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  1. Hi, Reduce IOR index of glass material from default 1.51 to 1.01, or even lower (1.005), if you want material behind glass to be more clear and visible, without refraction deformations. Dane
  2. Here's .c4d file with some examples using twist deformer. Cheers, Dane example_c4d.c4d
  3. Hi, You can also use Twist deformer, other way to make objects/shapes like that. Dane
  4. Also take a look at 3D-Coat for UV tasks. Dane
  5. Hi, About cpu, yes, Octane, Redshift and other GPU render engines are using cpu for some tasks, while cards are rendering, so your cpu is utilized in some %. But you can check only RTX 2080 Super in Octane settings (uncheck other card), and Octane will use/render on only RTX 2080 S. You can try to see how gaming+rendering will work, but I wouldn't recommend it. Dane
  6. Hi, Forget GTX 1080 Ti, because Octane, Redshift, and other GPU render engines already have support for RTX cores, which can speed up rendering a lot, so just stick to your RTX 2080 Super cards, which are also faster in gaming then 1080 Ti. Dane
  7. Hi, Optimizing scene and render settings takes time and knowledge to understand it. I was long time user of Standard and Physical render engine, they are very capable for producing near photo-realistic render images and animations, but issue has always been long render times, especially when using GI in animations. Simply, it's slow. My advice is, if you can, try Redshift, it's GPU render engine, one of fastest render engines, producing production ready photo-realistic results, both stills and animations. If you must use Standard/Physical for some reason, attach your scene here, and I can take a look and give some advice. Dane
  8. Hi, Always make objects in scene in real word size/scale, or close to that, in order to get physically correct rendering. Scaling up/down and zooming will not affect render times at all, doesn't have any effect to render times. Dane
  9. Use Area light + Area shadows, and render shadow pass, in post work (AE) you can make shadows more soft, more transparent, or some other effects. Dane
  10. Hi, For example, when I get 3d models from client in some CAD file format, like .stp/.step, .3dm, .stl, .iges, and similar, I import them into MoI3D, setup/choose desirable polygon count with slider, and then export model to .obj or .fbx, which has nice quad mesh topology when imported to C4D. Dane
  11. Hi, Are you using sleep/hibernation mode? I suggest that you don't use that, it can make problems like yours. Every pc setup these days has ssd/nvme disks, boot time is 10-20sec, so no need for sleep modes and similar. Dane
  12. Hi, First, install just SSD on your motherboard, then install OS, drivers, and usuall stuff. After that add your HDD, and install all software that you want (will be installed automatic on your C:\ drive which is SSD). Cheers, Dane
  13. Work is promoted now also on TheCGBros youtube channel, you can see it here: Cheers, Dane
  14. Hi, If GPU render is priority, then RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 Super, RTX 2070 Super, and similar. Best option would be 2 x RTX 2070/2080/Ti, if budget allows. To mention that you will need nvidia card if you are going to use Redshift or Octane, which are most recommended gpu render engines for C4D. About cpu, look at highest single core IPC cpu, like Intel i9 cpu's, but if you are limited with budget, go to highest clocked Ryzen, core count here is not so important, since GPU rendering is priority. High IPC cpu clock is important while working inside Cinema4D, where still most of the things/tools are single-core optimized, so you want fast fps in viewport. Dane
  15. Hi, Finally here's 3D animation commercial which I did for Nubeo watch brand. Feel free to comment, like, share... ;). https://youtu.be/2wNUKl3du70 Cheers, Dane

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