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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. Hi, hope someone can tell me what render engine was used to produce the demo short that accompanied the release of C4D R20. I can’t find this information anywhere. Thx

    Does anyone know what render engine was used for the influencers demo short from Fosm Studio? I really hope it’s pro render...
  3. Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    Not such a bad thing actually. I’m tired of reading wish lists and predictions. R20 is rumored to be the big update that everybody has been waiting for, so let’s wait and see.
  4. 1.jpg

    Is this done with the physical render or something like Vray or Maxwell?
  5. THe same thing happened to me once with all shortcuts getting messed up. Mouse controls also changed. I closed C4d and reopened it. Everything went back to normal. I use 2 plugins: HB modelling and GSG hdri studio. Im suspecting the former might be a suspect but the problem never resurfaced so I can’t really be sure.
  6. Roland JD-800

    I split the back panel after the corner so the surface is perfectly flat and the render is seamless. I'm not a good modeler but I'm trying to step up my game by following a strict quad-only workflow with no edge creasing via Opensubidv. I made the back panel first and ran into edge loop termination issues to the point where I decided to split the whole thing. I know that purists will shout but it works just fine like this...Apart from the "purist" aspect, is there any other reason for not splitting the panel? Thanks and congrats for the JD800. I'm blown away by the quality of your work, especially after spending so many hours on my TR909 (especially on the texturing part: I had to make the whole layout in photoshop/Illustrator...super cumbersome) Just a side question on the little red LEDs': how did you make them pop? Did you use the Luminescence channel+glow in the render settings? Mine look really dim and pale...
  7. Roland JD-800

    I’m working on a TR909. All quad based. Here is my work in progress. Not satisfied with texturing yet. I had to detach the rear panel to keep the topoly manageable. Hope it is still acceptable. :)
  8. Surprised that nobody mentioned the lack of options for gpu rendering on Mac. This is a serious shortcoming. Apple is working on Egpu support through TB3 but it won’t be ready before June at the earliest.
  9. Point-to-circle function

    This is not what I meant, sorry for misleading you. What I want is to select vertices and have them constrained to a circular shape. I do not need to create a circle out of 1 point. Maya and Max have this function. Thx
  10. Point-to-circle function

    Thanks. I know about the bevel trick but it's not relevant when you have say 16 points and need to have them aligned. So for now it seems that scripts are the only solution.
  11. Hi, does this function exist in C4D? My current workaround is to project a spline and snap points to it but this workflow is quite cumbersome...Is there a better way with native C4D tools or am I forced to purchase something like HB modelling? Thanks Adrien
  12. Hi, I suggest using either Xparticles or the standard emitter within C4D along with a tracer object. Add some turbulence/wind to create twirls and apply a hair material for rendering. This should get you pretty close. Hope this helps Adrien

    Beeple, please do not use the new fracture object!!:)

    R18 is a solid release. Not everyone will be happy as usual, but to me, it is definitely worth renewing my MSA. Well done MAXON!
  15. Glimpse of future BP in Cinema 4D!

    MAXON, keep these previews coming pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!