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  1. Hi! I recently got a scene for Unreal, and want to try to get it into Cinema to do some rendering with Octane to compare the results to UE's. Is there a good way to export from Unreal so that the textures don't go missing? I've tried both .fbx and .obj and both of them lose the file paths to the textures, and the scene contains possibly 50+ mats, so I don't really want to try selecting file paths for everything. Thanks ;)
  2. I believe I got it. Im pretty sure it was the "align goal" box that needed to be checked. thanks for the help!
  3. So i did that, added the parent constraint to both the hand ik goals making the parent the gun, and it didnt change the way they act when moved. The hands still rotated to come off the grip...
  4. Like parent them under the gun?
  5. Hi! I am working on an animation involving a character holding a pistol, and have IK chains setup from the shoulder down to the wrist. This works, but whenever the ik target is moved or any other parents are moved/rotated, the hands come undone from the pistol like so: Is there any way to lock the rotation of the wrists so that they stay in the same position on the handgun until I want them to? Thanks! Edit: I guess what I mean is instead of "locking" the wrist rotation, I mean have the wrist rotate to match the gun, rather than stay stiff.
  6. Hi! I have started learning how to use the DRIVE! plugin for cinema, and am really liking it. The only problem that I have found is that drive doesn't seem to want to let me drive on an angled surface, such as the road in this gif. The car follows the spline perfectly otherwise, but it isn't following the slope of the road at all, even after aligning the spline to it. How can I fix this? I've seen videos where the car moves up and down vertically, but can't seem to figure out how to do this. Any ideas? Update: after messing around, I figured it out. I needed to hit "create ground object" in the vehicle object, then drop my geometry under the null.
  7. So I'm a little unfamiliar with the standard UV workflow, so if I went to go unwrap this model, would i have to cut seams along every little part? I assume so, but just wondering....
  8. Alright, thanks.
  9. Ill check it out! Thanks for the quick reply!
  10. Hi! I have started trying to learn Allegorithmic's Substance Painter, and realized that I never have formally learned UV Unrwapping in Cinema! I am trying to do character texturing of a very detailed model of a soldier, with lots of gear bags, straps, buckles, etc. I have looked up tutorials on how to UV unwrap, but none of them have proved to be very helpful, especially on a model as detailed as this, because cutting seams for everything would be a pain in the a**, at least as far as I can see. Is there any way to unwrap this model to use in Substance Painter relatively quickly/easily? Even any 3rd party plugins/programs? I have tried substance on a few primitives such as cubes and LOVE it, and want to be able to do more with it on more detailed models. Thanks for any help! Some screenshots of the model:
  11. Hi! I have started using Vray for C4D, and wanted to give the RT engine a go, because my gpu is pretty powerful. The only problem is that when I render, most of it goes black and the objects with specular materials go chrome. The scene renders fine in the normal engine, so I have no idea why it is acting this way. I asked about this on the C4DVray website, which proved not at all helpful. Any vray users here know why this is happening? RT Engine: Normal:
  12. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I am using a method of importing a .agr file from CS:GO into Blender, then exporting that as a .fbx. This means that there are about 6 fully rigged models moving around, no cloners. I believe it is somewhere in this process that there are more keyframes made than needed, but I was wondering if there is a way to speed up this.
  13. Hi! I am working on a project that includes a large amount of keyframes/animated objects (a crowd of people, to be exact) and it is slowing cinema WAYYY down. The file itself is around 9gb (o.0) and takes forever to save. Rotating around in the viewport is slow and laggy, and doing anything to the null containing all the parts of the crowd is just not doable. How can I speed this up? Is there a way to bake the bone rig animation to the models, getting rid of the keyframes? What can I do to speed this up?
  14. So I have been running low on disk space on my computer (somehow filled up a 250 ssd and a 900gb hard drive) so I have been doing some spring cleaning. I noticed the "tex" folder in my C4D files folder, and am wondering if I need it. I have been just mindlessly clicking "make file at project location" whenever I import a texture, and have racked up about 5 gb worth of textures. If I delete this, will they go missing in the projects? Or can I delete this safely, and C4D will know to check at the true location of the files. I also have a 4TB external drive that I really havent used because of the fact that it seems temporary to me, and that I like to keep all my files in the same place, but if I cant delete the tex folder, can I move it to my larger drive? Thanks :)