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  1. Please do not remove the OM: I like it’s simplicity and user friendliness. I don’t want to model with nodes like in Houdini and lose all my creative juice.
  2. With all due respect Dave, I think you (=MAXON) tend to complicate things too: just have a proper section on the site telling visitors how they can upgrade to R23 when they own a perpetual license, show the price and add online purchases. That’s way faster and easier than having to call a reseller or checking a website where the information is completely buried, or worse, having to post a message on this forum. Besides, most people did not understand the jump from R21 to R23. Some of my friends who own a perpetual license thought they had missed a version. R22 would have been just fin
  3. I relate to your problem mate. It’s the age of Ecom and Asia Pacific is well ahead of the game. I don’t know why MAXON is so late on this. It’s just software, not a car or some material that I might want to check in a showroom before buying. I guess MAXON has legal obligations towards some of their historical distributors, which might cost them hefty penalties if they terminate the contracts.
  4. Dave, why isn’t there a way to buy a perpetual upgrade directly on the site? I live in Hong Kong and have to resort to a French distributor to buy upgrades, and they charge me the heavy French VAT. I’d rather buy on the site with my HK card and download from there. Would be much cheaper for me and faster than going through a distributor. And that’s obviously more €€€ for MAXON. Why do you still need distributors for these upgrades?
  5. 1020€ Vat incl in France for an upgrade. I just got the information from the distributor but even on their page the information is hard to find. I used to pay 660€. Do the math...That’s back stabbing. Shame on MAXON.
  6. Not convinced at all but I saw it coming. am I the only one who finds the benefit:cost ratio going further down?
  7. Cerbera, just wondering why you stick to C4D if modeling is your area of expertise. In my opinion, there are better packages out there for this type of work like: Modo, Max and...Maya. I love C4D but I grew tired of having to resort to plugins like HBmodelling to do simple modeling tasks. I still have to learn a lot about Maya’s ways of doing things and yes, the overall UI is a lot more cluttered but for modeling I’d say it is definitely not a problem at all and the features are a lot more comprehensive than C4D.
  8. 10 years ago one could purchase C4D “a la carte” with the core app only and then buy separate modules (mograph, AR, sketch and toon etc). That’s what I did: I started with the core app (R11.5) and progressively added the modules I needed most for what I was doing back then. A few years later MAXON launched new packages (prime/broadcast/visualize/studio) and that’s how I ended up being a studio license owner since I owned all the modules. In the end the cost of acquisition wasn’t that painful as I could add the modules one by one at my own pace. In comparison, Maya’s price was much steeper with
  9. I bought C4d when I was aspiring to become a design student and wanted to visualize concepts and ideas in a more realistic way rather than using drawing/photoshop/illustrator. I had seen teachers use it and therefore thought it would be a good choice compared to Maya, which back then I considered overkill and way more difficult to learn for a self starter in 3D (nobody was teaching 3D in my school). I was right and grew with the software for 10 years until now. Honestly for 300€ Maya is now a steal, especially for modeling/visualization tasks. The interface isn’t that scary especially
  10. I just signed up for a maya indie Subscription. I had never used maya before and I have to say that the UI is way better than I thought, especially for modeling and character animation. The viewport speed is also amazing. Very stable too (MacOS). This is for me the perfect alternative to C4D as I am not so much into mograph stuff. Has anybody jumped ships as well? Just curious to hear other users’ stories. What I’m now quite sure of is that C4D’s price is just not competitive anymore for indie people like me who don’t care about mograph.
  11. Indeed, it will cost the price of a regular upgrade (more or less 1000€ vat incl), which is about 50% more expensive than the MSA (660€ vat included). For people like me that’s a 50% price increase with zero added value (and actually fewer benefits since I lose cineversity). It takes balls to pass on an increase like that. This is only possible because motion graphics is a relatively captive market...for now.
  12. Yes and with all due respect, that’s what I call a rip off. I used to pay 650€/year with the MSA and will now pay close to 900€ without cineversity as a meager compensation. But enough said, the topic has been discussed way too much already and we all have to move on.
  13. So there won’t be any R22 and we will jump from R21 to R23? Isn’t it a bit odd? I find that keeping logical increments for Rxx and Sxx releases makes more sense but anyway...
  14. They will release R22 perpetual. Probably in October after announcing it at IBC. As for the price...they will rip us off, that’s quite clear from what they said here or there. The strategy is quite simple: milk all the die hard perpetual owners while recruiting and enslaving new users with cheaper subscriptions. If I were them, I would include redshift as the default renderer to justify the price that I expect to be around 900€ (Vat incl). But I’m probably day dreaming. I’m disappointed like a lot of long time users but life goes on and Houdini/zbrush is a pretty cool combo for what I
  15. I have the same problem on Mac: double clicking on a file opens the online license server. I need to launch C4d first and click on file/open in the menu. I use R21. Any idea how to solve this problem?
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