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  1. Thanks . Unfortunately that doesnt solve the double clicking issue So now im a bit scared to keep using 2 c4d versions on my pc.. thing start getting messy, c4d is actually slowing down when opening files. I really dont know how to tackle this cause i m on r20 and till r22 becomes solid will take few months, but i need to start using it as well for client work.
  2. Hi, Suddenly in my laptop, doubleclicking a file doesnt open it. I have to go Open> File otherwise I cant. What might be the case? I also noticed since i started installing various versions of c4d, i have issues like files open in another version than r20, files delay to open a lot etc. Any thoughts on that too? thanks Windows 10 pro / c4d R20.
  3. Thanks a lot! i also found out that it crashed with a cube first time i used it lol. Something like loop termination, script didnt like it, if u refer to this as a bug Excellent script btw very handy, i wonder why c4d doesnt have this by default!
  4. Hi, how can i do that? sounds silly i know haha. Take a look at the image below. Thanks
  5. Yes and this is called "scripting" in a way As c4d is right now, u can have access to everything via xpresso/python. Doesnt mean i can write code or understand it. I had same situation in 3dsmax, few years ago. A similar update, with nodes and it was advertised that u can do stuff so easy etc. I couldnt do a single thing, cause this was for TD, not for average user. As long as it works and boosts cloners/dynamics as they are now in ObjectManager, i would be really happy. But i wouldnt wanna change any of the simple stuff and start learning advanced techniques or maths in order to h
  6. Nodes or not, is not about how interface looks. Its about the functionality. In the example of Rick there were range mappers and dozens of nodes to create a tree with few spheres. This is backend work which shouldnt be exposed to users anyways. Fields are really complex too but i get something called "spherical falloff" and i drag n drop it. I dont re-create the falloff with nodes or commands. This is c4d not houdini. I have a feeling that this new system will not be backend. I feel it will kinda replace OM "cause of limitations" and this is not a good thing. My point is c4d shou
  7. Nice addition. C4D devs should keep in mind that the 95% of c4d users are not technical directors. So eventually this has to run as a background process for object manager. And object manager should remain as is imo. The strength of c4d is the ease of use. Showing this feature is nice to see whats going on under the hood, but the actual implementation is what matters.
  8. Hi, I am still on R20 and deciding this year to make the leap. I ll go R21 first and when R22 is out gonna jump there as well. So from r20 to higher versions, do i need updated plugins? Also my layout needs to be created from scratch? preferences too? I have a custom setup/shortcuts and in every version im afraid something is gonna crack Thanks alot!
  9. Great idea actually, which i ve done myself many times but i guess im braindead atm haha. Thanks for this. I ll watch Noseman's too, see if any easy formula in there
  10. Hello, Kinda broad question and many ways to tackle it i guess. I am looking for a way to trigger "something" per clone index. Eg. i have a plain effector scaling up cloners and i want the falloff to be per index and "grow". Its sometimes achievable with freeze field and grow but kinda finicky. Any suggestions/ideas? i have something more specific in mind but wanted to know whats ur way of doing that before i post a scene. Cheers
  11. Get motion design school for starters. I must say while the course is excellent, it gets kinda deep at some points even for my likings If u are ok with that, i think there so much value in there, even for experienced users. Other than that, I d suggest anything of Tim Clapham's stuff. And keep ur eye on utube, lots of interesting tutorials by Chris Smidt and EJ.
  12. Fantastic this has been annoying me so much it should be like this in c4d by default. Thanks a lot
  13. Thank u very much i will take a look!
  14. I think its expired since my c4d is permanent licenced r20 and they dont allow subs anymore only in cineversity if not subscribed to r21 and onwards. But if u got something in mind plz link me Thanks
  15. Hi, i cant seem to find anywhere good resources about connectors/spring etc. Only scattered info from Chris Smidt mostly throughout his very long tutorials. Are there any series to the point of this subject? thanks a lot
  16. ps. there is a misconception about other software. 3DS max (which i can speak for from my personal 15 year experience on it) has no power without its plugins. And actually now with tyflow things got to a nice turn. Every software except houdini needs plugins if u are serious about ur simulation work.
  17. I totally agree with this thread. Not on the part of particles though. C4D native particles will never replace x particles which is an excellent if not the best particle system out there. Extremely easy to use, great results. Same goes for TFD. Extremely fast and 100% reliable, the thing doesnt even crash. I dont even think voronoi needs anything more. C4d is a mograph software aint houdini, will never be vfx tool imo, so I try not to compare apples with oranges. Cloth though + soft bodies, well they are way back from other software. Ofc the art directability of both is excellent. But
  18. Thanks Igor. What about cloner object? Is it the same to have 1m clones and after deleting having 100 with just having 100 ? Sound silly question but as projects progress, client requests make me do things i wouldnt normally do Many times i need to do something really rough instead of proper make it from the beginning. Cheers
  19. Hi, Wondering what is less computational heavy. I have a scene which can be built in 2 ways. The fast way is to have many clones and delete via effectors. The slower way is to make precise polygon selections and have X number of clones without using effectors to delete em. In both methods lets assume that remaining clone count is same. What would be lighter for c4d? Which brings me to another subject when i got very heavy scenes: should i keep eg. a car in 20 parts or merge all and have 20 polygon selection sets instead? Thanks guys!
  20. No worries, it was just a glitch with marvelous installation thank u all for the help
  21. Soo an update: I uninstalled everything and reinstall and it works just fine thank u all !!
  22. Thank u very much! Ofc im doing same steps with alembic (animation) and just doesnt work... Idk what might be wrong. I ll uninstall everything im pissed and start over.
  23. Please if u use MD guide me here. I go to uv layout in MD i place everything in 0-1 space and nothing changes in c4d, still cloth is huge. I have MD default after installtion at mm. I export abc at cm i import at cm and i have same issue. Im not sure what is going on with sizes, i guess there is a workflow that is very weird and once u know it u r ok but so far even changing fps has been awkward in MD.
  24. Cause mesh is too dense and it lags heavy, and i have no idea where the uv tile is. Its like 100 times smaller or so. I did that eventually but having to redo that with every cloth is just pain in the butt.
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