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  1. Although, here is the file for anyone who can take a look and figure out what's going wrong :) Mixamo_Motion_Clip_Mixing_with_Hand_Keyframe_Help.zip
  2. No, I do not have access to CV, although it does look like their final segment of that series is what I'm looking for. I'll try baking into a single clip for now and see what happens.
  3. Alright, well I've been messing with it for a bit now and still think I am doing something wrong.... First of all, the blending of two clips does not work as smoothly as it should (gif attached). Also, I am able to disable the bones in the heirarchy, but how do I animate them on top of the motion clip? Animating the bones in the heirarchy for my base clip doesn't work as once I click the keyframe button, the bones jump back to the position they were in before. What am I doing wrong? I just want to make his left arm move differently than was in the mixamo clips. https://gyazo.com/31e1b07eafdfc35e449998e22c4e1925 for mixing the clips, I used the "make transition" tool, but it doesn't seem to be working as well as I want... https://gyazo.com/33bf80f53d447cd13f3f8fb20162e876 the bones are disabled, which shows in the viewport https://gyazo.com/037756ad0761eaeaa2d9cc6e733d2f0b but when I try to rotate/keyframe any of the bones here, it doesn't let me. Is there somewhere else I am supposed to do this?
  4. Aaahh there it is! Thank you very much!
  5. Hi! I made an animation that I decided I wanted to extend from the start, so I made it go into the negative range... I used multiple motion clips alongside keyframe animation, but then realized Cinema doesnt allow me to set the render range into the negatives. I tried moving all the frames in the timeline to frame 0, but then the animation on the motion clip objects gets all messed up... Is there any way i can render negative frames? Or any way to just tell cinema "ok, make frame -50 actually frame 0, without changing anything in my animations"?
  6. How exactly do I disable the individual bones? The only thing I have tried is pressing delete when the bone is selected, but then the entire model gets messed up....
  7. Hi! Is there any way to add animation to certain bones on top of a character that is animated with motion clip? I have blended a few walking animations for my character, but at one point in the middle of his walking I want him to twist his torso to turn. Is there any way to do this? Like just edit the keyframes for the spine bone at that point in time? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I am working on a project where I have combined several mocap animations into one using motion clips, then baked it all down to PLA to allow me to scale the animation to the proper size for my scene. Part of the animation involves the character walking in a straight line for some distance. I want to slightly rotate it to start turning right/left, but have been unable to figure out a way to rotate it from the object's true center, not where the axis is. The axis of the object stays stationary as the model itself moves away from the axis center point. Because of this, simply rotating the object causes it to shift position as well (as always happens when rotating an object off center from its axis). How can I create some null or something to allow me to rotate the character model at any given point along its path from true center? Thanks for any help!
  9. Ok, that's kinda what I figured but i wasn't entirely sure. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I have a FBX motion capture file of a character walking, and a mesh I want to apply it to. I just tried posing frame -1 of the animated rig to match the static mesh and binding it, but it came out pretty messy and was going to be very difficult to fix as my character model is quite complex with multiple protruding objects (a radio on the hip, for example). Is there some easier way to bind a bipedal rig to a character when it is already animated? Some other program or online service? Adobe's Mixamo works wonders with rigging, but has no way to add your own animations to apply to the meshes so it is no help in this case. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hi all, This has been a problem that has come up a few times for me... My move tool does not work properly, as when I hover over one of the axes and drag, it moves the object on all axes in the world space. (see gif). Any idea what is going wrong? Restarting C4D doesn't help, and it happens across multiple files which tells me its a setting or button I clicked. https://gyazo.com/1dacaffa911916a25c92820fc4a0e1e6
  12. Hi all, just wondering if there is a way to change the default keyframe type for spline. I know of the project settings > key interpolation, but there is no option to change what type of spline is created. It auto generates a spline other than the "soft" spline type, so every time I make one I have to right click on the keyframe and select Spline Types > soft. Is there any way to make this soft spline the default?
  13. https://gyazo.com/eaa89cca70f7835ed49151e3ebf42a48 Here is a GIF of the final result.
  14. I did this (shown in hierarchy on right) and it does not really fix the issue with the hands rotating off it.... the IK goals do not control the rotation of the wrist, they simply control the position of the wrist. The rotation is up to the actual bone for the hand. EDIT: Aha!! I got it. I set up two more nulls, "l hand rotation" and "r hand rotation", and set their psr to exactly the wrist joint where I want it. Then I moved them under the rifle anchor, then set only rotation constraint tags to the actual wrist bone. This worked like a charm! Thanks for the tips. Here is my final hierarchy for anyone else looking into this topic: >Rifle (PSR TAG TO Rifle_anchor) >Left_hand_goal (PSR TAG TO L_hand_anchor) >Right_hand_goal >>Rifle_anchor >>>L_hand_rotation >>>R_hand_rotation >>>L_hand_anchor >Bone hierarchy down to wrists: >>Left_wrist (ONLY ROTATION CONSTRAINT TO L_hand_rotation) >>Right_wrist (ONLY ROTATION CONSTRAINT TO R_hand_rotation) Works like a charm!
