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  1. Hello, do u know if c4d subscription will have any discount during black friday? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have R20 perpetual and was wondering if I get an extra subscription now, will I be allowed on R21 or I am forced to use R23? Word is R23 is not stable enough so I m not gonna go there yet. Many thanks,
  3. Hey bud, I am using Octane.
  4. - 3ds max being the crashiest 3d software on this universe is a mere fact. Nothing to do with hardware. - The fact that max takes ages to open... I have a pretty beefy setup here and 2020 without any plugin does more than a minute, while c4d without plugins does 3 sec? - Also max is more destructive than any other software. The word "procedural" (unless u write code), is unknown for any 3dsmax user. i mean i understand, either you never used other software, or u work at autodesk cheers
  5. Well, most of the archviz community is around this engine and specifically in 3dsmax. And ofc corona which was acquired by chaosgroup 2-3 years ago to eliminate competition. Vray works great there, better than any other app so thats why there are not many archviz artists in c4d world.
  6. haha, ur right! Well 3dsmax is great Enjoy it!!
  7. I was using 3dsmax/vray for about 10 years and i did a ton of heavy commercial stuff in a range of 3 years. The software is s...t If i wanted to write scripts, i d be a programmer. Cause thats the power of 3dsmax. Other than that, doesnt even compare with c4d. I wont say anything else other than corrupted files + constant crashes. When i started using c4d which DOESNT CRASH unless u do something very wrong or u use plugins, it was a surprise to my cg life lol. I wont even mention how smooth and logically c4d operates in most stuff. Aint perfect but good enough for a small studio lik
  8. thanulee

    Silly Juice

    A recent styleframe project I did with NHS studios in LA.
  9. Hi, I dont know if its the new xparticles version, but has anyone faced an issue with viewport refresh? I have to click once more to see what is going on, or change a tool. I am one action behind lets say. Im on r20 never had this issue, maybe its time to format or something but in case there is a setting or something i could try and fix this issue, would be great. Thanks
  10. Thanks a lot guys! I l start by studying this example here and if anything i ll get back!
  11. Hi, I m clueless with chars and rigging in c4d. So forgive my ignorance and stupid questions So i have a hand and i w[anna bend one finger. If i select all finger joints and rotate em i have so many keyframes. So how can i create some "poses" for finger 1 etc? I d need a slider in viewport where u can simply make the finger bend or straight. Thanks a lot!
  12. thanulee


    Hey sorry for the delay, Yea im on v0.4 in R20


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