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  1. Hi, Apply some blur to your shadow pass layer, it will make it more soft.
  2. Hi, Check normals, correct them if needed, and change phong tag value to 40. Dane
  3. Hi, Best would be 32-bit TIFF with alpha, or 16-bit PNG with alpha, but probably no need to go to 32-bit images, so 16-bit TIFF/PNG would give you very good quality images. Dane
  4. Hi, You can do this using voronoi fracture with push appart effector. About time speeding up, set key frames and make custom interpolation, or probably can be done also with some xpresso setup. Dane
  5. Here you go Dane Liquid flow simulation_2.c4d
  6. Hi, You can try Floor Generator plugin https://www.c4dzone.com/en/shop/plug-ins-17/floor-generator-294.htm Dane
  7. Hi, You can use Mesh Checker, to see is object correct or have some errors. Dane
  8. Hi, You need hi res (2K or 4K) texture maps like normal, specular, reflection/roughness and others, beside base diffuse/albedo texture, to bring surface details up, in combination with IBL hdr lighting setup, or couple area lights in 3-point configuration setup. This is one way how you can achieve render results like that, but there are more ways to do it. Dane
  9. Hi, Reduce IOR index of glass material from default 1.51 to 1.01, or even lower (1.005), if you want material behind glass to be more clear and visible, without refraction deformations. Dane
  10. Here's .c4d file with some examples using twist deformer. Cheers, Dane example_c4d.c4d
  11. Hi, You can also use Twist deformer, other way to make objects/shapes like that. Dane
  12. Also take a look at 3D-Coat for UV tasks. Dane
  13. Hi, About cpu, yes, Octane, Redshift and other GPU render engines are using cpu for some tasks, while cards are rendering, so your cpu is utilized in some %. But you can check only RTX 2080 Super in Octane settings (uncheck other card), and Octane will use/render on only RTX 2080 S. You can try to see how gaming+rendering will work, but I wouldn't recommend it. Dane
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