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  1. thanulee

    Volumes bug

    Hi, sorry if its offtopic a bit, but could older layouts + shortcuts mess R20? thanks
  2. thanulee

    TD Master Class

    Hello! Is this set of tutorials? If yes, do i need scripting skills to attend those? thanks
  3. Hi :) How can i export any of c4d's noises as images? thanks
  4. thanulee

    Baking soft bodies via emitter

    Thanks, ye it does, its just my last solution cause it bakes keyframes in each frame and is not ideal. Especially with many objects.
  5. Hi, i have a stndr particle emitter, throwing papers (softbodies with aerodynamics that is). However i cant cache it with any method i saw online. I can only export an alembic that works, but then it has only the emitter so i cant assign separate materials. Whats the trick here? :) I tried cloner and cloner on emiter so i could use mograph cache, and that only stored PSR as expected and not deformations. I tried connect and correction, wasnt working, i tried baking particles, seems not doing anything too, tried point cache at all levels, cant see it etc etc. If any new ideas im all ears! thank uuu
  6. thanulee

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Thanks mate, also i spoke with octane dev in anyone interested, noise has to be on UV (2d) mode so they match :) cheers
  7. thanulee

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Press NQ and u ll see viewport preview on the plane. Is it correct?
  8. thanulee

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Oh... this is really weird... here i see something else on the material and something else on the displacement.. Thanks for the info though edit: ur right, the material preview in viewport is wrong , on render is ok! Is that fixable? ty
  9. thanulee

    Displacer doesnt match my color

    Hello, i use octane in general. But without rendering if u see in the viewport the standard c4d mat doesnt match the displacement as well
  10. Hi, i use a noise to drive a displacer but the displacer is different than the color channel, like it has different uvs or something. Any thoughts? Here is scene file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yryd4j5fys3jjlv/displacer match problem.c4d?dl=0 thanks !
  11. thanulee

    LOD r19 camera clip issue

    Anyone plz? ty
  12. thanulee

    Horope setup

    Thanks i found out an easier solution, i just freeze transformation of target nulls in frame 0 and then i check this legacy switch in parent constraint and works. I think with ur way nulls also dont change coordinates in frame 0. I ll give it a shot as well :) cheers
  13. thanulee

    Horope setup

    Try keyframe that and let me know if it still works plz.
  14. thanulee

    Horope setup

    I found it but i dont understand exactly the reason. I have to press in the parent contraint this legacy reset on top, so everytime i reset my timeline, it leaves the nulls at their original position. What i dont understand is why on first frame the nulls that control the connectors are moved in another position, since the parent is always on same place. I know this is a bit weird, but if u see my video and play with the scene u ll understand the issue. Thanks guys