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  1. thanulee


    Thanks, haha. I dont know what fallout76 is about, my gaming era is over :)
  2. thanulee


    Thanks for the input, i dont want it to look sweeter though hehe. I have specific reference to what i am after :)
  3. Hi, an rnd for an upcoming project with octane renderer :) U can check some similar stuff here : https://www.behance.net/gallery/72236515/Le-chocolat Thanks!
  4. thanulee

    Clean uninstall of c4d

    thank u!!!
  5. thanulee

    Clean uninstall of c4d

    So i uninstall from there? cause i dont see this option in c4d at all, cheers
  6. Hi, how i completely and clean uninstall c4d in windows 10? thank u!!
  7. thanulee

    Affect cloners by incremental index

    Thanks guys! Jed ur solution is working great! cheers
  8. thanulee

    Affect cloners by incremental index

    Yes sure. I have lets say some boxes on a spline that i wanna scale up 1 by 1. Spline is complex so a plain effector with linear falloff doesnt do the trick. I found out i can use mospline as source to do this, but i wanted to know if there is another way. I dont know if i describe this proper :)
  9. Hi, supposedly i have a plain effector that scales up, and i wanna affect cloner's children sequentially per index eg. 1-2-3 etc. How is that possible? thanks
  10. thanulee

    r20 setup

    Ty for fast reply. No i dont i try to find the thread here with this bug and i dont seem to find it. Some users were saying that volume builder menu complete disappears and doesnt come back after reseting c4d. Maybe it was something minor eventually since it not up to ur attention . cheers
  11. thanulee

    r20 setup

    Hi, im about to switch to R20 and i read about bugs here and there, so i have few questions if anyone knows: Having custom layouts/shortcuts from previous versions work in R20?' All plugins need specific R20 versions eg. cineversity stuff? Is this volume builder disappearing bug fixed? I read few users had this. Thanks guys!
  12. thanulee

    Paper wrap

    Something like poly fx in fracture? thanks
  13. thanulee

    Paper wrap

    Hello :) How to do something like this at 0:13 https://vimeo.com/31201968 Also I havent found a way so far in c4d to reveal polygons without opacity maps, i use boole for that. Is there any other way? thanks a lot
  14. thanulee

    Volumes bug

    Hi, sorry if its offtopic a bit, but could older layouts + shortcuts mess R20? thanks
  15. thanulee

    TD Master Class

    Hello! Is this set of tutorials? If yes, do i need scripting skills to attend those? thanks