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  1. Yeah, I didn't know I had my profile saying I used R16! Lesson learned! Thank you again for all the help!
  2. I just noticed my profile says I'm using R16, I'm using R21!
  3. Oh, that's a bummer! I'll keep trying then!
  4. I'm sorry to bother you again but do you have by any change that scene file? I've been trying to recreate it but nothing appears on my plane!
  5. I'll give it a go! In the meantime, let's wait for @bezotake on this too! Thank you for the help!
  6. I'm kinda new to the new falloff system inside C4D but it will give this a go! So you are saying if I want to respond to another object, I'll probably use a collision deformer with a falloff spline?
  7. Hey there! I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to write this here. I've been trying to achieve this result where I would like to make these ripples to have this kind of ripple that pulses while growing effect (see pictures attached) Any idea on how to achieve this? Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone, I have a quick (probably a dummie question) about the Emitter in Cinema4D R19. I am doing a project for a client that consists at having an emitter throwing some objects through the air. That part is made and no problem so far. My biggest problem is to "end" the emission. At this time, the emitter is making some kind of "fading" of those objects. They slowly disappear in front of the screen as I want them to disappear without increasing any more frames. I'm attaching a image of my emitter settings since I can't upload that specifi
  9. Thank you for your time! The main problem is that I'll need to animate my Y rotation itself. Maybe I should be looking into MographSpline to help me out with it. I know letters like Y, X, H, can be tricky sometimes :(
  10. Hey guys! I need to do a spline wrap of the "Y" letter. Whenever I export the "Y" spline from Illustrator I automatically get two splines. I connect them as the same object and I use a spline wrap around them. The problem is that the spline wrap is creating two kinds of wraps from the same spline and I can't fix it. The connected spline have two middle points and even if I weld the points together, the still is happening. When I use a "J" form spline, nothing happens, as you see in the pictures. Can you guys help me? Is there a way to fix it. Even with
  11. @Cerbera, @ABMotion and @StCanas, thank you so much for your time and help! That's what I was looking for!
  12. Hey all! I need to recreate this kind of animation: I'm having trouble attaching the same texture perfectly as the video above. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to use Bodypaint? or UV Mapping? I'm attaching one image as an example. Thank you so much!


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