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  1. Thanks for the response! I got Late 2012 iMac with 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2 GB ( so shouldn't be any problems there) There was a small update though. Recently I updated CUDA drivers and after that, the scene I mentioned previously took 24 minutes to render( 5 minutes less comparing to the same rendering before upgrading to the High Sierra and 14 minutes less comparing it to the after upgrade) But there are still some differences between Cuda and the OS- I'm still getting this window which says the update of CUDA is required while there are no newer drivers available :) I've attached the screenshot. So I think it's a matter of time.
  2. *Quick Update* It may be caused by Cuda. I just found out that there are no drivers for it on High Sierra. But there is a way to step the problem around described here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/nvidia-releases-alternate-graphics-drivers-for-macos-sierra-10-12-1-367-15-10-15.205568/page-2#post-1357600
  3. Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    Haha the pain is pretty big :) As a little kid, I used to use windows (98 !) PC. I was using PCs until I went to college and decided to check the OSX and I bought an iMac. And I loved it. Working in Photoshop, 3D programs etc. is flawless, but when it comes to the hard renderings it's no longer that nice. But on the other hand, I and my friend were doing some project, me on my mac and he on his powerful PC. During one evening he experienced two bluescreens while mac was working 10/10. I also spoke with the Otoy team member and he also said that the error is caused by the insufficient GPU memory and they noticed the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX support only 2gb of VRAM while recommended are 4gb :( So yeah I think selling mac and buying pc is coming. Thank you guys so much for the responses. I'm doing research rn and I gonna post the conclusions here so I'm not closing the topic. C U !
  4. Hello I'm mac user and I upgraded to the High Sierra recently. Because I was curious of how High Sierra gonna impact on the render time I set the simple scene with GI+ Secondary Method: Ir. Cache , Motion Blur, Focus and Medium Sampling Quality. Now. Before the upgrade rendering took 29 minutes, after 38 minutes. My question is. Does anybody have similar experience with High Sierra as well as previous Mac OSs ? What would you guys do? To be honest I'm considering downgrading. Thanks in advance
  5. Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    nerv and Anthony, Thank you guys for a great response. I also send feedback to the Otoy team recently. They also suggested optimising the scene by lowering the geometry. Hah It would be it, but not in my case regarding my scene contains only a simple cube and a source of light. So it must be insufficient VRAM memory. To be honest this is the first time I'm approaching this problem. I need to educate myself on that matter. Since I'm very interested in rendering in Octane I'm thinking about changing to the PC. It's been a 2,5 years form me in working with C4D so I think it's time for something new :) I need to do some hard research, any suggestions guys where to start?
  6. Hello boiiiiis and gurls I just started working with Octane Renderer. I downloaded a demo version. But sadly every attempt ends with prompt of Render failure. Check Octane Render log window and there i found: <<< Render failure detected!!! >>> Please check render statistics to solve the problem. Triangles:0 Disp.triangles:0 Hairs:0 Meshes:0 Device:0 TotMem:2Gb rtData:341Mb film:4Mb geo:0Kb node:2Kb tex:0Kb unavailable:1.645Gb VRAM used/free/max:345Mb/17Mb/2Gb Free VRAM is too low! Try to decrease polygon counts and use out-of-core for textures. Use 'render instances' when it's possible.' What should I do? I'm working on late 2012 iMac 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB Cinema 4D student version R 18 Whole Renderer doesn't look stable and crashes a lot. I downloaded the newest CUDA drivers. Thanks for helping me out :)
  7. Wet pavement

    I had that filling the expresso is causing the problem. I'm definitely going to do that. Thanks!
  8. Nighttime outdoor scene

    hah thanks man. I attached the file :) Day&Night2.c4d.zip
  9. Nighttime outdoor scene

    This is the actual scene. It looks to me a nighttime scene is a whole another story in opposite to regular daytime scene. One of the light sources is sky but when I tried to add different source: a street lamp for example render time gone crazy. So maybe my render settings are not proper? Anyhow, I'm going to do it your way and will post an update. THX as always!
  10. Wet pavement

    Thank you guys for response! What a great tutorial. I done one short animation with it, but there is a little problem, which occurs in Daniel's Danielsson work too. The one with a yellow floor. He also showed a quick solution for removing it from render but as long as I'm making animation it doesn't work for me. Any ideas? In my case every second frame shows floor with yellow texture, so 50% of them are useless :( *Pic attached( one frame after another) Wow. This is another reason to try working with Octane. It looks to me Octane renderer is using mostly to stuff like wet pavement, walls, some sci-fi stuff etc. Isn't it? If so, why? I'm definitely going to download a trail version of Octane. But at first I'm gonna try this tutorial with Physical.
  11. Nighttime outdoor scene

    Heyo Do you know some tutorials which could help me with creating a nighttime outdoor scene? I'm trying to do it by myself but it doesn't look good. Thx :)
  12. Wet pavement

    Heyo Do you know some tutorials which can help me with starting creating wet pavement? Like this one https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JbgBR I know this is a pro level but it's good to have a goal :) Thanks for helping me out !
  13. Pros to follow!

    Hello folks Can you guys recommend me a few artists to follow? What I'm looking for, are works with great- dreamy mood, like in Dave's Lynch movies. I really like Mariusz's Becker works https://www.artstation.com/artist/mariuszbecker and Cornelius's Dämmrich https://www.artstation.com/artist/zomtech. That one with phone booth has the perfect mood. I'm not to much into si-fi but when it comes with magic realism then it's great. I love Death Stranding and Silent Hill The Room atmosphere. Sorry for spelling errors. THX in advance!
  14. Quick question about 1:1 reflections

    Oh. I'm sorry for posting duplicated posts! I already deleted them. Hahaha I never would have thought about Phong Tag. It works perfectly after setting to 20 degrees. As always thank You so much Cerbera! Waldeck