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  1. For concept design, CAD is much faster. A lot of concept artists use keyshot to render, as it can natively import CAD models and texture them. For animations, quad-based meshes are the norm unless the object does not get deformed. However, some artists don't care at all: check out Beeple's scene files of his short films: his hard surface models are full of ngons and tris but he still manages to texture his meshes thanks to simple projection types.
  2. Hi Cerbera, just a stupid question: why so many subdivisions on the base mesh? Were these necessary to hold the curvature of the middle section?
  3. Sure but why announcing it at the Apple event and committing a release date (“end of 2019”) the ? Apple needed this announcement more than MAXON I guess...Hope their programmers are helping the RS guys as much as they seem to help Otoy.
  4. Very interesting. What surprises me is that the press release refers to an acquisition rather than a merger. Nemetschek will own 85% of the shares of the new entity...
  5. I fully agree. There is clearly a lot of movement at the moment and I really feel that everybody at MAXON is committed. But there is still a gap between the promises and what gets actually delivered. And this merger does not reassure me. If they do not strengthen the C4D stronghold and start dabbling with a C4D compositing feature or some other 2D stuff, I’m afraid they might leave C4D with holes that they might never manage to fill (cf TP, BP, cloth, modeling tools, pyrocluster etc). Now as somebody pointed out just above, I also love the fact that whenever they implement a new feature, it is always very well thought out and super stable. This is why I still use this program and still love it. I just wish the pace were much faster given the price they now charge.
  6. Yes that was exactly my point. I have no idea of how big MAXON is and what problems they have to deal with but as an end customer I can definitely judge their slow pace of innovation compared to other DCC’s and the lack of price competitiveness vs Houdini, Zbrush, or even 3dcoat..and needless to mention blender. They communicated a lot on their new R&D department, they now merge with Redgiant after acquiring RS...but I have yet to see several areas of the program to be overhauled to be at least on par with competition.
  7. I was actually hoping to see MAXON follow Autodesk’s steps after their acquisition of Solid Angle and the quick integration of Arnold as their new default tender engine. I’m not a programmer and I have no idea of how long this type of integration takes. Maybe AD botched the integration, who knows...I’m a simple user and just noticed that competitors deliver more stuff and often faster. Look at where Zbrush was just 3 years ago... C4D is still great, MAXON’s communication is improving, but the program is falling short of several features. Meanwhile, the integration of RS is not completed yet and now this acquisition of Redgiant...Seems like they might be spinning too many plates at once.
  8. I have yet to see what is so cool about the RS acquisition. For now all we we got are C4d noises+nodes (more a beta release than a production ready implementation). Nothing to rave about IMHO. It’s about time MAXON integrated it with C4D as a default with Mac support.
  9. So any timing for the release? I would love to unwrap a few things during my holiday and I’m not talking about Xmas gifts.
  10. They just hit 2 birds with one stone: less strain on the teams who no longer need to crunch for the annual release, and an opportunity to promote their subscription model by offering long overdue features that perpetual license owners will get in the next upgrade.
  11. But yeah, he is clearly hinting at a new UV editor...
  12. There is a similar thread on Cgtalk. Seems like Apple is deeply involved in the development, which makes sense if they want their 12K$ new Mac to be credible towards pros.

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