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  1. Adrien

    What is this... :O

    So any timing for the release? I would love to unwrap a few things during my holiday and I’m not talking about Xmas gifts.
  2. Adrien

    What is this... :O

    They just hit 2 birds with one stone: less strain on the teams who no longer need to crunch for the annual release, and an opportunity to promote their subscription model by offering long overdue features that perpetual license owners will get in the next upgrade.
  3. Adrien

    What is this... :O

    But yeah, he is clearly hinting at a new UV editor...
  4. There is a similar thread on Cgtalk. Seems like Apple is deeply involved in the development, which makes sense if they want their 12K$ new Mac to be credible towards pros.
  5. We’ll soon know I guess. The Mac Pro is coming out in December. A pro machine of this caliber without strong motion graphics and GPU rendering capabilities would be quite a joke...
  6. I’m sure MAXON is tied by an NDA. Same for otoy, who usually shares their progress. i asked a similar question a few months ago and never got an answer from MAXON people.
  7. With the upcoming launch of the Mac Pro, can we expect an update from MAXON? I find it very strange that so little is shared on the progress made so far. Could it be that MAXON is tied by an NDA imposed by Apple?
  8. Cool but I’m not sure VR/AR/3D printing or hi tech stuff are what most users expect at the moment... if they could fix basic things and deliver features on par with other programs that would already be a huge improvement.
  9. Great news. I was on a trip 2 weeks ago, launched C4D, right clicked to look up a parameter in the help as always and...nothing. My laptop was not connected....
  10. I usually bevel points or (and this is usually what drives me nuts) I project an octogonal spline onto my mesh and snap points. This is terribly cumbersome and I wish MAXON implemented a simple edge to circle function (many scripts do just that). All other programs have this feature.
  11. Hi everyone, I just noticed that in R21, the viewport render goes away as soon as I move my mouse. No clicks, just a mouse movement. Is there a way to change this setting? Thanks
  12. I posted my question on this forum as I know that some MAXON folks, including their CEO, swing by every now and then. Yes they announced porting Redshift to Metal during the last Apple keynote, and aim at a release by the end of 2019. I’m just curious about how things are progressing.
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