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  1. My take out of all this: most distributors will disappear as MAXON takes over the distribution through digital. It’s already started: how come for instance the French documentation for R20 is still not available?
  2. Dave if you are reading this, please keep the perpetual license model alive. C4d owes its popularity to the indie scene. I don’t mind paying my MSA every year as long as I can keep a copy of c4D.
  3. Another WIP image. Love the DOF on this one. Rendered straight from Pro render. No post.
  4. I use a Mac book pro 2017. It's quite ok for still images. Physical/standard render engines have become so slow with PBR that I had no choice but to switch to Pro render. I've really liked it so far and got hooked when I saw Yan Ge's renders. It still lack features but it's already very capable for production IMO. Here is an updated visual. Still a lot of textures to fix but it's coming along. Also rendered in Pro Render. I'll keep adding props and post my progress.
  5. ahah, I was expecting this one . ;)
  6. No perpetual license? For those like me on Mac, rendering options are getting really scarce: physical is terribly slow, octane/redshift won’t work with AMD cards, Arnold costs an arm and a leg (rental only)....Another reason for me to jump ships, buy a PC and a redshift license... please prove me im wrong but this feels like bad news for Mac users on a budget.
  7. I would delay any Mac purchase till the keynote next week, and generally advise against a laptop unless rendering is a secondary concern. With a bit of luck they will finally unveil their new Mac Pro and most importantly the gpus that will work alongside. Choosing the right gpu nowadays is as important as the cpu, if not more, and Apple is lagging behind in this field.
  8. Hi, this could be caused by wrong UV’s. try using a different texture projection like frontal instead of UVW or unwrap your mesh and work on a proper uv map.
  9. 10min. Just a simple 3 PBR light setup. No hdri sky. 150 passes. Résolution: 1920x1200. [edit] sorry the resolution is 2560x1600.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I don’t wan’t to spend more time on this though. I took this as a quick modeling/rendering exercise to test pro render and build some props to populate a bigger scene. I’m still struggling with bump maps in pro render though. The reflections get all messed up when I apply a basic noise either in the bump channel or In the reflection channel. I read in the help file that the low epsilon value might be the root cause so I’ll try cranking it up. I really like pro render though. It’s a lot more artist friendly than biased engines with zillions of parameters.
  11. Hi everyone, Here is a little project I did using Pro Render with R20. Seems like a very capable render engine to me. Will definitely start using it in production for pack shots. All your comments/questions are welcome. Cheers, Adrien
  12. How come the MAXON manual does not cover nodes? Tutorials are always nice but I would prefer to read the manual first and decide if I need tutorials afterwards.
  13. Hi, hope someone can tell me what render engine was used to produce the demo short that accompanied the release of C4D R20. I can’t find this information anywhere. Thx
  14. Does anyone know what render engine was used for the influencers demo short from Fosm Studio? I really hope it’s pro render...



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