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  1. Hi, Try to turn off AA in Preferences, and see do you still have that lag.
  2. Quick Redshift vs Physical Comparison

    I was using Physical render since R13, and now using only Redshift, it's simple much better choice in many ways. You have instant feedback when building objects, materials/textures, lighting and other, which greatly speed up workflow (your working hours are more important then rendering hours). Other thing, final rendering in RS is much faster, especially if you add camera DOF, motion blur and similar things into scene, if you add same to the Physical render, you will need to crank up samples to make image more clean/less grain, and that will add a LOT to render time. Third, shaders and materials in Redshift are based on real life material characteristics, which means you will get physical correct looking materials, same like in Octane for example. Fourth, there is node based material system, which is very powerfull. There are more diferences between RS and Physical, these are just some basic things. Cheers, Danijel
  3. Hi, if you will be rendering with cpu, then 1950X is great choice, if you will be rendering with GPU, then GTX 1080 is also great :). What render engine you will use? Since you are working in AE also, it would be good to go with 64Gb of RAM. Cheers,
  4. Technical Model

    Hi, PM sent. Cheers
  5. 3D Modelers Wanted

    Hi, mail sent :). Cheers, Danijel
  6. What's flickering here

    QMC with LM should give you flicker free animation, I used that combo before and never had flickering in animations. Now using Redshift, and flickering here is just a word ;). Cheers
  7. Car Modelling Problem

    Car modeling is not for your current skill level, try to model first some simple things, like smaller products and stuff (for example some mobile phones, tables, chairs, sofa, kitchen stuff, and so on...). Model first low poly shape, then use Sub-D (Hypernurbs) to get final look. When you feel comfortable enough to model almost anything that you want, using low poly + Sub-D, then you can try poly by poly/patch modeling technique on similar stuff. Car modeling using these techniques requires high level of modeling skills, which comes with years of experience and practice ;). Cheers,
  8. Uniart3D Studio Showreel 2017., updated version Cheers, Danijel
  9. Hi, I guess you will use CPU and GPU for rendering, since you mentioned Arnold (cpu render) and Octane (gpu render)? In that case, go with AMD 1950X (16 core / 32 threads), and GTX 1080 Ti, or dual 1080 Ti. 1070 Ti is also good card, all depends of your budget, more GPUs in your system - faster render. Cheers,
  10. Hi, Simply - With PC you get more power/performance, for same amount of money. Cheers,
  11. GPU advice

    Hi, if you are not rendering with GPU, then 1050 Ti/1060 6gb is good for your needs. Cheers
  12. Increase render quality

    What renderer did you used? If Standard, then you need to increase your Anti-Aliasing settings.
  13. Hi, Just joined this Redshift for C4D club, here's some quick simple stuff, some first steps in RS :). Cheers,
  14. Some first steps in Redshift for C4D, just started learning/practising :). So far I'm amazed how good RS is, very fast, stable, great shader graph, many options to use/tweak, great piece of software. Guess It's time to leave physical render after many years, and enjoy with RS ;). Cheers
  15. Too Much Flickers in Animation

    Are you using GI in your render settings? Flickering in animations is because GI method used, you must use QMC for primary method, in order to avoid flickering. QMC for primary and Light Mapping for secondary is good combo.