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  1. Hey so I'm using R20 and recently got GSGs Light Kit Pro 3. Don't know if anyone else has gotten it, but it seems to not work with team render. I try and I get this line in the Render Client Console: (Error) Render-Job failed: Several plugins used in this project are missing.|Saving may cause loss of plugin data!|Plugin 'LKP3 Cyc' (ID 1039022)|Plugin 'LKP3 Light' (ID 1036899)|Plugin 'Light Kit Studio' (ID 1036900) I've sent an email to GSG but they haven't gotten back to me in a few days so I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this.
  2. I ended up turning down the ray depth and that helped me a decent amount
  3. It looks better I think, thank you. I guess I'm just not sure if I can get it to look exactly like the photographed image. There are probably some things c4d just can't do.
  4. Yeah, well that doesn't quite give me the look I want since you can see both the inner and outer walls weirdly defined in a way that doesn't look realistic:
  5. So I've got this plastic container I'm trying to replicate: And this is what I've got so far: As you can see there's some nasty black internal reflections that I don't want to be so prominent. I try turning off internal reflections and it just basically disappears, since the container isn't very thick. Changing the Ray/Reflection depth in the render settings doesn't do anything either. Any ideas?
  6. Update: It also seems that the machines that are rendering only render one of the emitters. The other one that is emitting from an object and has other question/modifiers on it is not rendering. I wonder if this could be an issue too.
  7. Hello all. I am trying to team render my scene and I believe that due to my X-Particle cache size some of the team render machines are failing when they try to read the cache...This may be completely wrong, but I know that when I team render typically it all distributes properly and every one of my 5 machines work perfectly. I've placed the x-particles cache files in a directory that the render machines cal all see. Basically all of them appear to work until the actual rendering starts and then only two complete the render while the others just stop. I've looked this up and the only thing I can find about the "out-of-memory" error is something to do with 64bit programs...which I'm pretty sure everything I have is 64bit. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  8. Aha! Yes thank you good sir, it appears as if the ai files were the problem. I turned them all to .png files and everything is rendering the way it should.
  9. Here is the info that shows up on the console when I try to render:
  10. It looks like my render machines have nothing in their texture paths...which is strange because I haven't really done anything to the settings and I remember this working before. What path can I set it to so that It doesn't need a different path for every project I do? If that's even possible... Yes! Thank you, I was using Xrefs and I just needed to enable "parameters" for it to render the same.
  11. I just recently installed X-Particles on my main machine, and have had trouble getting it to work on the TR machines, but in this scene I didn't put X-Particles in anywhere. Plus I don't think it would affect things in this way. Other than that it looks like all the plugins that would be used are in the plugins folder in the team render clients.
  12. So I've been trying to team render my scene, and it isn't recognizing the alpha channels from my projected textures. Also, it looks like when I team render an object that has the "visible in renderer" toggled off, it still renders it as if it were on. Not sure what the problem is, whether I'm missing a setting in preferences or what. -Luke
  13. Gotcha, yeah I just did, thank you for your help!
  14. Thank you for pointing me to that pdf, it is immensely helpful. However, I am still not able to see the X-Particles tag show up in the preferences tab for the render clients. I've made a shared folder for the cache, so that should be all set. It's just that the plugin seems to not be showing up when it should.
  15. So I've been working with Team Render Clients for a while now, and I recently installed X-Particles on my working machine. I tried rendering on the Team Render Clients and realized that I needed to copy the X-Particles folder to the plugins folder of each client. I did that, thinking that it would work ok, but unfortunately it seems to be giving me the same error message as before: Team Render to Picture Viewer Error: Cancelled because all attending machines failed See Console for More information. The Console on any one of the TR clients tells me that "several plugins used in the project are missing...Plugin 'X-Particles'.." etc. So I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've copied the X-Particles Folder structure into the plugins folder on each client. Any ideas?