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  1. Cant atm its a client project. But will strip down scene when project done and share cause im curious too. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a png seq in color and alpha. Every time i replace the seq, even if i reload and recalc animation (which btw always finds the right frame numbers), doesnt properly update. It lags/stutters and doesnt give me new result. Seems like it caches it wrong or something? Only thing that makes it work is if i close and reopen my file, which is quite annoying. I have to also mention here that octane is installed and it might be taking over some viewport previews or im not sure, i think its important detail. What might be a fix for this ? Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Great workaround thanks a lot!!
  4. Hi, i have this issue with coloring clones. I should expect the spherical field in my setup to change the color of the clones as they are inside it. But it seems that this is not the case here. It seems like its taking into consideration the initial position of objects and disregards the dynamics. How can this be fixed? thanks scene file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrvcw9iobntzrkc/plain_color.c4d?dl=0
  5. Yes i know the manual way. I wanted to know if somehow via formula or something i can select only all the child A or all the child B of the cloner. And as i play with their ratio, this selection to be procedural. If i describe it correct thanks
  6. Hi, I have a cloner with two objects A and B. I use a random effector in order to play with the ratio of A vs B (modify clone + max/min). Is there a parametric way with a third effector to select the objects A or B? I know its a bit tricky to explain, but i tried haha. Cheers
  7. Alright. Thanks for the update.
  8. Thanks. Fyi i had 600k polys so, yea. The very moment i added the tag it only worked as intended! Have a good night
  9. Yea exactly! Thats how i been using em so far. But without the sculpt tag, dragRect is not working here. So its bug ? Should i report?
  10. Thanks so much Igor. It doesnt work without the sculpt tag actually and i was just using the brushes in a raw geo. Also without "edge detect" on, stamps disappear. I was following old tuts where "edge detect" didnt exist as button. Thanks a lot for the reply
  11. Hi, when i try to dragrect a stamp, i dont see it in the viewport. I see a white dot and as i drag my tablet nothing happens. Any thoughts? I try hours to fix this and still nothing. Ty
  12. Can someone please explain what AVX practically does? Will its speed up certain areas or take advantage of mutlithreading? Lets all agree, even though multithread exists in various areas of c4d, makes literally no difference where it actually matters (sims). Been using houdini lately as well, and the gap is massive in terms of stability in dynamics + performance. And i was wondering if this AVX will at least start pushing c4d developing into a better integration with the current hardware. Got myself a 3950x and as expected i see no differences in c4d with my 8 year old i7
  13. No worries thank u very much!
  14. Thanks mate! This is working nicely. Would that be applicable to a cloner? I have many cubes! Tried messing with nodes, expresso is not my thing, and failed :) thanks!
  15. Hi, is that possible? Im trying to have some objects attracted to a sphere. And i want when they touch this sphere to freeze and stick there (sphere might be constantly rotating). Or at least dynamics to go off. Is that possible? I d use inheritance if it had a relative distance mode so objects do not intersect with geo as they try to finalise their position. Any ideas? thanks
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