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  1. I use the apply to children and if my hierarchy is like "cloth/object" inside the cloner, it gets really buggy. So i could use the whole cloner system as child of "cloth"? i dont remember this working after caching my dynamics. I ll try again but i think this is not possible.
  2. Hi, when i have subdivisions and cloth as parents of my object (all of which inside a null) in a cloner, and i put dynamics to the cloner, it messes everything up. Cloth and subdivisions are off, but are in that hierachy so i can open em after i cache my dynamics. This setup doesnt work. I have to leave only my mesh as a child of the cloner. The only solution i ve found so far is to bake everything and then add the subdivisions etc. Any other way that doesnt include baking? thanks
  3. Hi, how much u usually go in substeps and iterrations for final simulations? I have issues especially with soft bodies that stuck in places and raising substeps to values like 30 doesnt seem to help. Any thoughts? ty
  4. Render queue questions

  5. Render queue questions

    I m learning c4d from 0 in 1 week for a commercial, so sorry for asking those technical stuff and i dont have time between working and googling to test em. Ye sure i tested and testing a lot of things all day, and at nights before bed i post so i can find answers in the morning for what i didnt have time to test. So can u please answer my question? Ur not obliged, but instead of this "test it on ur own" if u want help me out. Thanks..
  6. Render queue questions

    Its not same as crashing thats why im asking. One more question, are jobs reusable after finish, like if i press again render it will do the exact same action?
  7. Render queue questions

    Thanks, so if lets say it crashes and it has stopped at frame 25 out of 100. If i go to render queue again and just press render it will automatically continue from 26 or it will start over the job? thanks
  8. Hi, i ve set up some renders overnight. If my c4d crashes for some reason, i lose all stuff in render queue? Or continues from where it left of automatically when i re launch it? In general i noticed that i can close the scenes with render queue and just leave c4d running and it will do the job. How does this work under the hood? Storing the scene somewhere internally or in my pc? Any tips in general to avoid or do stuff other way? thanks a lot
  9. Lock animated camera

    Sounds excellent, i ll try it out 2morrow :) edit: nope i can navigate in my camera viewport and ruin it. I really cannot understand why c4d does this... I ll attach u 2morrow a file probably, maybe something in my hierarchy lets me mess up with camera. thanks
  10. Soloing objects and selections

    Found it but it seems to to absolute nothing. check video https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvw2tenixots5od/2017-10-09_20-35-32.webm?dl=0
  11. Soloing objects and selections

    Nope idk this command :) where is it plz? ty ty
  12. Hi, i use octane and i find this very annoying issue with render queue. Besides the passes etc that i setup octane to export, it keeps using the native "Save" menu of c4d so it doubles all of my files. Those who faced this issue know what i mean. Any solutions? In octane forums they told me this is c4d issue and it is true. Thoughts? cheers
  13. Display scene polygon in viewport

    kk thanks
  14. Display scene polygon in viewport

    U mean the one with CTRL+I?
  15. Lock animated camera

    Thanks, well i wish it was that but seems like it isnt. I ll keep an eye though more carefully. Also, if i put my camera hierarchy inside a new null, naturally it will move out of its position. But when i take it out back again, shouldnt go to its original place? thanks