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  1. danijelk

    Dining room - Redshift

    No need to use brute force method for GI, use Iradiance Cache as Primary, and Photon Map as secondary, with Iradiance Caching at Medium preset, which will give you clean/no noise look. Also, you can remove glass from window, no need for it. Cheers
  2. danijelk

    photorealistic rendering

    Hi, Try this, some quick setup. Cheers, Example.zip
  3. danijelk

    Anyone using Prorender?

    Hi, Learn Redshift or Octane, much better then ProRender, in every way. While PR can give some really great render quality, it's still not production ready and it's much slower then RS and Octane. Cheers,
  4. Animation is done in Cinema4D, using HOT4D plugin, and rendered with Redshift.
  5. Thanks all for nice comments. About this idea of cleaning oceans, my job was just to present their idea with this 3d animation, following their storyboard and instructions, I was not involved in creating/changing idea, just making 3d stuff. Btw, more about 4ocean and this campaing you can see bellow:
  6. 3D animation done for 4ocean LLC. Software: Cinema4D, Redshift3D, AE, PS.
  7. danijelk

    Looking for a Floor Generator

    Hi, I used this for one of my projects, check it Cheers, Danijel
  8. danijelk

    need tips on lighting

    If you have exterior scene with clear sky and bright sun, type of shadow that should be used is hard shadows with physical falloff, in order to get same look like in nature. If you have overcast sky, sun intensity will be lower, and therefore shadow type that should be used is soft shadow. Look at real life photos, study them, and you will learn a lot about these things ;).
  9. danijelk

    need tips on lighting

    Hi, It's pretty simple, make your 3d scene as it's in real life, if your goal is realism/photorealism. For example, if you want to make exterior house/building rendering, for lighting you need to have sun and sky, so you can use physical sky (if rendering with standard/physical render engine), or sky object with environment hdr image on it, with GI turned on. It depends what you want to achieve/show, but main point is to think like in real life, and then simulate same principles inside 3d scene. Of course, you need to know some theory and facts about how lighting works, how shadows works, some photography basics (depth of field, fov, type of camera lenses, aperture, ISO values, and other), and lot other things. Cheers,
  10. danijelk

    Chess table

    Thanks, btw it's very old work from 2012-2013 :). My current work you can see here http://www.uniart3d.com/, 3d modeling&rendering, and 3d animation pages. Cheers,
  11. danijelk

    GPU with c4d

    In nvidia control panel, when you go to Manage 3D settings, you have option "Power management mode", set this to "Prefer maximum performance", see if that helps.
  12. danijelk


    Hi, is there remote posibility for 3D Generalist, or just in-house?
  13. danijelk

    GPU with c4d

    Np, btw, I have in the past GTX 1060 6Gb card, Zotac AMP! Edition (now 2 x Gigabyte GTX 1080 8Gb G1), and Redshift benchmark score was ~22 for 1060, and ~8 for 2xGTX 1080, for comparasion. Cheers,
  14. danijelk

    GPU with c4d

    Run Heaven benchmark, open GPU-Z and see if PCIe x16 is switched to 3.0
  15. danijelk

    GPU with c4d

    It's showing PCIe x 16 in 1.1 mode because it's in 2D desktop mode currently, no 3D activated, that's normal, as soon as 3D is activated PCIe x16 will switch to 3.0 (check this, run Heaven benchmark and monitor). Btw, strange that gpu-z is not detecting many things such as Computing, OpenCL, CUDA, GPU clock, Memory.... all that should be ticked and detected. Did you try to install older version of nvidia driver? Sometime latest drivers can cause new problems.