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  1. JMan

    Schwinn Fastback Bicycle

    My first attempt on modeling a bicycle
  2. Hi Bezo! Thanks a lot for helping me out! I looked at a UV Terrace tutorial yesterday, but kinda got stuck Do you have any good tutorials to recommend on UV mapping, for beginners! Have a great weekend! Really appreciate this community
  3. I want to close it, so the texture should cover that area as well.
  4. Oh sry I forgot to attach these files. Thanks for a quick reply AirbusA330.c4d
  5. Hi! I bought a airplane model from cgtrader, but I had to remove the landing gear. I try to remap the UV but then it gets even more broken. Do any of you an idea to fix this? I'm kind of newbie on this part of C4D so any help would be appreciated. I find UV-mapping super random and frustrating Have a nice day!
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