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  1. Hi, Wanted to present our showreel for 2017. Comments and critics are welcome, enjoy ;). Cheers,
  2. Hi, I guess you will use CPU and GPU for rendering, since you mentioned Arnold (cpu render) and Octane (gpu render)? In that case, go with AMD 1950X (16 core / 32 threads), and GTX 1080 Ti, or dual 1080 Ti. 1070 Ti is also good card, all depends of your budget, more GPUs in your system - faster render. Cheers,
  3. Hi, Simply - With PC you get more power/performance, for same amount of money. Cheers,
  4. GPU advice

    Hi, if you are not rendering with GPU, then 1050 Ti/1060 6gb is good for your needs. Cheers
  5. Increase render quality

    What renderer did you used? If Standard, then you need to increase your Anti-Aliasing settings.
  6. Hi, Just joined this Redshift for C4D club, here's some quick simple stuff, some first steps in RS :). Cheers,
  7. Some first steps in Redshift for C4D, just started learning/practising :). So far I'm amazed how good RS is, very fast, stable, great shader graph, many options to use/tweak, great piece of software. Guess It's time to leave physical render after many years, and enjoy with RS ;). Cheers
  8. Too Much Flickers in Animation

    Are you using GI in your render settings? Flickering in animations is because GI method used, you must use QMC for primary method, in order to avoid flickering. QMC for primary and Light Mapping for secondary is good combo.
  9. Global Illumination Alternative?

    Hi, one way to fake GI is this: insert sphere into your scene, make it big enough so all scene objects fit inside sphere, and make sphere like half sphere, sliced in half so we have only top half, simulating visible sky. Then insert omni light (no shadows), add light to cloner, make light distribute on sphere surface (vertex distribution), so you have one light one each sphere vertex. Put sphere and cloner inside null, add compositing tag to null, and uncheck all. You can control lighting intensity with changing number of segments on sphere, or in cloner options, or changing light strength with slider. This setup will simulate sky illumination (indirect light), so you can add one more light with enabled shadows, which will simulate sunlight. Also, to get actual visible sky, and sky/environment reflections, add standard sky object with some spherical hdri map, or non-hdri, it can be regular photo, which will be your visible sky environment. This setup is rendering much faster then GI, and you will not have any issues with flickering in animations, which is almost always a problem when rendering animations with GI. Cheers,
  10. Transparency Kills Glow

    Hi, in your case you need to add/make glow in post work, in AE for example.
  11. rendering glass part 2

    Here's quick example, open and render ;). Cheers Example.zip
  12. Hi, all textures needs to be in folder with name "tex", and project file .c4d needs to be in same folder where "tex" is. Then open your .c4d project, reload textures so texture path is pointing to "tex" folder, save, and that's it, you shouldn't have any problems next time you open .c4d file. Cheers,
  13. Hi, I would go with Threadripper for sure, it has boost clock to 4.0GHz anyway, and can go 4.2GHz with XFR, so single threaded performance in c4d are great, not to mention great multithread performance (cinebench r15 cpu score ~3000 points). Cheers,
  14. Hi, I'm planing to buy Radeon Pro WX5100 8Gb, to replace my RX 480 8Gb, for using it in rendering with ProRender, and to get better/faster viewport performance with more complex scenes. Any experience with Radeon Pro WX cards, is anybode using it for c4d? Wondering will WX5100 be any faster in ProRender and in general viewport performance?