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  1. 01. import Ai file (ver 8) 02. export dxf repeat. have fun :)
  2. Try your luck on
  3. I have Ultimate, but I'm not sure if Win7 is futureproof :/
  4. Good to know, I plan to setup new PC on Windows7. Anyone here uses Octane 3 on Win7 – how it works?
  5. Leran about snaping – interections and dynamic guides. It's a litte tricky at first but works quite well. cheers
  6. You shuold start with some modelig tutorials – try "rock in cinema 4d" in google and so on.
  7. My guess is that he model low/mid poly base. You can see that there are parts that looks the same – so he clones and reuse those parts. Rest of effect is probably texture, shader, octane and photoshop magic.
  8. It was simpler to make it on new file. cheers
  9. You can try shader effector – and in shading add noise - there is a loop option.
  10. Or use knife tool ( K > L )
  11. First from the top
  12. Hi, Im guessing thta this is how geomtery looks like. In Render Settings - > Options - turn off default light. Then create new light and in general tab turn on "Ambient illumination" cheers.
  13. Randomness of this problem bugs me. Just a second ago my camera was unable to pan and all of the sudden it's ok.
  14. Hi, sometimes when I use my perspective viewport and I try to pan (shortuct "1") viewport is moving so slooooow. It usually happens when I zoom in. Sometimes changing navigation form camera to object mode helps. I don't know what causes this, any ideas? cheers!
  15. If your object is made of many different parts — play with fracture object and some effectors like plain..