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  1. I usually bevel points or (and this is usually what drives me nuts) I project an octogonal spline onto my mesh and snap points. This is terribly cumbersome and I wish MAXON implemented a simple edge to circle function (many scripts do just that). All other programs have this feature.
  2. Hi everyone, I just noticed that in R21, the viewport render goes away as soon as I move my mouse. No clicks, just a mouse movement. Is there a way to change this setting? Thanks
  3. I posted my question on this forum as I know that some MAXON folks, including their CEO, swing by every now and then. Yes they announced porting Redshift to Metal during the last Apple keynote, and aim at a release by the end of 2019. I’m just curious about how things are progressing.
  4. Can someone from MAXON/redshift share an update on the development of Redshift for AMD GPU’s? Is the release still planned for 2019?
  5. I remember reading a post about this on Cgtalk. The guy was advocating for fields nodes and Volume nodes. Dont know if this makes any sense as I stay away from expresso.
  6. So this is a book keeping problem, linked to a US law that would imply too much admin for a company like MAXON. Thank you for your clarifications. I don’t see the devil in MAXON or its management but I honestly question some of your decisions. Anyway yes I have an annual Adobe CC subscription billed monthly. I would have never accepted forking out the full annual price upfront. I’m quite sure this alone will cost you customers unfortunately.
  7. So how come Adobe bills me every month for the CC suite? Is it just a problem of book keeping?
  8. Could it be because MAXON is a German company? It may have something to do with the European legislation and the European competition law, that is extremely restrictive. Or I’m just plain wrong and they simply don’t care...
  9. I honestly doubt it. New features cannot be added during a cycle according to MAXON. You need to wait for the next release, most likely in 1 year. All you will get until then are minor fixes.
  10. I remember watching a great tutorial on Digital tutors, made by Justin Marshall. The car was an Audi R8. It was for Maya users but all the techniques could easily be carried over to any program, including C4d. The tutorial is still available on Pluralsight. I suggest checking it out.
  11. They won’t because they want all users to move to subscriptions. I did not want to believe it first. It took me a few weeks to get the signal and what their CEO just announced on this forum nailed in the coffin: they crank up the upgrade price by 50% (if you are an MSA subscriber) and take out cineversity (and might bring it back). To put you off even more, you won’t be able to purchase upgrades online and will have to ask local distributors. And for that price, redshift remains optional. So yeah, they commit to keeping perpetual licenses (but for how long...?) but they made sure to make the offer look as bad as they could.
  12. I used to pay 660€ every year for my MSA renewal (basically a right to upgrade in 1 year). With the new pricing scheme I’ll now fork out about 1000€. That’s a 50% price increase with zero added value. In my world we call this extorsion. It’s unbelievable. And there is not a single explanation. Not an excuse. And when I see what’s in R21... I really hope another company will emerge soon. The Ableton of 3D. Like SideFx or Pixologic in their respective fields.
  13. Triangles+curved surface+SDS=artefacts. The only solution is to retopo. Or maybe try a volume builder+mesher at very high settings. If you don’t need a close up shot this might do the trick.
  14. I think you are mistaking the price of a new perpetual license for the price of a perpetual license upgrade, which has not been communicated by MAXON yet. The company committed to offering upgrades for perpetual licenses. The price is simply not available for now.

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