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  1. Standard and Physical render engines inside C4D are only cpu render engines, if you want to render with gpu(s) you need Redshift, Octane, Cycles, or other supported gpu render engines.
  2. You need to give more details, like what pc case you are using, how is ventilated, how many case fans do you have and how they are setup, what are your rtx 2080 Ti temperatures under load, and so on...
  3. Hi, I have opportunity to work long term on PBR modeling tasks/projects for one famous website platform, but I already have regular clients and projects, so want to pass this to someone who might be interested. Anyone interested feel free to send me PM and I will explain all details. Cheers, Danijel
  4. Can you attach .c4d file? You will have slow viewport performance if there are many objects in scene, in your case hundreds of them. One solution is to select all objects inside null, and use Mesh -> Conversion -> "Connect objects + Delete", that will speed up viewport speed for sure.
  5. Just click on green check mark on right side of dots, and it will transform to red x cross.
  6. What cpu exactly do you have, and what GPU? C4D viewport performance depends much of cpu single core speed, and then gpu speed. If you put just top red dot, object is only hidden from displaying it in viewport, you need to put red x cross, which will exclude it from calculating.
  7. Not sure why you want that kind of look, since when you put compositing tag on sky object, and untick "Seen by transparency" and "Seen by camera", you get "natural" look of car siting on that grey wall background, keeping all natural reflections from environment, together with transparent natural looking glass...
  8. No need to change HDRI or anything else, just put compositing tag on Sky object and untick "Seen By Camera" and "Seen by transparency", and leave just your cube wall background. Here's link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbgxtxd33dnsn2t/Car_assets.rar?dl=0 Cheers, Danijel
  9. Hi, Not bad, but couple things to mention: - First, camera focus, or point of view/interest, is not defined clearly, you should zoom out a little bit and bring focus to some object, for example bed. - There are overexposed/burn out places, use tone mapping - Add AO, to bring contact shadows in life, looks to clean - Add some vignette Cheers,
  10. Frame from upcoming truck 3D animation project, work in progress. C4D, Redshift, AE.
  11. One of best workflows is to render out image sequence from c4d, file format OpenEXR, 16-bit, Half-float, in block of 16 scan lines. Then import this into AE, render out your main/master video in Cineform 10-bit YUV using AME, and in the end import master video into AME and render out H.264 video for web, youtube, vimeo or similar purpose.
  12. Big thing with gpu rendering is realtime instant rendering feedback/preview, which speeds up your workflow in a big way, not just pure rendering speed. When you try it I'm sure you will never go back to cpu rendering, unless there's a some specific need for cpu rendering. I was using c4d standard and physical cpu render engine many years, rendering on powerful 14 core Xeons, but Redshift gpu rendering in overall is much much faster when you building your scenes, and also when you start final rendering. AMD threadrippers are very fast in rendering but can't match 2 or more higher end cards like GTX 1080 or better.
  13. Thanks, 3d model was provided from client, base mesh from Modo, all rest is done in C4D and rendered with RS, with some post work in AE :). Cheers,
  14. Custom H125 Airbus visualization for client. C4D, Redshift, AE.



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