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  1. Hi, Try checking both Alpha and Straight Alpha in render settings, and put Anti-Aliasing to "Best", with Min=1, Max=4, and Filter="Gauss (Animation). Dane
  2. Hi, Both 2080 and 2080 Ti are much much faster then P2000, for example RTX 2080 is 30-35% faster then GTX 1080, and 1080 is 30-35% faster then GTX 1060 6gb, which is again faster then P2000. RTX 2080 Ti is 30-40% faster then RTX 2080, so you can get idea how much is difference, and 2080 Ti has 11 gb of ram, 2080 has 8 gb. For price of one RTX 2080 Ti you can almost buy two RTX 2080 cards, which are much faster then one RTX 2080 Ti, but you need quality strong PSU, 800-1000w. Cheers
  3. Hi, Open C4D, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Renderer -> Redshift, and untick your integrated gpu in CUDA Devices, leave ticked just RTX 2070. In this way Redshift will use just RTX 2070 for rendering. Cheers, Danijel
  4. If you are some beginner, with low skills, and can't offer some professional or semi-professional work to clients, than maybe you should work for free, some limited time, but in general, I would say no. Develop your skills, learn, practice, and make your Portfolio good looking with some quality there. Then you will have no need to work for free, because you will be able to request payment for your work, which is normal thing. Cheers
  5. If you want to use Octane, in your place I would sell that MacPro and build very powerfull PC machine/workstation with several RTX 2080 Ti cards. For price of $10000+, you can build ultimate PC workstation for any 3D work, as well as for compositing, video editing and other professional work.
  6. First thing to do before buying something is to inform about it, it doesn't have anything to do with price of your machine. Newest Mac Pro can cost up to $50000, but can't run/use Octane because Octane is using only CUDA cores on NVidia gpus. Danijel
  7. Standard and Physical render engines inside C4D are only cpu render engines, if you want to render with gpu(s) you need Redshift, Octane, Cycles, or other supported gpu render engines.
  8. You need to give more details, like what pc case you are using, how is ventilated, how many case fans do you have and how they are setup, what are your rtx 2080 Ti temperatures under load, and so on...
  9. Hi, I have opportunity to work long term on PBR modeling tasks/projects for one famous website platform, but I already have regular clients and projects, so want to pass this to someone who might be interested. Anyone interested feel free to send me PM and I will explain all details. Cheers, Danijel
  10. Can you attach .c4d file? You will have slow viewport performance if there are many objects in scene, in your case hundreds of them. One solution is to select all objects inside null, and use Mesh -> Conversion -> "Connect objects + Delete", that will speed up viewport speed for sure.
  11. Just click on green check mark on right side of dots, and it will transform to red x cross.
  12. What cpu exactly do you have, and what GPU? C4D viewport performance depends much of cpu single core speed, and then gpu speed. If you put just top red dot, object is only hidden from displaying it in viewport, you need to put red x cross, which will exclude it from calculating.
  13. Not sure why you want that kind of look, since when you put compositing tag on sky object, and untick "Seen by transparency" and "Seen by camera", you get "natural" look of car siting on that grey wall background, keeping all natural reflections from environment, together with transparent natural looking glass...
  14. No need to change HDRI or anything else, just put compositing tag on Sky object and untick "Seen By Camera" and "Seen by transparency", and leave just your cube wall background. Here's link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbgxtxd33dnsn2t/Car_assets.rar?dl=0 Cheers, Danijel



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