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  1. Hello It's me again. I've updated the OSX yesterday to OS Mojave and I putted to the test the same file as always( the same just like at the beginning of this thread). And it took only 17:29 mins. Anyone having any thoughts on the Mojave OS so far?
  2. TheOtherOne

    Retro, pixelated animations/ GIFs

    Now I’m thinking about the new C4D R20 and voxels which are topic of every second new vid about C4D. https://youtu.be/1XK7nQEruZs Can’t wait to try them out!
  3. TheOtherOne

    Retro, pixelated animations/ GIFs

    Yeah I'm gonna give it a try. I was curious because even though pics are pixelated, the motion on them is usually very natural. I like that contrast.
  4. Hi! I recently came across these very cosy renderings and I would like to recreate this style. --> http://inu1941-1966.tumblr.com/post/166221082901/animated-artwork-animation-pixel-art-waneella Before i start i would ask you guys do you have any advices for achieving this style? Would two point perspective, no anti aliasing and some (cel ?)shaders would do the trick, or there is something more? Light sources probably, right? Regards, AA
  5. TheOtherOne

    Sketch & Toon: jiggling edges + opacity

    Thanks guys! Also sorry for not responding for quite a wile but college is killing me lately. Atom Array works almost perfect- in a scene with more complex model the jiggling still occurs, but less often. So I'm sure it's matter of calibrating some properties. I also tried saving my linestyle as a preset, but it didn't change anything( maybe I messed up smth), I'm gonna try again, though. The trick with Default Hidden/ Visible materials is on point! Man I love learning this stuff. But I have another one: Since there is no way of rendering S&T scene in Physical Renderer I can't atchive Motion Blur. I came across this tut and I'm thinking about giving it a try. What do you guys think? Does it gonna work? I mean with the assistance of these plugins. Regards, OO
  6. Hi again! I looked trough the forum but I couldn't find any similar topics. I'm playing with Sketch and Toon effect right now and I'm trying to make a transparent cube and I would like to keep all the edges visible. I applied 100% trnansparent material and S&T tag. And the cube itself is transparent( I can see another cube trough this one) but when it comes to the edges- the visible are only those which are not currently hidden behind cube's faces. How can I make all edges/strokes visible? Another issue is that, when I trying to animate a camera movement sometmies the edges moving a little. It would by nothing if I would making a still but I want to make a clip so that jiggling is pretty annoying. It would be cool if once generated edge would keep it's shape. I assume that the shape somehow depends from the point of view? I tryed to change the S&T options around but the issues are still there. Do you guys have any ideas? I attached both of the scenes separately. Regards, OO Hop Hop.c4d Transparency.c4d
  7. TheOtherOne

    Elevating one end of a 1/2 tube

    I'm sorry guys for not making myself clear but that one was pretty hard to explain :) But thanks so much for all the responses! At first I tried to use Sweep and beziers spline, then with Helix spline. In both cases with Parallel Movement turned off, but every time I was ending up with weird flattening in the middle. The funny thing is, I tried working with Bend Deformer at the beggining, but after adding two of them I started losing control over the shape. I'm definitely going to try all of you guys' suggestions. For now I tried Cerbera's first method and this is exactly what I was looking for. That was almost what I did before adding this post but I didn't come with the idea of placing two splines as a peer. That was clever :) Once again thanks guys! OO
  8. Hi So, I'm trying to elevate one of the ends of a half of a tube. But I always end up with a wrong shape. I woud like to make a solid which is made only of vertical squares which are extruted/sweeped (?) along the spline. The spline is just half of a circle, end of which is a little bit higher than its starting point. I tried making it with bend deformer, sweep object and bezier splines and came to almost what I want to build but the shape isn't right at some point. It's hard to eplain- so I'm attaching screenshot as well as project file. Regards, OO 1.c4d
  9. That must be annoying. But mine works fine- maybe it's R17's thing? Don't want to give obvious advice but maybe reinstalling of the C4D would help? If not I would contact MAXON support.
  10. Thanks for the response! I got Late 2012 iMac with 3,4 GHz Intel Core i7 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2 GB ( so shouldn't be any problems there) There was a small update though. Recently I updated CUDA drivers and after that, the scene I mentioned previously took 24 minutes to render( 5 minutes less comparing to the same rendering before upgrading to the High Sierra and 14 minutes less comparing it to the after upgrade) But there are still some differences between Cuda and the OS- I'm still getting this window which says the update of CUDA is required while there are no newer drivers available :) I've attached the screenshot. So I think it's a matter of time.
  11. *Quick Update* It may be caused by Cuda. I just found out that there are no drivers for it on High Sierra. But there is a way to step the problem around described here: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/nvidia-releases-alternate-graphics-drivers-for-macos-sierra-10-12-1-367-15-10-15.205568/page-2#post-1357600
  12. TheOtherOne

    Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    Haha the pain is pretty big :) As a little kid, I used to use windows (98 !) PC. I was using PCs until I went to college and decided to check the OSX and I bought an iMac. And I loved it. Working in Photoshop, 3D programs etc. is flawless, but when it comes to the hard renderings it's no longer that nice. But on the other hand, I and my friend were doing some project, me on my mac and he on his powerful PC. During one evening he experienced two bluescreens while mac was working 10/10. I also spoke with the Otoy team member and he also said that the error is caused by the insufficient GPU memory and they noticed the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX support only 2gb of VRAM while recommended are 4gb :( So yeah I think selling mac and buying pc is coming. Thank you guys so much for the responses. I'm doing research rn and I gonna post the conclusions here so I'm not closing the topic. C U !
  13. Hello I'm mac user and I upgraded to the High Sierra recently. Because I was curious of how High Sierra gonna impact on the render time I set the simple scene with GI+ Secondary Method: Ir. Cache , Motion Blur, Focus and Medium Sampling Quality. Now. Before the upgrade rendering took 29 minutes, after 38 minutes. My question is. Does anybody have similar experience with High Sierra as well as previous Mac OSs ? What would you guys do? To be honest I'm considering downgrading. Thanks in advance
  14. TheOtherOne

    Render failure // OCTANE RENDER

    nerv and Anthony, Thank you guys for a great response. I also send feedback to the Otoy team recently. They also suggested optimising the scene by lowering the geometry. Hah It would be it, but not in my case regarding my scene contains only a simple cube and a source of light. So it must be insufficient VRAM memory. To be honest this is the first time I'm approaching this problem. I need to educate myself on that matter. Since I'm very interested in rendering in Octane I'm thinking about changing to the PC. It's been a 2,5 years form me in working with C4D so I think it's time for something new :) I need to do some hard research, any suggestions guys where to start?