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  1. Thank u so much Igor!! New field for us this tutoring thing, lets see if it will play out nicely.
  2. Hello peeps! This is our first ever course about creating styleframes using Cinema4D / Octane / Xparticles etc. More than 8 hours of content with a mix of both theory and technical stuff. Check it out https://www.yeti-courses.com/ trailer:
  3. Ofc hand animation is the last resort. I ve seen this technique many times with many clones not as easy as it seems here, and im positive that there is a trick to control many clones.
  4. Hi, i think this is not achievable via mograph thats why im posting here. Take a look at around 18-19 sec where the rectangle shapes scale randomly but affect each other without intersecting. Again, im not sure if this is just effectors and im missing something, so please feel free to drop some ideas Thanks!
  5. thanulee


    @kbar hi, i cant activate ur plugin. I paste the key i have in my email either in bundle or patreon and both say its not a valid key. Other than that i must say that the installation should be more straight forward and simpler
  6. thanulee


    Thanks a lot! Keep updating it, this is a great addition to c4d!
  7. thanulee


    Thank u!! Says alpha plugins. What does that mean?
  8. Its Yeti Pictures, not picture lol. But i cant correct the title somehow hehe
  9. Hey guys. I wanted to share for anyone that might be interested that our patreon page is now live: https://www.patreon.com/yetipictures We will be doing mostly Xparticles/TFD/Realflow/Mograph/Dynamics/Fields/Octane. Thanks a lot!
  10. Heya, this is our presenation in case anyone interested And as Sebastian said, be sure to check everyone's, great tips and approaches!
  11. thanulee


    I will buy one licence if R20 let me know if thats possible! thanks
  12. thanulee


    Excellent retopo plugin! when do u expect it to be stable? Also will there be an R20 version? cheers
  13. Thanks Dan, one last q: 8bg ram is sufficient u think?
  14. Thank u very much i will check those. Do u know if this keyboard problem exists in those devices? In microsoft surface when i press on a numeric field on c4d (eg. i go to change the FPS in project settings) I can only use the pen to scroll for the value i want and i cant direct type a numeric one.
  15. Hello, Are there any recommendations about something light and portable for c4d? I own a razer 15 laptop, very powerful but its quite heavy. I like to work in bed a lot before i go to sleep. I dont need to do renders or heavy XP work. I just mostly expand my c4d knowledge with rnd. So i could even use a tablet with touch if something is worth it. I dont mind if its expensive as long as its light and working well with C4D ( cause my friend owns a surface and when in c4d, the keyboard popup doesnt appear at all.) Any suggestions? Thanks
  16. stumbled upon this thread as i was looking for something:
  17. Got my copy , all good ty!
  18. Heya, how can i get this plugin? There is no price at ur webpage. Let me know. cheers
  19. Idk what this tut shows, but u can animate follow position and follow rotation of ur object to either stick to keyframes or go into dynamics setup. I d say use a null for ur animation and not the object directly.
  20. Great! Thanks alot for the detailed info Cerbera :)

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