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  1. Hi, You have material override option in render settings, if that is what you are looking for? Dane
  2. Hi, Render that surface object as alpha image, place it over main render image in AE and apply that liquid waves effect, it's in effects tab. Dane
  3. Hi, Use some good hi res texture image of paper for diffuse, and make normal map of it (here you can find both paper and normal map, with other maps https://www.poliigon.com/search?query=Paper&type=texture). Paper reflections should be blurred, and use some smaller value for normal map strength. Also you can bend a little paper surface, to add more realism to it. Dane
  4. In comparison to every other gpu render engine, or to 95% of them, to say, ProRender is (much) slower, and not yet completely production ready. And since MAXON acquires Redshift, I would say that their development focus will be towards Redshift as primary/main render engine, with ProRender as second choice, especially for AMD gpus, and Physical/Standard render engine for cpus.
  5. Hi, For UV work I'm using 3D-Coat, great tool for uv unwrap and similar, you can give it a try ;). Dane
  6. Hi, Redshift/Octane for rendering and RTX 2080, or 2 x RTX 2080 if budget allows. Cpu is not so important here in terms of cores count, aim to high IPC cpu, like 9800X/9820X or Ryzen 3700X/3800X. First two has 44 pci-e lanes, which is important if you plan to add more then two gpus, for just one or two gpus, 3700X/3800X are good. Dane
  7. Hi, I need someone who can make high quality high poly 3d models of kids watches, like these examples https://www.google.com/search?q=smartwatch for kids&sxsrf=ACYBGNTPSVCRUptVrx5YWxiptvgQaIjwKA%3A1568659631381&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7hejAgNbkAhXF2aQKHVdXB9IQ_AUIEigB&biw=2560&bih=1298&dpr=1.5&fbclid=IwAR3Xf02XMopJHtlWME7V46KqmTr5Y62IXg6qG8qF0elCN8fBSrKQySOtLSI. Models needs to look as close as possible to real products, maximum possible accuracy, they will be used in further commercial animation projects. Let me know your time and cost estimate in PM or to danijelk83@gmail.com Cheers, Dane
  8. Igor, can you recommend someone else? Unfortunately, he is not available atm, and I get error message saying that my inbox is full, can't send messages, but I have only couple messages in my inbox. Is that some bug with cafe website messaging system? Thanks, Dane
  9. Hi, For airport simulation we need a few animated characters. For now we need an estimation for three models: Guide Man Signals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv3gXi4O7vo Ground Agent walking next to Aircraft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCxufjSsoZg Aircraft Marshaller: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKJP6N3hfys . We need only those movements which are shown at the videos and walking for each of them. Models should be relatively realistic/believable when seen from approx. 50 feet., similar to this example https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/real-time-sea-captain-3d-model-1315450. More detailed requirements are still in development. Deliverables: FBX files (separate file for each animation). Anyone interested can contact me here or to danijelk83@gmail.com Thanks, Dane
  10. Hi, For such use in C4D, absolutely no need for Quadro card. Only reason to go with Quadro is if you are rendering very big heavy polycount scenes, and if you are also working in some CAD/CAM software where Quadro cards are faster then regular GTX/RTX. Cheers, Dane
  11. Hi, You need to increase samples, check attachment. Values like 64 for min, and 256 for max are usual enough for most simple scenes, in some cases 128 and 512 are needed, but try with lower values until you are satisfied with results. Start with 8+32, 16+64, and similar. Remember that Redshift renders faster if samples are multiplied by 4, so if min=4, max should be 16 (4*4), or if min=16, max should be 64 (4*16), and so on. Higher samples equals longer render times, so find optimum values. Cheers, Dane
  12. Hi, I would recommend Redshift for gpu rendering, and some i7/i9 cpu with high IPC speed, or some of new Ryzen 3000 series cpu. For Redshift (or Octane) you will need nVidia graphic card, amd is not supported. Cheers, Dane
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