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  1. Some quick shots of watch 3d animation commercial project which I'm working on, modeling stage in progress. More shots coming soon :). Cheers, Dane
  2. Hi, Main difference - Corona is CPU render engine, Octane (and Redshift) are GPU render engines, which means Corona will run on any hardware, Octane and Redshift requires NVidia GPU card. In terms of output quality and speed, Octane and Redshift are very fast, probably fastest GPU render engines, and it will give you fast real-time scene preview while making/building your scene, materials, lighting and other stuff. Corona is very fast for CPU render engine, and popular choice for ArchViz work. So it all depends what hardware you have, or you want to buy, with both Corona and Octane/Redshift you can make anything you want. Personally, I'm using Redshift for C4D, loving real-time scene preview while making scenes, which speeds up your workflow, and very fast final rendering. Dane
  3. Hi, After uninstalling all versions of Cinema, do some registry clean up, with CCleaner tool for example, or similar, then restart computer. Also try to update your graphic card drivers. Dane
  4. Hi, I just tried your scene, and fps on my 7820X 4.4 GHz, GTX 1080 G1 , KHX 3000 CL15 ddr4, Samsung 970 Pro, Cinema4D Studio R19.068 , is around 18 fps at the beginning, ~15-16 fps at the middle of animation, and ~25+ fps at end. Dane
  5. Hi, I can help you, can you share more details? http://www.uniart3d.com/ Dane
  6. Hi, Need more info about your scene, can you attach scene screenshot? Or upload scene, I can test it on 7820X 4.4 GHz + GTX 1080 Dane
  7. Hi, You can use this for testing your card for stability and temperature https://benchmark.unigine.com/superposition, or simply start rendering and monitor card temperature with GPU-Z. Since you have Mini version of card, it's probably version with one fan, those versions are usually poor cooling, where temperatures are higher then regular and custom 2-3 fan versions, so it's possible that your card overheats during heavy rendering. Always aim to cards with good cooling solutions, preferably those with 3 fans, like Asus Strix versions, or Gigabyte Gaming G1, and similar 3 fan cards. Also you need good ventilated case, good airflow inside case is important. Dane
  8. Hi, Uncheck "Invert Transparency" in OBJ Import window. But you will need to recreate materials anyway, since .obj is not native cinema4d file format. Dane
  9. Hi, You have material override option in render settings, if that is what you are looking for? Dane
  10. Hi, Render that surface object as alpha image, place it over main render image in AE and apply that liquid waves effect, it's in effects tab. Dane
  11. Hi, Use some good hi res texture image of paper for diffuse, and make normal map of it (here you can find both paper and normal map, with other maps https://www.poliigon.com/search?query=Paper&type=texture). Paper reflections should be blurred, and use some smaller value for normal map strength. Also you can bend a little paper surface, to add more realism to it. Dane
  12. In comparison to every other gpu render engine, or to 95% of them, to say, ProRender is (much) slower, and not yet completely production ready. And since MAXON acquires Redshift, I would say that their development focus will be towards Redshift as primary/main render engine, with ProRender as second choice, especially for AMD gpus, and Physical/Standard render engine for cpus.
  13. Hi, For UV work I'm using 3D-Coat, great tool for uv unwrap and similar, you can give it a try ;). Dane
  14. Hi, Redshift/Octane for rendering and RTX 2080, or 2 x RTX 2080 if budget allows. Cpu is not so important here in terms of cores count, aim to high IPC cpu, like 9800X/9820X or Ryzen 3700X/3800X. First two has 44 pci-e lanes, which is important if you plan to add more then two gpus, for just one or two gpus, 3700X/3800X are good. Dane
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