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  1. thanulee


    Hi, can u please fix this issue? If someone gets confused with the operation might get a c4d crash. See link below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s7ecj1bbet607gm/ringloop_issue.webm?dl=0 Thanks a lot, great functionality i been missing that from 3dsmax (only thing i been missing lol)
  2. Excellent cause the old one i got (forget name) is bit buggy
  3. I did and i found out that if i dont disable multi pass /post effects i cannot see it. Is this normal? ty
  4. Actually i dont even see watermark in standard renderer. Is there a setting i might be missing out?
  5. Hi, I can only enable watermark in standard renderer. How can i do that in Hardware? If i cant, how can i make standard render very fast to use it for animatics? Thanks
  6. I got a series in my patreon, dedicated to knitting effects u might find it useful. https://www.patreon.com/yetipictures Cheers
  7. Hi, I still use day to day R20. By subscribing to R23, will I be able to use CV toolbox in R20 as well? Thanks,
  8. I really love this new direction My question is since I do a lot of simulations in c4d (as im trying to avoid houdini which i barely understand), will we see a boost in soft bodies and cloth? Voronoi fracture? Or are those irrelevant with core operations? Truth be told on my side, I am only missing a good cloth/ faster softbodies in c4d and my needs are 100% covered. Thanks a lot!
  9. So in the expresso rig changing the objects breaks it. I wouldnt use dynamics i would like a way to have full animation control to do precise movements.
  10. Thanks guys, will take a look!
  11. Hi, whats the best way to roll objects in c4d? I been using Roll It from time to time but something feels off about it. Lets say flat surfaces, whats the easiest and most straight forward way? Thanks
  12. Ah great news, I didnt know that. So object manager will get same performance boost ? thanks a lot
  13. Hi, will scene nodes replace mograph functionality in the future? Will we still be able to work in an artistic way or c4d is headed to houdini direction? Thanks
  14. thanulee

    Chocos Delicates

    hahaha thanks man! Well i didnt do modelling at all if that is any comfort and i have high cholesterol
  15. Thanks Bezo! I dont quite get it, why "along" doesnt work? Mask makes no sense to me
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