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  1. VRay is better then Physical in almost every way: faster, much faster, better production output/quality, much more options to tweak materials, lighting, and other things, it's industry standard in 3D/CG world... simply you can't claim something like that using just one simple scene. It's faster especially in 3d animation work, where Physical can be painfully slow, and I know this because I used Physical many years, and that's fact. Cheers, Dane
  2. Hi, You need to insert RS Material with environment map (hdri), into environment slot in render settings, and turn on GI. Dane
  3. Hi, Many things in C4D are still single threaded, including dynamics, simulations, particles and similar, you need high clock IPC cpu (4+ GHz), like latest Intel i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen 3XXX series, in order to get higher viewport fps performance. That Xeon is good for rendering, but for things like dynamics, simulations and similar you need high IPC cpu. Dane
  4. Hi, Displacement maps are heavy for rendering, use them only if you must, otherwise use normal maps. Dane
  5. Hi, Change texture projection to cubic instead uvw, and tweak texture scale. Dane
  6. Hi, Use normal map similar to this (attached) Dane
  7. Hi, That is done in post work, in PS, AE, or similar software, look for tutorials and you will find lot of them how to achieve that. Dane
  8. Hi, I'm rendering with Redshift, but hardware wise, same goes for Octane. Go with 2-3 RTX 2070 Super or RTX 2080 Super cards (or one RTX 2080 Titan, and add second one later), high IPC cpu, no need for bunch of cores, speed per core is more important, and 32-64Gb of ram. Of course, if you have higher budget, you can add more cards or more ram, but this is good for start. Dane
  9. Hi, Flickering when using GI is common issue, you need to use QMC/Brute force method for GI, which will increase render times, but other solution is to light scene with couple lights, without GI, which is not always necessary. Dane
  10. You can do that easily in AE, light sweep effect. Dane
  11. Hi, Before beveling edges, always select all points of an object, right click and optimize. Dane
  12. Hi, Still supports only version 8, but it works good in most cases, didn't have any issues so far, and I'm importing .ai files on regular basis. Cheers, Dane
  13. Hi, Here's file, tweaked for fast rendering, check it, maybe this will work for your needs. https://easyupload.io/8eynw1 Cheers
  14. You need to save complete scene, go to File -> Save project with assets, now files are missing.
  15. Hi, Attach your scene here if you can, and I can take a look at it, and optimize it for faster rendering. Dane
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