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  1. Picture viewer cache range

    Wooot thanks i cant believe i never saw this :D
  2. Hi, i have no way to reload cached sims in tfd and the official forum and their support are completely inactive. Maybe i should ask here? ty
  3. Hi, how can i increase my RAM (i think it is ram) for picture viewer previews? I tend to see only a certain amount of frames realtime after or as i render, and i got plenty of resources availiable. Thanks

    Eg. Very logical assumption, "lets remove stuff that we dont wanna rewrite to be multithreaded" U act like u wouldnt want that btw :P chill bro haha

    Maybe is a bit early to ask, but this means multithreading is on?! This is the main (of course not the only) difference between houdini and c4d in my opinion and would be a total game changer.
  6. Link to a deformable object

    Thanks guys, yea cloners again to the rescue haha. I prefer constraint only cause its easier for others to explain when i trade my files. :D Its awesome to see that cloners potential is endless.
  7. Link to a deformable object

    Thanks a lot i ll give it a look in the morning!!
  8. Link to a deformable object

    Yes i tried with this tag and it slips or twists weirdly. Which part of this tag it is? Clamp on surface? I couldnt find the combination of this.
  9. Hi, how can i link eg a cube to any polygon or point i want to a cylinder that is bending or squashing etc? thanks
  10. Scaling axis issue

    Unfortunately i mean that :D i forgot to upload, will do 2morrow definitely! i could use some assistance!! thanks
  11. Scaling axis issue

    Hi, i have a scene and no matter what i do my objects cant scale uniformly. I checked if XYZ is pressed, it is not. Probably i pressed something wrong but i cant find it. I ll upload scene tomorrow cause i need strip it down. Meanwhile if there are any thoughts, i d appreciate it. thanks
  12. Item creation while in layer solo mode

    Thanks guys, ye i use magic solo as well and is very handy, but as ABMotion said, yea i needed the layer function is a bit different in terms of organization. Its annoying cause materials need to go also in every layer.. Thank u all for ur replies, i think CV active layer will do the trick.
  13. Item creation while in layer solo mode

    Awsome thanks, its really an issue this one.
  14. Item creation while in layer solo mode

    Cant believe this... thanks...
  15. Hi, i have this very annoying issue. I am soloed on a layer and whatever i create doesnt get inside the layer automatically. Therefore i have to unsolo, add new item to my layer and solo again. This complete defies the purpose of having layers to manage heavy scenes. What am i missing here? C4d cant be that dumb :) cheers