  15. Hi! I have been working on animating characters holding rifles for a project... I have been having a pretty hard time figuring out the best setup for the arm/hand/gun rig to get it to do exactly what I want it to. I am not too good at explaining it, but I want to use IK to control the position of the hands (simply because it is easier and looks better), but I want the wrists to stay in relative rotation values to the rifle unless I edit/animate them. My main issue is in trying to figure out the hierarchy and constraining here. What I want to happen (in order) is: 1) Right hand goal/right hand wrist rotation controls the position/rotation of the rifle 2) Gun moves with right hand correctly 3) Left hand stays 'glued' to its set position on the rifle, and stays there as I move the right hand and consequently the rifle around I have parts 1 and 2 figured out (that was easy) but figuring out how to keep the left hand not only at the same relative position as the rifle, but also maintain its rotation and contact points on the rifle the same. Here's a gif to show the issue: https://gyazo.com/8fa39c430527df3b144a5bb4ec15c79c The left hand target null follows the rifle fine. But as you see, the hand does not look to be 'gripping' the rifle, it just slides around. My heirarchy goes something like this: >right hand goal >hips >other bones leading down to right hand wrist >rifle >left hand goal I have tried removing the left hand goal from the bone hierarchy and using a PSR tag in a few different ways with no success. I'm sure there has to be a way to get this to work, anyone got any ideas? Thanks!
  16. https://gyazo.com/ed79bef1170fc3977862c23278510107 https://gyazo.com/0848a45d8b1238dc8d407fb71a41f0a1 This is the final result for those interested.
  17. Unfortunately, both of these helped, but didn't fully fix the problem. I did, however, increase the angular damping from 0-200 after the initial dynamics occur, which fixed it. It might not be perfectly accurate, but it works for the purpose. Thanks for all the help!!
  18. Thanks! Its working properly now. One final thing... there is a TON of jitter in the pieces as they go into the room. I tried turning up the steps per frame and max solver iterations/step, but that just made it worse. Is this just a problem I get to deal with with tiny fragments in dynamics in cinema? or is there something else I can do to fix this? https://gyazo.com/2b5801c257d822e843d81829157109f8
  19. ahhh I think I might have found it... I believe it was in the collision shape of the wall object. Ill keep playing with it though. In the meantime, is there any better way to simulate an explosion than just a sphere moving into the wall?
  20. I am trying to make a wall explode inwards as if it is being detonated from the outside. I have set up voronoi and collider bodies, and am using a keyframed sphere that is hidden as the "explosion". I have used this technique with success before, but now the wall is exploding the wrong direction. It explodes in the same direction the sphere came from. I have messed with every dynamics setting and parameter I can think of, with no success. First of all, how can I fix this. Second of all, is there a better way to simulate an explosion? I want it to start in the center and go outwards like an explosion would... Thanks! https://gyazo.com/81b87b07a954d56415a3dbc1823ccab6 GIF of the error.
  21. Yes, I know that I could animate it in such a way that they dont go inside each other. I was just wondering if there was a way i could be lazy and not have to be precise basically. :)
  22. Hi! I was just thinking about character animation in cinema, and am wondering if there is a way to enable self/external (other object/character) collisions? For instance if the character is going to rest a hand on a knee or hip, or if they are going to interact with another character, is there a way to prevent them from going inside each other?
  23. Yeah, these were in DL, and I tried switching to PT and saw a large improvement. Ill go try beveling some edges and see if that helps. I knew that 90 degree corners aren't physically correct, but I had never thought of how it can highlight edges, and that subtle thing could make a difference... Thanks! And yes, I was planning on doing some post editing in After Effects when I finish rendering the animation. I'm not sure how experienced you are with Octane, but switching to PT does slow the render time considerably, so do you know of any ways to fix this but keep the noise levels down? Here are my settings: https://gyazo.com/fed35db13ed48c7cdb2ca2e92284e849
  24. Hi! I am working on an animation that I am having take place indoors. I have been modeling and texturing part of the scene, and have been fairly happy with the modeling, but the renders just look a little off. I am going for a fairly realistic look, at least enough to sell it in a busy animation (not too focused on the scene/still shots) but the lighting seems funny and it just doesn't look right. Is there anyone that is more experienced at stuff like this that can help give me some tips on what to change or any tricks or techniques you use to get your scenes to look more realistic? Thanks! Renders: https://gyazo.com/706f520f2ab234cccc0a2826382b3e0b https://gyazo.com/7e1e4e6d91a4f8c7430e545889b266d1 https://gyazo.com/cce280abf5b034ff7775053f5c2ed354 https://gyazo.com/717fcfe970997da761a7da39af96daef Keep in mind this is still a wip so I am still adding new things such as dirt on the floor and more clutter on the ground :)
  25. Hi! I have been using cinema for a while now, but have noticed that it is missing something, and that is a startup page. I use Adobe After Effects a lot as well, and like how easy it is to open recent projects in the window that opens on startup. I'm fairly sure Cinema doesn't have something like this built in by default, but are there any plugins out there for this? Or any way to get it? Its a very small thing but it would be nice rather than either having to search through my 100+ cinema files for the right one, or having to go to File>Open and select my project there.



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