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  1. Animation doesnt update in viewports

    Thanks so much for this Bezo!!!
  2. Selling Octane 3 Standalone + C4D plugin

    Hey there, i am interested. Are those licences still availiable? Pm me or even better email me at thanoskagkalos@gmail.com
  3. Animation doesnt update in viewports

    Yea thats what i ll do in this case, if noone else can spot something here. I still suspect if this was a bug, others would ve had it over the years. Googling it didnt find any other case like this which makes me think, this is something here. I ll check with MAXON i guess. Thanks for ur time :)
  4. Animation doesnt update in viewports

    Thanks. Yea thats exactly what i did. I think this aint a bug though. Something is pressed somewhere. We are all new in c4d so we press wrong shortcuts all the time. So far havent seen anything broken in c4d, is always something that i miss :)
  5. Animation doesnt update in viewports

    Here u go, i stripped it down completely. Camera has keyframes/the cylinder has keyframes and none of em is moving, but u can see em in timeline/fcurves/coordinates: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iyfx9ggpsisiku8/objects dont animate.c4d?dl=0 Thank u :)
  6. Hi guys, i encountered this weird problem today. I was animating any object, and while in fcurves my keys were there, in viewport nothing was updating Also, in coordinate, the dots were red when were keyframes, but the values didnt update. This all happened after i gave scene to a guy and he returned it to me, so i guess he probably pressed a wrong hotkey of some short and disabled the updates. But i cant find what that is. Anyone enountered same issue? thanks I ll strip scene tomorrow and upload it if anyone willing to take a look
  7. Cloner dynamics question

    ty guys :) cool solutions both
  8. Cloner dynamics question

    Sounds like what i want! I ll test it 2morrow! If that works when opening file again im set! thank u
  9. Cloner dynamics question

    Yes but if u see the sim u ll realise why they jiggle :) its a massive almond sea. In any case, i want "current state to object" but inside cloner and not initial state of dynamics. I dont even know if its possible :) thanks
  10. Hi, i have some rigid bodies falling and i wanna keep the very last frame of the simulation. I dont wanna do current state to object, i want this inside the cloner in a way to say to dynamics stay in this specific state, so when i move in my timeline the objects stay still. Its not "initial state" in dynamics cause as i play through they still jiggle. Any thoughts? thanks
  11. Content browser custom tabs

    U rock ty
  12. Hi, i saw this presentation where Chad has some tabs from his content browser in the interface and are named as he wishes (see image) How can i do that? Thanks
  13. Vertex map on cloth tear

    Logic says, if u put vertex map in there drives the tear shape :) besides that i wouldnt know haha
  14. Vertex map on cloth tear

    Thanks im gonna try this. So in tear it just creates holes is the proper behavior?
  15. Hi, i have this issue, when i add a vertex map to tear a cloth object, the cloth disappears instead of tearing. See video below and here is file. Thanks File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fl6i47xlrm22j9y/cloth vertex map tear issue.c4d?dl=0 2018-02-07_16-03-03.webm