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  1. You are great! I missed the snap I was used to in Softimage so much. Help C4D, which is great overall, didn't explain the feature. Thank you for this video!
  2. If you are using physics, you need to use the Protection Tag where you set limits for joints.
  3. I recommend you to use Corona renderer. It is CPU based, not GPU as you wrote. It only uses the graphics card for denoising, but it's equally good at CPU denoising and you can use it. Corona is an advanced photorealistic renderer, though there are still a few options missing. Additionally, you can achieve relistic effects in a simple and pleasant way. In this she is similar to Octane. The price is also affordable. The basic price includes 3 rendering nodes. https://corona-renderer.com/
  4. You are wrong, because apart from the revenue / size of the project up to USD 100,000, the number of licenses is also important. After all, I showed the calculations above. After all, having a second partner is enough, and although you don't reach the 100,000 and you no longer qualify for any Idie program. I'm sorry to you, but the truth is, it's hard to be a professional alone. Usually, when you develop and become a professional, you need to work in a team of at least a few people if you want to have a normal life, and not stay at work 12 hours a day, with no weekends and no holidays.
  5. It depends how you look at it. When you have a small company where several people work in the studio, unfortunately you cannot have such low prices for programs. I live in Poland, a country in the European Union, but the average salary here is at the level of 60% of the EU average. Additionally, I have a company in a region where the average earnings are 86% of the average in Poland and 70% of the average for the capital city. This means that $ 100,000 a year is often a limit for small companies with several employees, which is not always exceeded. And despite this, you can no lo
  6. Interesting thing, because everything works fine for me in the R23. Both this loaded project from @DECK and created from scratch.
  7. It's interesting what you wrote. I have a 4K 27 "monitor and I have not observed any problems in R21 or S22. I additionally use Windows 150% scaling. Screenshot below. This problem must be related to your configuration. I recommend that you report the problem on the MAXON website: https://support.MAXON.net/index.php
  8. In our studio, we acquired another subscription Cinema 4D, this time with Redshift.
  9. This is probably a problem with your configuration. In my office on several computers with S22 there is no such problem. Even before SP1. Report it to MAXON describing your hardware configuration and used progeams and plugins.
  10. Hi, You can combine check marks as follows: Select the first of the tags and choose "Select polygons" - the polygons from this tag will be marked. Then select the second marker you want to combine and select "Select polygons" again - the polygons from that marker will be marked, but the ones previously selected will still be active. Repeat these steps until you select all that you want to combine. Then uncheck the last selected tag (by clicking the mouse button together with the ctrl key). Then select the "Set selection" option. A new selection tag will be created wit
  11. It wasn't working properly. Matrix Extrude creates internal divisions. So it's not what you would expect.
  12. Hi If you do not have an active license, the license management window will open when you launch Cinema 4D. You must have the "My MAXON" tab active (1). By default, the "Status" (2) content is shown. You must now click the "Licenses" tab (3). Then release the license by clicking "Release" (4). Click "Status" again (2). Finally, click in "OK" (5). And that's all.
  13. And one more thing. If you do not want to add too many polygons, then your problem (if they are only shifted to the bottom two bottom points) will partially solve the intersection of the quad into four triangles. Diagonally. As in the example below. But of course, the more divisions, the better.
  14. Hi! To what Cerbera wrote, I will add an explanation that in 3D modeling on polygons, always internal, the basic polygon is a triangle. Regardless of whether you use quads or n-gons. Everything is converted to triangles. Therefore, although you are distorting the quadrangle, they are actually two triangles. When you look at the picture below, you will see that on the third object I made a division into triangles. Then you can clearly see where the texture distortion is from. Analyze yourself how the cutting edge of the quad cut into two triangles in relation to the texture. Then you will
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