergonomic* modeler out there. I'm still baffled by Blender's multiple keystroke commands: I sometimes feel like I'm playing Street Fighter just trying to activate transform gizmos in Blender! That said, Blender 2.80 is great; but I should keep maintaining Modo for sure as it is super useful.
  2. @hvanderwegen Absolutely keep it all -- and again, I really appreciate your knowledge+advice here. I'm sure down the road I will work on a team that requires me to jump into C4D (at which point, I'll have to follow their lead since I'm a newb in it) but I'm definitely gonna keep it. Same with Modo and Rhino -- the time I've spent in them has been very valuable. But moving forward, Blender seems really suited for my ilk -- since I do 2D animation/illustration and 3D work as well. Woo!
  3. @hvanderwegen Thanks so much for the information here -- I think I'm going to dive into Blender 2.80's Grease Pencil functionality for my next project, using it as an opportunity to get my feet wet with Blender in general. I'll keep my C4D license, just incase, but sadly I have barely broken the ice with it (and we'll see if I ever do). A friend in LA who is established in the VFX/animation-house scene barely even knew what Blender was, and claimed "You gotta learn C4D if you want to do any kind of industry motion-graphics". I don't disagree, but frankly: that's not a career path I aspire for -- I am a generalist (who does 2D animation too) and to that end, it seems like Blender is a better time-investment for me. Again, thanks for providing some resolution to my questions -- I can always lean on Rhino for my CAD needs, and frankly good ol'Modo for my viz-dev needs at least until I get good enough with Blender to retire Modo.
  4. Forgive the "which package should I marry" beginner neuroticism (as I've asked a few other people on this forum already) but coming from Modo+Rhino, I'm at a juncture where I'm trying to decide if I should go steady with either C4D or Blender. It's very easy to say, "Do both!" But I'm a generalist in the fullest sense of the word (at my job I also do a lot of copywriting and marketing strategy work), and don't have time to go deep with everything at once. I'd like to focus on one package, and admittedly feel kind of dumb for buying C4D recently when it looks like Blender might be best for my generalist needs/interests. Rhino covers all my precision CAD modeling needs, but when it comes to either C4D or Blender, I want a package that allows me to do stylized 3D animations and/or 2.5D animations. C4D's powerful toon-shading stuff (and sweet examples seen in the NYT and elsewhere) really got me excited. But as superficial as it sounds, I love the Blender UI and it's Grease Pencil functionality is super cool. Modo was great as an accessible generalist visualization package, but I simply cannot see it keeping pace in the future (what the heck is the future of Modo? No one knows!) So I have to relegate Modo to "legacy tools" so to speak. I guess my questions are: Will C4D "always" (more or less) be relevant and good for generalists like myself if I were to stick with it, or will Blender invariably become a superior tool? Or should I just go with Blender, since my main need is for simple animation projects that involve stylized (toon) rendering, and potentially 2.5D animation (2D hand-drawn animation in 3D environments)? Blender 2.80 looks awesome (watching tutorials now)... it's hard for me to say though, what is the better choice. Thanks for your thoughts! If these questions should be in a different thread, let me know and I will delete/repost elsewhere.
  5. That's what I figured @deck -- are you familiar with any tutorials on applying C4D hair to a mesh (with the aim of making it foliage)? I am a C4D beginner :P
  6. Hello! Is there a halfway-simple way to add a procedural texture to a mesh in C4D that would in effect: make it look like a topiary? I have a hippo model that I've worked on, and would like to turn it into a topiary with leaves sprouting all over it, and then ultimately render it with stylized toon shading. Kind of what I'm looking for, I see some Modo wizards can cook up such processes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO_Wch1g6Hw Any suggestions of where to look for resources along these lines? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm coming from Modo which has a really nice default render setup (the camera settings, the default directional light, the global illumination, etc). I want to migrate fully to C4D, but as you can see by these two screenshots, I really have no clue how to get C4D to render nice creamy forms/shadows right out of the box. Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of lights and settings I should use to better approximate the attached Modo render screenshot? Thanks!
  8. Using an Area Light, is there any way to add a shadow spread angle (I think that's what it's called back in Modo where I'm coming from). I'm poking around the light item, the camera, render settings -- I don't see anything though. Thanks!
  9. Thanks @Cerbera -- I appreciate the clarification!
  10. Two most certainly dumb questions: What is the difference between framing a selected object with 'S' or 'O'? While I'm having trouble recreating the issue consistently, it seems like my camera pivot point gets locked (can't pan) sometimes after I zoom-select (or frame) multiple objects at once. On Mac, I press Fn+LeftArrow (supposedly the keystroke for Home) which then resets my pivot point. Any thoughts on this mysterious issue? Thanks forum!
  11. Ok, potential self-discovered solution here: turn the Boole into a "Create single object"
  12. The funny thing is, I can achieve the filling that I want in a scratch test-scene as shown below... The mystery continues...
  13. Hi, I'm trying to simply fill a hemisphere (boole of a sphere and cube) with three editable meshes (social media icons). Please take a look at my screen shots and you'll see that simply nothing shows up -- what might I be doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
  14. @Rectro I totally agree that that Modo tutorial and my general Modo heuristics (i.e. rules of thumb and processes) are already translating to my new C4D workflows; not without some headaches of course. I might continue to model in Modo but I'd like to try and stay as holistically engrossed in C4D as I can for the next year, doing all the soup-to-nuts in one package: C4D. The main reason I got C4D is because I saw many examples of short-form stylized animation made in C4D that was almost exactly what I wanted to get more involved in. Modo has a decent native cel-shader and a supplementary NPR kit, but it's nowhere near as sophisticated as C4D's artistic NPR shaders (feel free to disagree with me and induce buyer's remorse). I really wish I could have stayed in Modo due to its familiar modeling flow -- does that yearning go away? Will I soon prefer C4D's modeling flow coming from Modo? I also got a bit coerced from all my friends in the LA GFX/Animation industry who kept saying, "Just get C4D like the rest of us." EDIT: So yeah, much to the chagrin of my bank account, I now maintain three licenses: Rhino, Modo, and C4D. I've always fantasized about using just one (expensive as heck) 3D software, but I guess that ain't gonna happen anytime soon. EDIT 2: @Rectro What were your reasons for leaving/supplementing Modo with C4D?
  15. @Cerbera Ok, I will check all the boxes then! Thanks.
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