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  1. On the other hand I'm achieving way easier, more realistic effect thanks to the ClothTag. But how can I make it move by dragging these two FixedPoints( from the Cloth's Tag Dresser)? cloth canvas 3.c4d
  2. I mean, I wanted to use the Dynamics' Connector to key-frame the movement and wasn't sure if that would work with Cloth. No matter what I'm trying to create with dynamics, I'm always ending either with some weird movement or crazy transformations. I moved a little bit forward but there are some obvious errors that I'm not able to correct and it still looks fake : ( cloth canvas 2.c4d
  3. Hi everyone, I'm trying to animate a gentle movement of a plane made out of canvas. Like the ones that are used in windows verticals. I would like it to be a bit stiff and have that realistic, little delay on the bottom. I'm fighting with the dynamics for an hour now, but the result is far from being good at least. Maybe you guys have some advises? Thanks ! CanvasPlane.c4d
  4. The rendering stopped when the lid has been closed, but it remained a little warm. And after opening the lid, it got back to render. I wanted to set a render and just leave it going. and then, closed the lid every time i need to go somewhere and even put it in my backpack. But now I understand it's not that good of idea
  5. Wow so many good points. Oh I should specified the model. It’s Lenovo Legion y-530. Actually there are 4 vents - two on the sides and two one the bottom. The keyboard itself gets just a little warm. but maybe I’m shouldn’t ake the risk. The scenario that I was hoping for was to close the laptop( / pause) the rendering and then open and smoothly get back to the rendering. Without any bad effects. But I’m assuming it’s not the case. P.s. Working in windows, having a laptop and working in octane are totally new things for me . I used to work on an iMac, only in the Physical. Haha
  6. Hi everyone, I just bought my first laptop and I have probably silly question. I was wondering if it's somewhat harmful for the laptop to close it during the rendering and opening it some time later? I'm using the Octane Renderer on Windows 10, the project itself is nothing big but contains 600 frames. Thanks !
  7. Thanks guys! Absolutely amazing geometries. This is great- I can easily manipulate the amount of the loops. Since the ends of the cords are not important to me is works almost perfectly. Though I changed the N-Side to spline made of 3 circels- now it's only a matter of rotating the splines. I love how consistent it is with its endlessness. It's even easier to manipulate but since I'm still not to good at Expresso could you post objects with ExpressoTag still on it? I would like to tweak a little the amount of the loops.
  8. Hi guys, I think I have really tough one this time. I'm trying to create a cable that goes around a torus. The big cable (which is invisible) itself contains let say three smaller cables that are rotated around big cable's axis. I'm not sure if I'm describing this clearly enough so I sketched the whole thing. It's crucial for me to be able to easily change how dense the rotations are in cases of both cables: bigger (invisible one) and smaller ones (which are glued one to another). All my attempts have ended miserable. I've tried to use twist and bend deformers on a SweepNurb but i got lost very quickly and outcome was far from good. Could you guys show me the correct way that I should pick? I have a feeling that is a good time to use R20's Fields but I totally don't know how... Thanks, A.M.
  9. Wow thanks for a such informative answers! Now everything works perfectly. Thanks a bunch !
  10. Hi I'm having a problem with lines in the S&T effect. What I'm trying to do is render only the edges of the Sphere( Octahedron) and cloned rectangles. In case of the sphere it looks like it picks up only some of the edges - I already played with the Phon Tag as well as Creases Min bar in the Render settings but it didn't do the trick. If it comes to the squares, only the vertical lines are rendered out. *EDIT* Increasing the the Image Resolution (from 1500 to 5000 pxls- width) brought the horizontal lines. I assume there are some relations between lines Thickness, image resolution and distance between the camera and geometry ( and pixels density?). But I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly. Also let say I need to render it out to the 1500 pxls width and still need all of the four edges of the squares- I fell there is some little trick but I can't find it, or I already made mess in the settings :) Could someone explain to me what happened there as well as help me with the Octahedron? Thanks ! P.s. The first pic is 5000pxls rendering, second 1500 pxls and third just a screencap. Sphere & Squares.c4d
  11. Now I’m thinking about the new C4D R20 and voxels which are topic of every second new vid about C4D. https://youtu.be/1XK7nQEruZs Can’t wait to try them out!
  12. Yeah I'm gonna give it a try. I was curious because even though pics are pixelated, the motion on them is usually very natural. I like that contrast.
  13. Hi! I recently came across these very cosy renderings and I would like to recreate this style. --> http://inu1941-1966.tumblr.com/post/166221082901/animated-artwork-animation-pixel-art-waneella Before i start i would ask you guys do you have any advices for achieving this style? Would two point perspective, no anti aliasing and some (cel ?)shaders would do the trick, or there is something more? Light sources probably, right? Regards, AA
  14. Thanks guys! Also sorry for not responding for quite a wile but college is killing me lately. Atom Array works almost perfect- in a scene with more complex model the jiggling still occurs, but less often. So I'm sure it's matter of calibrating some properties. I also tried saving my linestyle as a preset, but it didn't change anything( maybe I messed up smth), I'm gonna try again, though. The trick with Default Hidden/ Visible materials is on point! Man I love learning this stuff. But I have another one: Since there is no way of rendering S&T scene in Physical Renderer I can't atchive Motion Blur. I came across this tut and I'm thinking about giving it a try. What do you guys think? Does it gonna work? I mean with the assistance of these plugins. Regards, OO
  15. Hi again! I looked trough the forum but I couldn't find any similar topics. I'm playing with Sketch and Toon effect right now and I'm trying to make a transparent cube and I would like to keep all the edges visible. I applied 100% trnansparent material and S&T tag. And the cube itself is transparent( I can see another cube trough this one) but when it comes to the edges- the visible are only those which are not currently hidden behind cube's faces. How can I make all edges/strokes visible? Another issue is that, when I trying to animate a camera movement sometmies the edges moving a little. It would by nothing if I would making a still but I want to make a clip so that jiggling is pretty annoying. It would be cool if once generated edge would keep it's shape. I assume that the shape somehow depends from the point of view? I tryed to change the S&T options around but the issues are still there. Do you guys have any ideas? I attached both of the scenes separately. Regards, OO Hop Hop.c4d Transparency.c4d

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