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  1. Hi ! I''m trying to render a rain scene where droplets supposed to be blurred. They are emitted by the Particles Emitter but it doesn't seem to work. I applied Octane Tag both to the Emitter and to the droplet but still they are sharp. Motion Blur in the OctaneCamera tag is also turned on. Am I missing something or Octane has some limits when it comes to working with these C4D native tools? Best regards.
  2. Ah I see. Hmm, yeah i thought about the post prod as well, but i was wondering if there is any other way of doing this inside the Octane. Gonna check Spectral shift then! Thanks !
  3. Hi guys! I'm kind of new to the Octane but I'm trying to make a render with Chromatic Aberration effect in it but don't know how to do this. It looks like it's way more harder than in the Physical Renderer : ) Does anybody know how to do this? Regards : )
  4. Hahaha OMG ! This is perfect! Thank You so much. I had the felling that using xpresso can be the best way but I'm still not good at it. From this point im going to experiment with it. Many thanks!
  5. *UPDATE* So I used super cool Tracing Method shown in this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwyWLmHhQz8&list=LLy_qk8TPGOI0XXY2z99_qww&index=2&t=0s and then I make a Plane as child of a Null. Spline mode: bezier, 3 points. That makes it somewhat responsive. But I would also love the spline's ending points to have this handles that allows to make the ending smoother. So I think this is the moment where I'm having a problem. Also I still need to keyframe a lot of Nulls to manipulate the spline. In the Node editor though the whole spline reacts while moving the node. Any ideas how to recreate that : ) ? Regards Nodes_Update.c4d
  6. Hi Im trying to create this animation where the nodes are moving and the connections between them respond to theirs movement. Just like in the node editor panel I tried to rig that but I ended up with a little mess and im wondering if there is any other simpler way of doing this? Just like connecting one end of the spline to its corresponding node? Also I would like to keyframe nodes movement : ) Thanks for help guys! Nodes.c4d
  7. HI! I've just started to learn how to code. And now, oh man that's interesting! Since I've just started I still don't know where can this take me concerning 3D animation, modelling etc. Most of the times I'm working ofc in C4D( + Octane), After Effects and Photoshop. I found this gold-mine-channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOEi6T2mtHo So Im learning this Java-based program called Processing. Should I stick to java? Or, in order to marry both worlds, change the coding language to different one? This one seems to be pretty beginner-friendly though : ) Thanks for help!
  8. OMG that's perfect. Thank you & dakujem : !
  9. Hi everyone, I'm struggling with hair dynamics. I'm trying to animate a cable that follows the movement of the earphone. But at some point (as always) spline starts to act crazy. I went through the Expert tab in the Project Setting, as well as tried to set up the Spline Dynamics' Properties properly but that still looks extremely bad. Could you guys check what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance ! CABLE_JIGGLING.c4d
  10. On the other hand I'm achieving way easier, more realistic effect thanks to the ClothTag. But how can I make it move by dragging these two FixedPoints( from the Cloth's Tag Dresser)? cloth canvas 3.c4d
  11. I mean, I wanted to use the Dynamics' Connector to key-frame the movement and wasn't sure if that would work with Cloth. No matter what I'm trying to create with dynamics, I'm always ending either with some weird movement or crazy transformations. I moved a little bit forward but there are some obvious errors that I'm not able to correct and it still looks fake : ( cloth canvas 2.c4d
  12. Hi everyone, I'm trying to animate a gentle movement of a plane made out of canvas. Like the ones that are used in windows verticals. I would like it to be a bit stiff and have that realistic, little delay on the bottom. I'm fighting with the dynamics for an hour now, but the result is far from being good at least. Maybe you guys have some advises? Thanks ! CanvasPlane.c4d
  13. The rendering stopped when the lid has been closed, but it remained a little warm. And after opening the lid, it got back to render. I wanted to set a render and just leave it going. and then, closed the lid every time i need to go somewhere and even put it in my backpack. But now I understand it's not that good of idea
  14. Wow so many good points. Oh I should specified the model. It’s Lenovo Legion y-530. Actually there are 4 vents - two on the sides and two one the bottom. The keyboard itself gets just a little warm. but maybe I’m shouldn’t ake the risk. The scenario that I was hoping for was to close the laptop( / pause) the rendering and then open and smoothly get back to the rendering. Without any bad effects. But I’m assuming it’s not the case. P.s. Working in windows, having a laptop and working in octane are totally new things for me . I used to work on an iMac, only in the Physical. Haha
  15. Hi everyone, I just bought my first laptop and I have probably silly question. I was wondering if it's somewhat harmful for the laptop to close it during the rendering and opening it some time later? I'm using the Octane Renderer on Windows 10, the project itself is nothing big but contains 600 frames. Thanks !
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