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  1. Scaling axis issue

    I owe u a big one mate :) U rock!!!
  2. Scaling axis issue

    Thanks a lot. Yea thats the only solution i found as well. Copy pasting is not an option always though, especially cause i use octane and things start to break up in shaders with copy paste. Lets see if someone else has an idea over this. Thanks again mate
  3. Scaling axis issue

    Sorry to get back at this so late. Here is a scene :https://www.dropbox.com/s/4kmol8uq24mwz9i/scale_problemo.c4d?dl=0 Try to scale something and u ll see the issue. It only scales in one axis. thanks a lot
  4. Filter out null selection from viewport

    @bezo the script works perfect! It might be too much to ask so let me know: Would it be possible when i press the button to be able to see it in a different color? Like a toggle that is? thanks so much man u saved me tones of times already :)
  5. NightRun

    Cheers guys! I think another step would be houdini, after few years, but for now c4d is covering my needs greatly! And ofc i got tones to learn yet. I dont really miss max, only thing i d like to know is unwrap in c4d and im so bored to dive into it haha thanks again
  6. NightRun

    Hello, check out our latest work with c4d/octane. Its been since September that i decided to go to c4d after many years in 3ds max and i think i love this transition.
  7. Filter out null selection from viewport

    Bezo i couldnt thank u more! cheers to all u in this forum, ur all very helpful !
  8. Filter out null selection from viewport

    Hey one more question, can i put this as hud or with a shortcut of some short? thanks fellas
  9. Filter out null selection from viewport

    Cheers man!! thats it!
  10. Filter out null selection from viewport

    Thanks i know that, but thats not selecting from viewport. I wanna rule out anything in the viewport as selection (not seeing them, just not being able to select em)
  11. Hi, i have setup for animation a complex scene with many objects, and i have all my nulls as boxes and ready for anim. However, i cant seem to find a way to select only the nulls direct from viewport. I wanna see everything in viewport, but being able to select only nulls. In 3ds max used to work, there was this "filtering" and i could direct select in viewport only lights or geometry or nulls etc etc. Is there a similar function in c4d? It would help tones. cheers see image below
  12. Copy-paste keyframes

    Thanks mate! Ye something is bugging it, but yea figured that out!
  13. Copy-paste keyframes

    Mm, i think i found the issue.. if "show animated' is ticked, then this drag is not working. Can u check? thanks
  14. Copy-paste keyframes

    Digging this up, i got same exact result with paste greyed out. If i add a track though on the object i wanna paste, lets me paste but on the wrong axis. I will post a video that showcases the issue. edit: i found that in Curve/Dope editor bugs out or something. But in timeline works as expected! Anyways that will do for now. Cheers
  15. Render UVW template similar in c4d

    Lovely mate, thank u!!! Damn it who watches now 1 hour video hahah cheers