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  1. Hi, That's why we used the word 'assisted'. While AI is an extremely fascinating concept, it is in the end just matrix multiplication and will never be able to substitute imagination and art. Though we believe, that it can be immensely useful for early stage prototypes and to optimize workflow which further emphasizes the imagination and art skills invested in a project. AI will probably be able to automate to perfection all mondaine, repetitive and easy to describe (mathematically) tasks. However everything that requires Imagination, Abstract thinking is close to impossible to emulate. AI won't do everything for you, and even if it does, (an extremely unlikely event) learning things keeps us alive :). P.S: Edge flow is pretty pretty hard to describe mathematically :).
  2. Hello! I am part of a team called Icarus. We're a group of hobby designers and programmers and for the past few months we've been developing a web platform that attempts to reshape the current 3D design pipeline. The web platform enables 3D designers to manage the different versions of their models, view differences, as well as collaborate on a single model without conflicts. We are also working on an AI-assisted 3D model generation :) We are working on soft launch for the alpha version of the platform. Since we're still early in development, we would love to hear your feedback on the idea in order to shape it to suit your professional needs. Here's a link to our feedback form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Jqd06-j9LD5VY5TC904S8L3s6Rgi3bIULjU-L9EZxGk/ Thank you for your time :)



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