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  1. MSA

    I still use CS6 at home (Photoshop /AfterFX etc) and I can produce same quality work as on CC. I updated to R19 but If next update I'll be similar to this I think I'll pass next year.
  2. X-particles render issue

    Can you share scene file?
  3. user shape doesn't work in bevel

    Increase "Depth" value.
  4. Can you just use area light instead of planes? If you use luminance to emit light I think that you must turn on Global Illumination.
  5. Even Slicing with R18 Plane Cut Tool ?

    How about Loop/Path cut K>L.
  6. C4D shut down when clicking render

    Did you try to copy everything to a new scene?
  7. "preloading" emitter?

    What kind of emitter?
  8. match scale and position exactly

    Use a snap to set "relief" object points to another object.
  9. noise

    It's quite normal that you get low quality on low settings. You always need to find a balance between quality and render time. You may think about using render farm. cheers
  10. Glowing Particle Object

    There are various ways to achieve that effect from Trapcode Form , Xparticles to Mograph (distribute clones on an object). The glow effect you can get in post production.
  11. If you have the budget to buy XP - it's no brainer. I tried to do something with TP but it was a nightmare. XP workflow is similar to C4D's mogrpah module.
  12. MSA Renewal

    Thx you all, I just like to know what I'm paying for :)
  13. MSA Renewal

    Hi, I have questions about MSA renewal. Last year I bought MSA on 28 of August and now my reseller tells me that I have to buy a new one until the end of July. I find this ridiculous since there R19 is not even announced and this way next year I will buy MSA in June and so on. I tried to ask MAXON on Fb but there is only US help ... any ideas? thx in advance.
  14. Crimping plane or cube?

    I would do it as two separated objects - one plane plane ;) and one crimped. Rendered and put this animation together in After Effects.
  15. How to merge 2 overlapping polygons?

    I played a little with this and you can see my results - half way there ( play with different options of the polygon pen. This tool it's not perfect and you can't see this but it adds new vertex points. Unfortunately, it's important to know how to fix mesh by hand.