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  1. Heya, i think this works just about right :) thanks a lot !
  2. Hi, whats the similar tool in c4d? I wanna add multiple shapes on a line, as 3ds max works and blend between those shapes freely. Spline wrap can take only 1 object/shape right? And loft cant be on a path it just blends between shapes. Thoughts? thanks
  3. Again to this problem. Just add subdivs to cloner and let me know if works. Unless effectors are disabled, subdvs just dont work. Is this a limitation? ty and happy 2019!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/2io964ciyt4sswo/soft bodies in cloner behavior.c4d?dl=0
  4. thanulee

    project search path pop up R20

    Hey im sure i saw somewhere too that u can disable this preference in R20 but i cant find where. Anyone figured this out?
  5. Hi, im 1 year now in c4d and i love it. For what i do though, which is mainly design/mograph stuff, i find that the cloth system is unreliable. I had to do a simple flag the other day. Not intersecting itself, proved to be a tricky one. While i love the cloth controls, whenever i try use self collisions c4d really slows down even for very simple stuff. Other times, self collisions just do not work no matter what. I was checking vellum in houdini and i was very impressed with the speed and the reliability, especially for simple tasks. Also soft bodies. Are a lot better, u can just increase substeps and get the results u want, but are veryyyy slow. Also hard task to pin one from vertices or to another object. Do u think its possible to have in future c4d versions something similar to vellum? Or should i invest in learning a new software only for cloth/soft bodies? cheers
  6. Thanks! Any idea how to do that?
  7. Thanks for the reply. This need came up when i was using a cloner to trigger some dynamics with effectors. All good and dandy, then i decide to add some spline dynamics in there. Actually let me upload a file and u ll see what i mean :) i really like the control i have with effectors vs a ghost collision object. But in order for spline dynamics to work i have to make my cloner editable. And there lies my issue: it loses the rigid body dynamics. Thoughts? ty https://www.dropbox.com/s/4wje7ayto9s00wo/cloners with spline dynamics RIG.c4d?dl=0
  8. Hi, is it possible to trigger dynamics with effectors at object mode when objects are not inside a cloner? ty scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fda1ji8s1qrajnp/trigger dynamics with effectors in object mode.c4d?dl=0
  9. Nvm its all good! i think its forester object inside multi instances. If its editable is all fine! thank u!
  10. Hi, is it normal for multi instances to lag, even if in viewport is completely off or points? I play with the handles of a cloner in a grid array. My object is very heavy though is around 2m polys, its a forester tree (not editable) so... maybe its normal? thanks
  11. thanulee

    See undo/redo history

    I ll ask MAXON for this feature if possible, is very handy and c4d lacks it! cheers
  12. thanulee

    See undo/redo history

    Ahh ok , thanks!
  13. thanulee

    See undo/redo history

    Hi, is this possible in c4d ? In 3dsmax if i right click it shows me the history so i can see where i am at. I hope i describe this correct :)
  14. thanulee

    HDRIlink Problems

    i all of a sudden after a format have a similar problem. I press launch browser and never opens! any clues? i installed it many times no issues..
  15. thanulee

    Filter out null selection from viewport

    Also another question :D Can i use those scripts in R20 as they are, or u think i will have a problem? Thanks