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  1. In case anyone has same issue, Octane is the problem. If i dock the node editor somewhere in my interface c4d doesnt close. I ve talked to octane guys about it they just dont care haha. cheers
  2. Re assign alembic path to multiple files

    I think selecting the nulls >select children and then assign to everything at once the new .abc path fixed it. In any case someone has same issue. Cheers
  3. Hi, i got a huge scene and it lost the alembic path. How can i re assign to all objects at once the new alembic location? I tried select all but didnt work. Objects grouped inside nulls, need manual to assign the new path and are sooo many. I hope i describe this right. Thanks
  4. Hi, i am using custom shortcuts to navigate in my viewport, but they do not apply in timeline as well. R17 and R18 same behavior. Is is a bug? Actually the move camera works, the scale camera doesnt. I also wanna say that im using a wacom tablet for this. thanks
  5. Setting rate of objects inside cloner

    Its a dirty way. Think of forest pack (i am familiar with 3ds max scatter tools :D ) I use 2 trees and i set the rate per tree. I dont copy the one of the two 10 times to change the ratio between em.
  6. Hello. I have a simple cloner, and inside i throw a cube and a sphere and i distribute em over a plane. How can i say to the cloner to have much more spheres than cubes? I found the dirty way like cloning 4 spheres and 1 cube so the ration is 4:1, but i was wondering if there is a proper way of doing this. ty
  7. Thanks that might be related. I dont experience crashes nothing like it. My pc gave me a blue screen 2 days ago after some power failure in the house and i think after that this is happening. Not sure if that related also but might windows have some issues?
  8. hmmm thanks guys. the only plugin i use is octane. could that be the case?
  9. Yes i know that. Its not normal though. So how to fix it? And if i close and open c4d often its so annoying. ty
  10. Hi, windows 10 home here. It started yesterday, when i close my c4d, i cant simply re open it. I double click it and nothing happens. I check task manager on processes and there is an entry of c4d still active and unless i disable that manually, i cant open it. Any solutions? ty
  11. Thanks i guess it cant be done. I was asking for the name of those commands but oh well :)
  12. Hi, im customising c4d in general cause i m used to 3ds max shortcuts for over a decade. I was wondering how to customise and use my same navigation camera pan zoom etc inside the timeline which seems to has the original c4d ones. Thanks guys
  13. Disable tags without deleting em

    Thanks i ll check on that!
  14. Disable tags without deleting em

    Oh i can move em to a null ok thanks. What about the cloner thing?
  15. Hi, how can i disable a tag without deleting it? Is there a shortcut for it? Also how do i delete a cloner or a null without deleting the objects that are inside of it? thanks a lot guys