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  1. Click on "Physical" and post that screen here :).
  2. Hi, grain comes if you are using physical render with low/lower sampler subdivisions, use at least medium preset for sampler, and Ambient Oclusion subdivision value of 4.
  3. Is C4D R18 using AVX/AVX2 instruction set when rendering? Can't find any info about that.
  4. How AMD will not support OpenCL when ProRender should be integrated in C4D R19? This means that development of ProRender is stopped, is that officially or just guessing?
  5. Hi, Cinebench OpenGL test is very dependent on cpu single core speed, and it's really not good indicator of gpu speed in c4d, no worries :). 980 Ti card is very powerfull and it's much much faster then old GTX 460, that's for sure. Now about lower cpu score, i7 980 should have around 850-900 score, what's your cpu speed when testing with CB? Run CB and open cpu-z to monitor speed, should be 3.34-3.35 on all cores. Also what's your PSU?
  6. Looks great, but 50h render time seems to long, total cpu core count is 30 cores? Can you tell us poly count in that scene? Probably materials/textures needs some optimization, and transparency is killer for most render engines (if not for all of them). However very nice work :).
  7. You need some external c4d CUDA gpu render, like Octane, Cycles, Thea and others that are supported by c4d. Btw GTX 1050Ti is lower middle class GPU, not great choice for GPU rendering, you should get at least GTX 1060/1070. For some learning purposes it's ok.
  8. What version of Cinema? What graphic card, driver version? Did you check your Power Options in control panel? Should be Balanced or High Performance.
  9. If you are rendering only with GPU's, keep your i7 4790K. If you are planing to render with cpu, then that dual Xeon config is very powerfull for rendering, total of 28 cores / 56 threads.
  10. 16-bit PNG file format is best option for rendering sequence, much smaller size then TIFF files, and high image quality.
  11. What is happening when you change sun position, is shadow like it should be then? Seems like some invisible geometry is blocking/cutting shadow
  12. Seems that Ryzen is very good for pro work and rendering, great multi threaded performance and big IPC improvements, but, C4D uses Intel embree for faster rendering, which is not supported on AMD cpu's. Also Ryzen doesn't have support for newer AVX 2.0(+) instructions, and also doesn't have support for quad channel, only dual channel config. Score in Cinebench R15 is great, no doubt about that, but it's question how much rendering in Cinebench R15 is different then rendering in current R18 version, and future R19. Overall it's a great cpu for it's price, and i7 6900K price should be much lower, simply when 6800K which has 6 cores / 12 threads costs ~$400, then 6900K with 8 cores / 16 threads can't cost more then double, it only has 33% more cores, real price should be around same as Ryzen 7 1800X...
  13. Hi, you can use tile texture, type lines, in bump channel, and some noise in displacement channel. Or make geometry your self using simple plane surface object with regular grid, select edges, pull them up and down, and insert object into hyper nurbs, it will give you smooth wavy shape.
  14. Add also sky object with some nice hdr image, to catch realistic reflections on model, with GI enabled. You can do it without GI also, with 3 point light setup for example and same sky+hdr image. Beveling edges is crucial thing to do always when you are modeling.
  15. Cinema4D viewport performance is very dependent on your CPU single core speed, faster core -> faster viewport performance. In your case that Xeon has only 2.3GHz as base frequency, with 3.3 turbo, so it's much better choice for render farms and pure rendering, then for main workstation. But, as Cerbera already told you, C4D can handle milions of polygons with no trouble, but high count of objects in scene is another story, especially if you also have bunch of deformers, cloners and similar. Best way is to hide things that you are not using atm in scene (with "x", not red dot), reduce LOD to low-med, change shading mode to quick shading or similar, turn off all viewport display effects (noises, post effects, shadows, transparency, reflections, SSAO, Tessellation), this should speed up viewport performance by some margin...