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  1. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    Hey buddy, well i cant do stuff in max with same ease as in c4d (actually some of em not at all eg massive object manipulations like cloners etc). In c4d life is simple : stuff just work out of the box, doesnt crash unreasonably 10 times per day, lets u experiment on stuff rather than plain execute, is really artist friendly overall. and its also much more common used in my line of work which is mainly motion design. Also cause i just love octane implementation in there and xparticles/tfd. Plus no real features from version to version in 3ds max. Last but not least, awesome community and tones of resources!!
  2. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    Valid points there. The way I see it, is that if something doesnt suit u, u change it. Either a gf or a software :D If u are a hobbyist then yea, its annoying that u miss the tools from the software u love. If u are a professional though, thats another story and u need to adapt. Last 2 years i learned and applied to actual jobs (or tried to a degree) substance/nuke/octane/c4d/xparticles/tfd/realflow/world creator etc etc Ye it takes money sure. And it was/is rough i can tell u that. But the outcome of this research, is a lot more jobs, and a lot more money. I could easily say "i work on 3dsmax for 15 years no way i leave it now". Its the nature of this job that requires u to be on top of new technologies. Ye c4d might not be perfect, but its a great tool and im surprised reading people complaining about MAXON neglecting features :) I think it covers pretty much everything to a very good degree. Try autodesk for half of ur life and u ll understand where im coming from :D
  3. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I strongly believe if u are into characters u should be looking at Maya, as whole industry is there. Is like if u wanna model u need to know Zbrush etc. There are industry standard softwares and despite our personal workflows or prefs, we need to tag along. I dont believe that the future is to have several programs; the situation was always like this. There is not one to rule em all :D Dont be afraid to jump on another ship imo if what u are using gives u troubles, even if that costs u at first, eventually its a win win for u. Cheers
  4. Hide Filters in C4D (viewp.individually)

    I think its not possible, but i think this might be of some use https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cleanmode_plugin
  5. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    C4d as any other software, cant excel at everything. Imo mograph is the reason c4d is famous, and not modelling or char animation or any of traditional 3d stuff that other 3d softwares provide I also believe that u can not do anything in one software due to the complexity of 3d in general. Would be lovely to paint as in SP2 inside c4d, or to have booleans like Meshfusion etc but thats not possible and will never happen in a single software. C4d is strong on almost every aspect btw. That being said, the more i test c4d in production, the more i realise that is the only software i ever used that doesnt crash :) Being a 15 year old 3dsmax user, switching to c4d has been a breeze for me. I wouldnt mind if not a single feature was added, in order for multithread to be implemented (as its rumoured for R20). I think that inside c4d only thing can drag u down atm is performance and ur imagination and not its toolset which i find adequate for many many situations. Sure houdini is a beast atm, but its learning curve is not for everyone + the major difference i see with c4d is that u can use all ur system resources. Sure u need xparticles to do stuff, or TFD or tones of plugins, but realistically speaking check eg. AE: It needs tones of plugins to function to its potential. Long story short, i wish for a good performance boost in R20 plus an indie licence plan, that would help tones of freelancers to jump on board.
  6. Hi, i have this issue when copy pasting dynamic objects (rigid/soft) from scene to scene. It loses the cache + scene dynamics parameters are different in new scene. Is there any solution for this? I could use alembics or bake keyframes, but i wanna know if there is a better and less heavy workflow (alembics increase file size a lot). Thanks
  7. Select parent

    Oh my bad, thanks a lot!
  8. Select parent

    Sorry to get back at this, but it gives me an unknown format error when i try run the script from that folder. I noticed its .pyp instead of .py, maybe its very old version of c4d scripting? thanks
  9. Select parent

    Hi, i need to setup a shortcut in a "select parent" command that c4d lacks. I saw it in a cineversity plugin but i dont have subscription there unfortunately. So is there a way to do this? thanks
  10. Asset Paths setup

    Thank u mate. Loading assets eg, i start the ipr in octane or redshift? cheers
  11. Asset Paths setup

    Hi, I have a server where i keep all of my textures/hdrs etc. I saw that i can use c4d's asset paths to predefine some folders so it can look up for textures automatically. My question is: my texture library is many GB (around idk 50 or so). And it also contains a lot of subfolders. If i set the top folder in asset paths, will it keep looking in the subfolders as well? Also with that amount of textures, will c4d slowdown or lag? thanks guys
  12. Scaling axis issue

    I owe u a big one mate :) U rock!!!
  13. Scaling axis issue

    Thanks a lot. Yea thats the only solution i found as well. Copy pasting is not an option always though, especially cause i use octane and things start to break up in shaders with copy paste. Lets see if someone else has an idea over this. Thanks again mate
  14. Scaling axis issue

    Sorry to get back at this so late. Here is a scene :https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kmol8uq24mwz9i/scale_problemo.c4d?dl=0 Try to scale something and u ll see the issue. It only scales in one axis. thanks a lot
  15. Filter out null selection from viewport

    @bezo the script works perfect! It might be too much to ask so let me know: Would it be possible when i press the button to be able to see it in a different color? Like a toggle that is? thanks so much man u saved me tones of times already :)