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  1. Hi, to exclude objects from your scene, click on green check symbol in object manager, it will become red cross. In that way object don't have any influence on rendering.
  2. Is there any comparison in rendering speed between physical render and prorender, when they are rendering same scene? If I understood correctly, prorender can be used for rendering scene with standard cinema materials, like physical render?
  3. Hi, use MoI 3D for importing cad files, and then you can export model as .obj, and you also have control slider, so you can control polygon count for exported model. Exported .obj models from MoI 3D are very good when imported into cinema, I can say great, with nice quad mesh.
  4. Hi, How many polygons your igs model have? What cpu you are using?
  5. Always render in .png or .tiff image sequence, never directly to video format, to avoid any problems later. Whatever happens, you can always continue rendering from last frame.
  6. Render your c4d animation with alpha, image sequence (.png or .tiff), in AE (or similar compositing software) add your background and rendered c4d files, and render final animation.
  7. Like Cerbera sad, unfortunatelly cinema (still) use single thread for many calculations in the viewport. Don't know is MAXON planing to multi thread those things or not in future releases (or how difficult is to make that possible), but it would be great for sure. Btw, no need to tick "Custom number of render threads" box, cinema automaticaly recognizes total cores/threads available for render...
  8. Send corrupted .c4d file to MAXON support, they will try to fix it. They did it successfully couple times for me ;). Cheers
  9. Any news about ProRender for c4d, if anybode knows? There's some rumor that they will stop developing it, hope that's not true...
  10. Use QMC (brute force) for primary GI method, to avoid splotches/spots in renders...
  11. Hi, did you update drivers for gpu? Do that first. If problem is still there, maybe your gpu is overheating, is it passive cooling or active? However, that is very old and weak gpu, you should upgrade to something like GTX 1050 or AMD RX460, or better, depends of budget.
  12. Hi, use MoI 3D, it imports .stp/.step files and export as .obj but you will get nice quad mesh, and you can control polygon count with slider when exporting, it's doing great job :). Cheers
  13. Click on "Physical" and post that screen here :).
  14. Hi, grain comes if you are using physical render with low/lower sampler subdivisions, use at least medium preset for sampler, and Ambient Oclusion subdivision value of 4.
  15. Is C4D R18 using AVX/AVX2 instruction set when rendering? Can't find any info about that.