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  1. Please Rick by all means, tell your bosses to KEEP a perpetual license upgrade path, and at a fair price (not 900$ like I read here or there). This will ease all tensions. Subs will help recruit new users and generate a steady stream of cash for MAXON. It will be a win win for everybody.
  2. MAXON is insanely profitable. It is actually more profitable than apple. Their EBITDA margin is public and can be found on Nemetschek’s website. It’s like owning a casino....This is why I never believed rumors: selling MAXON would be foolish business wise.
  3. Thank you Rick! This is moving in the right direction.
  4. It is by all records one of the weakest releases. There are nice additions but as you pointed out, these improvements are scarce. There are so many wide open gaps in the program that it’s hard to stay positive when the biggest feature that amazon put forth is bevels ans caps.
  5. If you have an R21 perpetual license and turn it into a subscription, you lose the license ownership and become enslaved. On the other hand, if you buy an upgrade to R22 perpetual, the license remains yours. What breaks the perpetual license is the subscription. If you keep buying upgrades year on year the license will always stay yours with no risk of losing it. Now my biggest question is: how much does a perpetual license upgrade cost vs the current MSA?
  6. You can keep your perpetual R21 for 1 year until the MSA expires. Then go subscription with R22, or buy a perpetual license upgrade (cost to be confirmed).
  7. I don't have time to browse the web in search for the perfect tutorial on a given topic. There aren't so many good (free) resources out there on fields, node based materials, beyond the basics. C4d cafe stuff is definitely good but Jonas' series on node materials for instance was truly enlightening and gave me the confidence to start using them. This is where CV shines: you sign in and can immediately access qualitative content.
  8. I don’t use CV plugins and really like tutorials to get up to speed with the new features. Try finding good tuts on node materials or fields elsewhere....Noseman, Rick, and all the others really know their stuff. I honestly believe that Cineversity should be free for all C4d users regardless of their license type.
  9. There were subs before if I’m not wrong...The ambiguous communication around the perpetual license and all the incentives to move to subs leaves little doubt about MAXON’s plans. The sole fact that cineversity is no longer offered to license owners is compelling evidence.
  10. Thanks to all the MAXON people who take the time to read and answer our questions. I belong to the disillusioned users but also hear the challenges that MAXON is facing. I don’t know if there is an evil plot and do not care at this point but as stressed on several occasions, we need clarity on the options for existing studio license owners: -upgrade pricing for perpetual licenses -inclusion of cineversity or not. -perpetual license availability beyond R21 -features va subscription license This will hopefully calm everybody down. Thank you all and again, I appreciate you took the time to post here, including David.
  11. You still need to fork out 3000€ upfront for a license...this might deter a few new customers.
  12. Because they came completely unprepared. The whole presentation was very amateurish. Almost a case study on bad marketing/PR. Prices should have been worked out in every region prior to the announcement (still no idea if VAT is included or not...) Same for conversion offers: emails should have been sent to all of us right after the presentation to let us know what our personal options were instead of having to figure this out on our own by calling distributors or browsing forums. Very clumsy also to kick off the presentation with pricing and then show R21’s new bevel as the killer feature when they could have emphasized the new 4K UI, the universal nodes, the denoiser that kills off render time...not saying R21 is fancy, but there were much better features to showcase.
  13. This is the upgrade price when you don’t have an MSA. Once MSA’s are gone there is no reason why they would crank up the price like that...unless they want all of us to move to subs. Hope I’m right...:(
  14. Most of us agree that for new comers, subscriptions are quite cool (and they can still buy a perpetual license if they want to, at a lower price than before). I believe that most rants come from existing Studio users (like me) who end up losing cineversity (why?????) and paying more to upgrade, and from lower-tier users who might pull out as they cannot afford paying more that their Basic/Broadcast/Visualize MSA's. This may actually be quite a lot of people. I wish MAXON made an official statement to clarify the status and pricing of perpetual licenses: -Will they keep perpetual licenses beyond R21 ? -What will be the annual upgrade price moving forward? I heard of 900EUR. This would be insanely high compared to my Studio MSA, which costs me 660EUR/year. And no Cineversity, no Redshift... -Upgrades: can they guarantee that the annual upgrade will give the program all the features of the subscription version? I don't care about getting new features later than subscribers, as long as I get them with my annual upgrade.

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